Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 126



  • Tesha231
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    Don't you love the excitement of a new round? I try to keep up with everyone throughout the 10 days but it is harder for me on the weekends since I typically just use my phone for everything. Love when new folks find or rediscover this thread because it is impossible to stay too discouraged too long with the support members freely provide.
    @BrownMargaret3021 and @reginabfly (I think you posted today's weight (9-14) in tomorrow's space (9-15) :)) hope you find this support as sharing your stories touched my heart.
    @baconburgerz If I gain weight right off the bat it is from drooling over your profile picture!
    @MomLarisa I wonder why you would ever want to get used to feeling hungry? I view my true hunger as my body telling me I am not eating enough to support my activity level so I grab a snack to edge it off--and you are always on the go much more than I am!!
    @jaccimc63 I don't think I congratulated you for getting to maintenance. Glad you are still here. If I ever get to maintenance again, I will want to do the same so I don't fall into bad habits.