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    Still here just busy today

    Welcome new comers

    Debby sorry someone hit dislike on the nice comment you made.Someone must have been hangry today. Got some oranges growing on my tree but not sure if they’ll ripen or not since it’s not winter. Think my tree is finally maturing

    Got copperhead babies. In our yard they love my neighbors fully stocked fish pond. So a constant battle to keep JR safe. Hubby Was out removing leaves today so no hiding places.

    Amber Tx

    Stayed in calories y lots of exercise
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    I was finally able to get the link for the video I tried to share the other day. @Machka9 you should get a chuckle out of this for sure.

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    Debbie VA – you can keep those snakes, thank you. That’s one thing I DO NOT like

    Cheri – woo hoo for being finished with the treatments

    Margaret – a dog would be great for you. Just think of all the steps you can get in taking it for a walk!

    Cathy TX – boy, you sure do keep yourself busy! Our rec center where we took ceramics has been closed for a few months now. Two of the private gyms that I went to have opened, even tho the governor has said that we’re still in Phase 2. I don’t think the Y opened. At the one gym you need to have your temp taken first. Not sure of the other gym. I’m just not ready for a group exercise class, yet

    I’ll probably go to Aldi tomorrow early. Then Friday I’ll stop at Food Lion since Vince’s soda is on sale F-Sun.

    Just had a power outage.

    Michele NC
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    Debbie in VA: I don’t have a clue what kind of snake it is. :noway:

    Vicki: It seems like it has been a long while since we saw you post. It is great to see you!!! :flowerforyou:

    Barbie: Congrats on starting and hosting a Zoom meeting. I’ve been in a couple of them but I haven’t ever initiated a Zoom chat. :star:

    Michele: I’m not coordinated enough to dance either. It is embarrassing, but I get dizzy. :ohwell:

    Pip: I hope your house is listed asap and I bet you’ll get a good price for it. :flowerforyou:

    Cheri: It is good to see you when you check in. I’ve missed seeing you for the last while. I’m glad you’re finished with your breast cancer treatments & sorry that your medications have unpleasant side effects. I hope you tolerate the Anastrozole well enough. It is a blessing that your daughter is there. Stop by when you can. :heart:

    Margaret: I am happy to hear the good news that you and your son will be getting a dog. We have had many over the years and loved each one. They are good companions, especially if well trained. We took our current dog to a puppy class about 11 years ago, and it set us off well together. I hope there is something like that available in your area. :heart:

    Cathy in Arlington: Your grandchildren are lovely. I’m sorry to hear about the increased Covid cases in your area :star:

    Tracey: They call Disneyland the Magic Kingdom, but DH & I are agreed that Victoria BC is really the Magic Kingdom. It is a wonderful place to visit. I hope you will be able to go one of these days. Summers are glorious. :heart: We arrived by boat each time we went and the docks look right up into the heart of the city. :flowerforyou: I loved Up Here in Canada. What fun!!! :star::star::star:

    Amber: I am afraid of snakes, even little garter snakes. Copperheads sound terrifying. I hope that removing the leaves sends them somewhere else to find a new home-- away from your home. :star:

    Rebecca: Congratulations on your son coming home!!! I hope you’ll have plenty of time to visit. :star;

    Barbara: I hope you’re feeling better. I'm no expert, but BP at 161 seems on the high side. I hope you’re okay now. Summer sandals that I like best are Tevas. They aren’t cheap but they’ve lasted for years and are still going strong. I bought boys Tevas a few years ago. The fit was right and they were less expensive than the Women’s Tevas. They're still going strong.

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon
    Stay safe and healthy
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    Tracey - That 4 year old is very worrisome indeed. My guess is he is being horribly abused and should be brought to the social services attention. How you do that is always a difficult thing, but, as an abused child myself, who was giving out all the signs with no one listening, I feel strongly about it. I'm sure you, with all your wisdom, will know what to do. <3

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    I'm interested. I'm 56. Just rejoined MFP last Friday. Haven't weighed myself yet, but I know I'm about 150-200 plus overweight. Live in Minnesota.

    Not sure how to reply on these posts. Only way I could do it now, was to hit quote, then delete everything on the post I was trying to reply to. Then do my reply.

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    Hello from Melbourne, Australia.
    Happy New Financial Year..... we go 1 July to 30 June.
    Its 4.30 pm..... just had an early dinner..... chicken and stir fried green vegies.... todays total calories.... less than 800...... yeah.
    Im doing 5 days with 1200 cals, and 2 days 800 cals. And also eat the 2 meals between 10 am and 4pm.... no snacking....
    Ooops.... you can tell I live by myself!
    Anyway, whilst we are in semi lockdown, it is working for me..... 120 lbs .... my goal is 110 lbs.
    Have a good day!
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    This morning I realised I had not set foot outside the house since Friday. 5 days! :o My mood is suffering.
    Sooooo - I am going for a run after breakfast. Not too windy, I hope.
    Also must schedule in a RL meet up with the grandchildren. They have some of DH's quizzes, so we could meet up for their answers. We are still distancing, but I'm sure we can manage outdoors for an hour.

    Feeling a bit tearful.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    It's hard to believe it was so hot a few weeks ago, we've had non stop rain for days. At least it is keeping people indoors! (Apart from dog walkers of course :D )

    Heather - sorry you are feeling tearful, hope the run helps.

    Welcome to the new comers.

    Loving the photo's of your grandchildren I'm quite envious that I only have the one, and he's almost grown up now :/
    Had more to say, but I've been on the computer too long, I need to make a move or nothing will get done. I have a few chores to do before going to check on mum.

    Love to all
    Viv UK <3
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    How To Understand Food Labels (Australia & New Zealand)

    "Food labels can be very confusing and tricky to understand. Often we don’t have the time to spend trying to work out what they mean and how to use them.

    However, a few quick tips can make shopping for healthy food a whole lot easier and quicker and can help you lose weight. Knowing what nutrition information to look for, can help you make the best choice for your health and avoid unnecessary saturated fat, added salt, added sugars and kilojoules.

    Labels on most packaged food must meet strict requirements that include information for people with food allergies, food additive listings and food storage instructions. More information about food labelling requirements can be found at Food Labels - What do they mean? Food Standards Australia and New Zealand [PDF, 1MB].

    While food labels can carry many different types of information, the main things to look at when choosing healthy food are the Nutrition Information Panel."

    (see link above for more)


    M in Oz
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    Machka - hope the emergency department was able to get your husband comfortable. A reaction to a surgical dressing sounds a little scary. And that food label explanation makes my head want to explode. I understand the measurements, the per 100g thing, and all that, but it's a lot of information in a very small space.

    @auntachelle Michelle in Minnesota: You can simply write out someone's name, as well, you don't have to use the quote function unless you choose to, but a lot of people do. Others simply keep a Word document open and write their comments down as they go, then add them all to their final post. Welcome to the group, please feel free to jump into any conversation as and when you're comfortable - we're a chatty bunch. :)

    @dawkson2017 from Melbourne: Please tell us what you'd like us to call you, and welcome to the group! Please feel free to jump into any conversation as and when you're comfortable. More than one of us live alone :)

    Heather - I'm glad you're going out for a run, it's not like you to stay cooped up for five days. Still struggling with the current head space you're at with the memoir? Sounds like time with the grands, even distancing, would be good for your psyche.

    Barbara - I recommend New Balance for shoes all the time, and was fascinated to find they have trail walking shoes, which would have never occurred to me as a specialty-type shoe. Then again, I don't hike or walk trails.

    Tracey - I'm sorry you're unhappy with your job. It's not a good feeling when the place where you spend at least half your waking hours becomes a place you dread going. Hope something resolves soon.

    More in a bit,
    Love y'all,
    Lisa in AR
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    Good morning all! Happy Thursday! The work week is almost at a close which means I am only two weeks away from a week off! Woo-hoo! Happy dancin' over here!
    Tracey- So hard to not get physical touch from the grands! Elbow bumps don't cut it. Sending you lots of love. I feel for your daughter (and grandchildren), in dealing with the four year old neighbor child. I am with Heather, his behaviour definitely needs to be reported to social services. If it were just one of the actions he is making, it would not be a worry; but all of them together really points to some type of abuse. My heart goes out to the little guy.
    Cathy in Arlington- You look wonderful and I love hearing how you are getting into running! I really need to do the same. IN regards to things closing up again; my daughter was just talking about how COVID cases have jumped, things that just opened are closing...her hubby is off work (Police Academy) for two weeks due to three students in the academy testing positive for the virus. He had to go get tested and is now finishing up his classwork online. Same thing is happening here in Michigan. Restaurants and bars just opened a couple of weeks ago and the gov. just closed all "indoor" dining/drinking.
    Welcome to all of the new girls!

    Kiddos arriving soon. Nothing big planned for today. Going to make a little Independence Day Art, play outside and that is it. ttfn xoxoxo KJ (Kelly)
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    LisaInAR wrote: »
    Machka - hope the emergency department was able to get your husband comfortable. A reaction to a surgical dressing sounds a little scary. And that food label explanation makes my head want to explode. I understand the measurements, the per 100g thing, and all that, but it's a lot of information in a very small space.

    Love y'all,
    Lisa in AR

    Yes ... the rash and itchiness has calmed down considerably, and the massive hive/blister has been dressed with a hypoallergenic bandage. Within a couple hours he commented that it feels much better.

    I gather it's not that unusual to react to a surgical dressing, but for some reason, the hypoallergenic bandages aren't that common. We were advised to talk to the pharmacist at our local chemist to see if they had anything because the average off-the-shelf options aren't hypoallergenic.

    The food label itself is pretty straightforward ... they appear on almost all our food here. Once we know what to look for, it's pretty good.

    When I decided to eat 1250 calories, I went through my local grocery stores, markets, etc. looking at labels to determine what food choices were low calorie. That's my first criteria.

    Then I look for ingredients like: milk, peanuts and mushrooms. If those ingredients exist, the item usually stays on the shelf however, if the milk is relatively low or if the item is something like yogurt, I'll consider it.

    Then I might check saturated fat and protein.

    Other people look at carbs and things too.

    What do your food labels look like?

    Machka in Oz
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    Welcome to all the Newbies!


    Lisa Gorgeous hibiscus. I love both, but am partial to the yellow.


    Viv Maybe you'll have great-grandbabies in a few years... :)


    ((Heather)) I would imagine the period in your life you are writing about now is rather consuming. Young Heather had quite a lot to process and cope with, and while she was/is resilient, it was/is complicated & emotional & difficult. Kudos to you for getting through this review of that time so bravely. Of course you are a bit tearful! It will help to run.


    Barbara If you have a BP cuff at home, you can keep a log and take it to your doctor - trends at home are often more reliable than a single elevated BP at the doctor's office, and many doctors will pay more attention to the home readings if they believe the patient is reliable.

    I am looking forward to photos of that old stove in progress. I know it's going to take awhile to restore the old gal.


    Rebecca Piñata... :D:D:D


    Tracey “member, Nona birus” :( so cute and sad


    Cathy I'm inspired by your run/walks. You are run/walking 6 miles in 70 minutes. Well done! Cute grandkids.


    Margaret Awesome about adopting a dog with your son! Wonderful idea. I hope he will be totally secure in the back yard…I assume that other issue with the neighbor's dog has completely resolved?


    Cheri!!! Be easy on yourself, my friend. And dang it, this is good for your husband. It isn't always easy, as you are exquisitely aware, for people with autism to express caring/nurturing in a way that feels like caring/nurturing to the recipient. Good on him for stepping up. And I know Ros is very capable of being supportive and nurturing, so I am super glad she decided to move down there. Your son is no longer living in the area, though, correct? I miss you. <3<3<3


    TIna Glad to hear your sister is better. Do you know why your iron is high?


    Annie Yay! Glad you and your dad got the microwave in. Like Kim, we had to prop our new microwave on a ladder, and it took 3 of us to balance the microwave, get it plugged in, slide it into place, remove the ladder, reposition, place shims, etc. What a pain in the patootie! And very awkward, like you said. Anyway, congratulations on getting that taken care of.


    Rita Your 20 for 20 list is ambitious! Wowzers! Very inspiring.


    Debby in VA We don't have tomatoes yet either. I sure hope we get some this year. Cucumbers have set on, but still tiny. And I'm already thinking of what I want to plant for the fall…time to plant root veggies I think. I love parsnips.


    All the grandchildren photos just warm my heart. Here is a recent one of Lilliana:



    Karen in Virginia