Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 126



  • Deviette
    Deviette Posts: 979 Member
    @quiltingjaine Oh I'm taking the victory where I can. I know that I'm terrible for it and will definitely not always keep it up in the future. And may I add "because I've logged it" to the list of reasons for eating something when not hungry, because I'm awful for that too!
  • quiltingjaine
    quiltingjaine Posts: 4,996 Member
    @Deviette The night before last I pre-logged some yogurt and berries for yesterday but I didnโ€™t eat them. As I was fixing dinner, I decided I would have them for dessert but I didnโ€™t want them all evening! They would have fit macro-wise but I was quite satisfied from my OMAD and moved them to todayโ€™s log!