**** JUNE 2020 WEIGHT LOSS CHALENGE***๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€



  • girish0279
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    No Change from last week.....

    Starting Weight November 2019 - 102 kg
    Starting Weight June 2020 - 93 kg
    My details
    Week 2
    6/10 - 91.4 kg
    6/13 - 91.1 kg
    Week 3
    6/16 - 91 kg
    6/18 - 90.7 kg
    Week 4
    6/24 - 90.9 kg
    6/28 - 90.7 kg
    Final Week
  • rosebud69155
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    June start Weight: 197.8
    June Goal Weight: 192
    Ultimate Goal Weight: Healthy.
    I am doing a lot of weight lifting so I know Iโ€™ll be gaining muscle mass. I donโ€™t want that number on the scale to deter me from how I feel/look. NSV (non scale victories) are just as important.

    June 1 : 197.4
    June 8: 195.8
    June 15: 193
    June 22: 190.6
    June 29: 189.8
    June 30:
  • msapplek
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    June Start Weight: 178 lbs
    June Goal Weight: 168 lbs
    Ultimate Goal Weight:148 lbs

    June 1 : 178
    June 8: 174
    June 15: 170
    June 22: 168.5
    June 29: 169
    June 30:

    Jun 29- Well, today's weigh-in was a bummer to see a +.5 gain, especially since I didn't do anything wildly different than what I had been doing in previous weeks. I did hit a major wall on Friday as calorie-tracking and exercising fatigue set in hardcore. But I still stayed the course. And I know I'm being hard on my self, but it does bother me some that I technically will not meet my official weight loss goal at the end of the month.

    Jun 22- My scale often gives me readings that fluctuate 2lbs within seconds of weigh-ins. I take the lower weight reading. :neutral: But still makes me wonder how accurate my weight is on this flip flopping scale. Anyways, I changed it up a little this past week and ate a bit more (also broke my fasting time in order to fit in the additional calories and work with my activities). Overall, I guess things are on the right track, but I'm feeling a bit worn out by the constant monitoring and negotiating. In some ways, I'm more food obsessed now than before.

    Jun 15- Always thrilled to see progress. But I also think I am tracking the calories incorrectly and could be under-eating. May get that food scale and explore zigzag diet/refeeding so as not to mess up the metabolism. Anyone have experience with that?

    Jun 8-First time posting on MFP!

    My weight loss journey started 14 months ago, resulting in a loss of 60lbs. During the quarantine, I upped my physical activity and started intermittent fasting. While still eating clean, I was not tracking total consumed calories because I've always been adverse to calorie/food tracking and wanted to just be "intuitive" about my eating. But these past few weeks, it was immensely discouraging to see no weight loss despite all the hard work I've been putting myself through. Anyways, I've decided to change it up for June, joined MFP, and have start tracking those damn calories for the first time ever.

    Lo and behold, after the first week of tracking, the scale finally budged: -4lbs. So, groan, what everyone has always been saying is true: track your food. I still want to resist, but I'm committing for June.
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    B3sha wrote: ยป
    B3sha wrote: ยป
    June start Weight: 171.2
    June Goal Weight: 166
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 145

    June 1 :
    June 8:
    June 15:171.2
    June 22: 171 hey at least that pesky .2 is gone ๐Ÿคฃ
    June 29: 168.8
    June 30:

    This is B3sha. I somehow forgot all my login information ๐Ÿ˜ฉ so had to start over ๐Ÿคช

  • Dorgle690
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    June start Weight: 144.4
    June Goal Weight: 140
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 120

    June 1: 144.4
    June 8: 145.6
    June 15: 143.8
    June 22: 143.8
    June 29: 144 - I was around 145-146 all week so I'll happily take this number!
    June 30:
    KKHKISHZKH Posts: 179 Member
    edited June 2020
    I need to lose at least 10lb by 10th August (my 1st wedding anniversary... want to fit back into the dress!).

    June start Weight: 155.2 lb
    June Goal Weight: 151 lb
    Anniversary target: 145 lb
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 138 lb

    My preferred weigh-in day is Wednesday.

    June 3: 153.7 lb (Finally under 11 stone)๐Ÿ˜
    June 10: 152.5 lb :)
    June 17: 152.25 lb :)
    June 24: 150.5 lb :smiley: ...June target hit!
    July 1:
  • sunabove
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    June weightloss

    June start Weight: 65.8kg
    June Goal Weight: 64 kg
    Ultimate Goal Weight:

    June 1 : 65.8kg
    June 8: 64.6
    June 15: 64.9kg
    June 22: 64.6kg
    June 29: 63.8kg
    June 30: 63.9kg.
  • AllyNorth
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    This is a bit disappointing. I don't know what I'm doing wrong? I've been working out a lot more this month, so perhaps that is part of the reason why I've been stalled for a couple of weeks now.

    June start weight: 145.5
    June goal: 139
    Goal: 130

    June 1 : 145.5
    June 8: 144.6
    June 15: 142.6
    June 22: 142.4ish
    June 29: 142ish
    June 30:

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    Here is the link to the new monthly July challenge, hope to see you there ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€