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    Watching Breaking Bad we went down the Netflix rabbit hole 🕳 as a family

    Amber Tx

    It’s not bad at all kind of hold the interest just don’t tell my Baptist Preacher Father Lol he preaches against such shows
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    Michele, I ordered a kit thru Amazon, there is a coded pattern to follow and there are spaces to do the personalization as well as a chart to show what the letters and numbers should look like. I'll have to write the letters and numbers on to the pattern and use that as a guide when I do the embridery. Several of my friends have Dona a lot of cross stitch, I have not been a embroidered but have done these projects. Did one for my grandson so only fair that my granddaughter gets one too. I also got a small one for my son and daughter in law for their wedding. That will be the last embroidery project for me! Getting too hard to see.
    Evelyn Vancouver Island
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    stats for the day:

    Bike ride home 2 sumner station- 1hr 2min 47sec, 148mhr, 12.7amph, 13.24mi= 520c
    apple watch- 495c
    jog sta 2 wrk- 5.09min, 9.49min mi, 146mhr, .52mi= 62c
    apple watch- 63c
    Jog wrk 2 sta- 4.33min, 9.50min mi, 152mhr , ..46mi= 59c
    apple watch- 62c
    Bike ride dome 2 hm- 20.57min, 7.4amph, 145mhr, 2.59mi= 180c
    apple watch- 135c

    total cal 821
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    I taught Daughter calligraphy after I found out the schools do not.I also taught her cursive they did not. Trying to figure out what age this is good to tackle with a boy since the schools no longer teach penman ship here. They taught Daughter how to make a formal email not regular letter.Such a different era but guess it’s the same thing just computerized versions. I still like to write some stuff old fashion have used the skills many times to draw up birthday invitations to write a boss a formal letter for a pay raise to time off. Can’t picture not knowing these things yet so many don’t anymore yet their bosses are usually the older generations. Daughter drawing ✍️ y using her calligraphy skills on paper then turns it into computer art for her friends now.

    Amber Tx

    Made boiled 2 🥚 eggs,1 toast,y 1 baked potatoe per meal for tomorrow gotta make the meals y money stretch like a rubber band. For hubby fried egg,toast,y not sure yet. JR quesadilla y not sure yet. Still waiting on The last of my groceries I ordered a month ago good news is a couple cans of soup made it out of back order is heading my way. Cream of mushroom yummy can make casseroles with it to soups 1/2 can each with almond milk 🥛. Might add some meat if I have it. Looking forward to it
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    Yeah! I've just made my first butcher's order by phone. :D They will deliver probably today, or maybe tomorrow. They are only just around the corner, but have shut the doors.
    One of the things I ordered was a shoulder of lamb, which we were going to have this weekend as a treat for my son. Originally he and the kids were coming for a sleepover while DDIL was having her girlfriends over for a party. My choice was lamb because she doesn't like it. ;) I cook it very slowly roasted in beer with lots of herbs and garlic. So I decided to have it anyway. I will torment him with it. >:) I still have roast potatoes and parsnips prepped and blanched in the freezer left over from Christmas, so we are ready to go! They will go in the small oven on hot.
    The very nice butcher said that it was all going well so far. "A bit frantic". Which is good news for us as one of the main reasons we moved into this road was the brilliant local shops. I would hate to lose them. The cafes are shut up, the hairdressers, the beauty shop, the flower shop. Just the newsagent and the deli open. Plus the off licence.

    Tonight is veal escalopes with zucchini and a few oven fries.

    Probably run today before the weekend. It's going to be hot on Sunday. Hope it doesn't attract the crowds down here. I think the police may go out on patrol.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Katla49 wrote: »
    I had good luck shopping today and was able to buy a package of TP. YAY! Buying food items has not been a problem so far.

    Talked to our daughter today & she is home sick. She sounded like she has a cold/ flu. She was upbeat & happy during our call. I’m trying not to worry. She sounded good. Her boss is pressuring her to come in, but she is staying at home until she’s better. ❤️

    Katla Your daughter must either be essential or live in a state where there is no stay-at-home mandate?
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    Today I bring you Peppermint Patty in memory of Ellis Marsalis:

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    …and this fun kid activity from FB TheDadLab: