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    Welcome Sunshine and Carla! :)
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    Still working on my 20 for 20. COVID prevented me from competing one on my goals, but otherwise on me! Crossed out items have been completed!
    . 20 GOALS for 2020

    Word of the year: JOURNEY

    January met 71.74%
    February met 96%
    March met 84%
    April met 71%
    May met 80%
    June met 77%

    update webpage monthly by the 25th of month 6/12
    Create a monthly diary summary to include with Christmas cards for 2020 by last day of month 6/12
    Call Donat once a month on 1st of month 5/12
    Call mom once a week 29/52
    Get finances under control by focusing on paying off smallest debt and not adding to others 7/12
    Average 8,000 steps a day over next year. (Last year was 6,680 steps)
    Maintain my low carb eating habits 6/12
    Lose another 10 pounds by April 0/10 Gained 3
    Visit family in the spring of 2020-/“ CoVid-19 prevents this
    Clean camper weekly 27/52
    Read book once a day for at least 10 minutes 1/31
    Read bible by reading it 10- 15 min a day 1/31 Read up to end of Psalms for June
    Keep carbs below 50 grams on average weekly 24/52
    Meet my macros of 5% carbs, 75% fats and, 20% protein of total calories weekly:
    Update budget spreadsheet at minimum every 2 weeks 26/26
    Set up Kevin’s health tracker for insurance by end of first week of 2020 Done in JANUARY
    Check health trackers on insurance website every 2 weeks beginning January 5,2020 24/26
    Replace air conditioning on camper by June 2029
    Replace front door rug by May 2020 ordered
    Clean car once a month, inside and out. 6/12

    Lizard pic. Can you guess why it’s called a whip tail lizard?

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    Tracy ~ Sorry your work situation is making you unhappy.

    Barbara ~ Your beach walks sounds like so much fun even though the dog pulling was not pleasant.

    Heather ~ Where do you buy goat meat? I would not know how to cook it.

    Got bitten by a spider this morning trying to get the screened in porch ready to be cleaned. It really stung for a while but is getting better.

    Carol in GA

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    Carol - My local butcher sells it from a local goat farm. It's already chopped into pieces for stewing. You cook it like beef. It tastes half way between lamb and beef. Very lean. The curry recipe with sweetcorn I got from a tv programme. It's supposed to be from Goa. Anyway, it tastes delicious. :D

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Carla in MN: Welcome!!! :star:

    Sunshine: Welcome! :flowerforyou:

    Heather: I’m happy you were able to Zoom with dear friends. :smiley:

    Tracey: Happy Canada Day!!! In long-past years we took our boat up the Pacific Coast to Canada several times, and we were in Victoria, BC for Canada Day on one of those trips. What a celebration!!!!! It is a great memory. :heart:

    I have no plans so far today. It is chilly out and staying cozy inside at home has a good deal of appeal. I hope everyone has a good day today.

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon
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    Hello! I just started ...again. I'm 54 and at 294 lbs, I'm desperate for a lifestyle change. I would like to get friends for motivation, recipes, tips, and just whatever. :)

    I am exactly the same! 291 last night! 5 feet 9 inches. Just started using MFP again (have been on here for years) and just started a FitBody Trail of 4 weeks
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    Thanks for showing the Youtube videos Terri-
    Did the Zumba for seniors then another 15min with a Zumba for beginners for weight loss. I will try a few more. I need something a little more than the senior but but that was a great one to start out with. Feel great and will be getting up early tomorrow to try more of them.
    For some reason I had not even thought of Youtube(I don't use it often, more for finding kids videos- like Baby Shark and Tommy Tommy ;) )
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    sh0tzz99 wrote: »
    kevrit wrote: »

    Lizard pic. Can you guess why it’s called a whip tail lizard?


    We just saw one of these in our yard last week. When you just see the tail whiz by, it can easily be confused for a snake. We have had 3 snakes in our yard in the 10 years we have lived here. One rather long rattlesnake and 2 non-poisonous ones. I could do without snakes in the yard, but I love the lizards.

    I've gained a few pounds since I hurt my backside and am not able to run. Unfortunately, that coincided with the COVID shutdown. I didn't think it was that much, but I was reviewing my doc records and noticed I was 10 pounds lighter than now, back in 2016. I ran 1000 km that year. I don't think I want to go that far down, but I definitely want to get 5 pounds off and keep it off. I feel like I'm always trying to lose that last 5 pounds. It's going to be a lot harder being unable to run it off!

    I had a complete blood panel done last week. My values are all mid-range, except my iron is very high. I hope it's temporary. Getting it rechecked in 6 months. Also found out I am not in menopause. :-(

    My sister is improving. I think I have decided not to travel back to see her. I don't want to take something back there and infect her and everyone else in the family. They are all caring for her. It's going to be very difficult not seeing them for the foreseeable future.

    I am preparing for another shelter-in-place. Our county is not doing well. They shut down bars again starting today and restaurants that serve booze have to close by 10pm. I stocked up on essentials and got my appointments taken care of. The mister and I just decided to limit our own going out for the near term, even more than we were before.

    I won't like it, but I think it's coming.

    Machka -- Good luck with your surgery!

    Welcome to the new members and hugs to all those going through rough times.

    I also love the nature pictures. They are calming.

    Tina in CA

    Tina- which county are you in?
    I was really hoping things would start getting a little closer to normal around here.
    We are trying to figure out if we should go ahead with plans for our class reunion or cancel it- it is scheduled 10-10- It will be outside, next to the vineyard/river and at most we will have 75-80 people. Our 40yr reunion.