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October 2020 Monthly Running Challange



  • quilteryoyoquilteryoyo Member Posts: 2,478 Member Member Posts: 2,478 Member
    @kgirlhart Good luck with the new job today! You are going to rock it! Glad the pit bulls were friendly. They can be very friendly, sweet dogs. It just depends on the owner and how they are treated. I guess you can say that about all dogs though.

    @mbaker566 I would consider taking Finn if my situation were different right now. But, I've decided Tippy and I like being a single dog, laid back, family. And, with surgery coming up, I just can't. Hope he finds a great home soon! I'm guessing Speed Demon was taking a rest day.

    @marisap2010 I have not used the Garmin plans, but am interested to see how it goes.

    @ContraryMaryMary Sounds like you have a great weekend to look forward to!

  • rheddmobilerheddmobile Member Posts: 5,764 Member Member Posts: 5,764 Member
    @kgirlhart Nice new friends you made on your run! They look fun <3

    @mbaker566 personally I find it rude when people have music blaring for all to hear... and they do make headphones that don't block your hearing (anything "bone-conducting") and are therefore much safer, but as long as you aren't running next to me with your music on, I'll probably get over it ;)

    When my husband and I did the Starry Nights 5k last year (nighttime run through Christmas light display at the park) a guy near us was running with a speaker blaring Christmas music. I kind of enjoyed it for a while but then wanted to be in the still night time so we ran faster until we couldn’t hear him. And I heard some other runners complaining. Of course I couldn’t really object too much since I had bells tied to my hair!

    I don’t usually mind other runners playing music and sometimes find it entertaining, like the very hardcore serious looking guy with military haircut who was running to Scott Joplin the other day. Hilarious. And there was a little bitty woman running to rap music with explicit lyrics which was also funny. But I want to be able to hear what’s around me, not just for safety but because I like nature. Of course if you are running on the street nature isn’t as much of an issue.
  • polskagirl01polskagirl01 Member Posts: 1,203 Member Member Posts: 1,203 Member
    Treadmill speedwork this morning, to get back on schedule of doing it earlier in the week. I'm also considering what to do about the now-officially-canceled race this coming weekend. I can go run the course by myself, in a mask, but I'm not sure I have a good reason to.

    October Goal - 100 Miles


    Half-Marathon Crown Challenge:
    Sept. 12 - Lubartów HM - DONE ✅
    Sept. 19 - Tomaszów Lubelski HM - DONE ✅
    Sept. 27 - Kraśnik HM - DONE ✅
    Oct. 25 - Lublin HM - CANCELED ❌
    Nov. 11 - Chełm HM

    @polskagirl01 You have a reason to... me 😂
    Remember the one we ran 'together' back in March? Mine was put off to this weekend. And then cancelled. But I'm running it anyway. Again. Outside with a lot of up and down of mask.

    Hmmmmm... how fitting 😂. And sad, too.
    Let me think about this and I'll get back to you.

    ETA: just asked kiddo if he wanted to do another half marathon on his bike with me at the lake. He says, "Why don't we do it twice and count it as a marathon?" HAHAHAHAHA no.
    I guess I'm feeling rudderless in most areas of my life right now. Running is taking a hit and I don't want to lose the forward momentum that I've fought to get.

    Sorry for the whining. I should just count my blessings and be happy with that.

    I can echo a lot of what you're expressing. In many ways, this has honestly been one of my best years of life - SO much better than my 2019 - but then there are all of these disappointments, too. It's ok to stop, step back, and reassess why we're doing things and if/how we should continue. Of course we should continue running. But some of the other stuff... 😉
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  • eleanorhawkinseleanorhawkins Member Posts: 1,122 Member Member Posts: 1,122 Member
    @polskagirl01 I like the way he thinks!
  • RunsOnEspressoRunsOnEspresso Member, Premium Posts: 2,740 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,740 Member
    Ended up waking yesterday afternoon since I didn’t feel up to running.

    Has anyone used the Garmin training plans? I decided to try to improve my 5k time since I am burned out on long distances, so I signed up for “Coach Greg.” Looks like the plan adjusts according to your progress each run, so I guess like Hal? I start today.

    I started one but didn't finish. It was more I decided to do something different.

    It does adjust as you go. The biggest drawback for me was you can't see future workouts. With Hal I can see his general plan through race day & then it makes little adjustments.

    Garmin you can move workouts around. Hal doesn't allow that.

    Garmin also won't let you enter a race date isn't X weeks out (I can't recall the number). Hal does but says it may be hard.

    Both have pros and cons.

    ETA Garmin sends all workouts to your watch so it's waaaaay easy.
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  • polskagirl01polskagirl01 Member Posts: 1,203 Member Member Posts: 1,203 Member
    @Avidkeo I'm sorry it's taking so long to heal. It sounds like you're doing things right though and balancing being careful with staying active. I hope the physio has some good news/observations/suggestions for you.
  • martaindalemartaindale Member Posts: 477 Member Member Posts: 477 Member
    @Camaramandy648 As you once told me, listen to your body!
  • quilteryoyoquilteryoyo Member Posts: 2,478 Member Member Posts: 2,478 Member
    Beautiful pictures @katharmonic ! I'm impressed that you ran, in your hiking boots, after hiking for that long.

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