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October 2020 Monthly Running Challange



  • kgirlhartkgirlhart Member Posts: 3,912 Member Member Posts: 3,912 Member
    @quilteryoyo We hardly ever get actual snow. We mostly get freezing rain with sometimes a dusting of snow. I hope it won't be icy. I don't want to skip runs right before my race, but I also don't want to slip and injure myself.
  • martaindalemartaindale Member Posts: 479 Member Member Posts: 479 Member
    noblsheep wrote: »
    Recently I've been doing this change of perspective thinking exercise for when I'm lacking motivation. I imagine that I'm watching the back of my head and controlling my actions like I'm playing a third person shooter game.

    This is so funny! My husband got a kick out of it as a gamer. We were imagining what kinds of stories you would make up as the player in the game running around.
  • HonuNuiHonuNui Member Posts: 1,374 Member Member Posts: 1,374 Member
    October Goal 60ish miles

    10/1 3.52
    10/2 snorkel
    10/3 3.08
    10/4 3.88
    10/5 off
    10/6 4.30
    10/7 3.28
    10/8 off
    10/9 3.20
    10/10 2.53
    10/11 off
    10/12 3.50
    10/13 off
    10/14 4.00
    10/15 2.39
    10/16 off
    10/17 6.60
    10/18 off
    10/19 3.90
    10/20 snorkel 2.5 hours
    10/21 off
    10/22 3.30
    10/23 off
    10/24 work sucks
    10/25 3.44

    Total 50.92


    Upcoming and current races:

    Asics World Ekiden Virtual Relay (5k leg) 11/11/20

  • Mari33aMari33a Member, Premium Posts: 556 Member Member, Premium Posts: 556 Member
    08/10 2.30 miles
    10/10 2.38 miles
    14/10 2.77 miles
    16/10 2:60 miles around Stirling Castle in Scotland
    18/10 2.11 miles another run in Stirling. Travelling home 2 Moro
    22/10 2.37 miles
    24/10 2.37 miles
    25/10 2.36 miles
    26/10 2.37 miles

    Total 21.63 miles of 25
  • Teresa502Teresa502 Member Posts: 829 Member Member Posts: 829 Member
    @martaindale – Running through a wildflower farm sounds beautiful and those fields of flowers are so pretty! Congratulations on beating your goal time and the age group placement!

    @marisap2010 – Love all the carved pumpkins!

    Congratulations on your virtual races and all that swag @Skippygirlsmom! Oh, and now the famous feet!

    Your running weekend sounds like a lot of fun @ContraryMaryMary!
    edited October 26
  • quilteryoyoquilteryoyo Member Posts: 2,479 Member Member Posts: 2,479 Member
    @ContraryMaryMary Sounds like a really fun weekend! Love the pictures!

    @marisap2010 Great run! Hope your husband follows through with the plan. Would be great to be able to run together.

    @Scott6255 Glad you were able to use the treadmill this morning. Did your houseguest leave?

    @Teresa502 Couldn't decide whether I should "like" or "hug" your post. Glad you were able to finish. Sorry it was such a hard run for you. That guy is amazing to run a marathon when he hadn't run over 5 miles before. I can't even imagine. Can he walk this morning? Love the pictures. The bubble machine was a nice touch. Marines have the best dress uniforms!
  • TrambomanTramboman Member Posts: 1,613 Member Member Posts: 1,613 Member
    10-1 7k easy
    10-2 7k slow
    10-3 7k slow
    10-4 7k easy
    10-5 rest
    10-6 7k easy
    10-7 7k easy
    10-8 7k easy
    10-9 7k easy
    10-10 7k easy
    10-11 7k easy
    10-12 rest
    10-13 7k easy
    10-14 7k easy
    10-15 7k slow
    10-16 7k moderate
    10-17 7k easy
    10-18 7k easy
    10-19 rest
    10-20 7k easy
    10-21 7k easy
    10-22 7k easy
    10-23 7k easy
    10-24 7k easy
    10-25 7k moderate
    10-26 rest

    October Total: 154k
    October Goal: 170k

    January Total: 161k
    February Total: 167k
    March Total: 181k
    April Total: 191k
    May Total: 200k
    June Total: 156k
    July Total: 180k
    August Total: 172k
    September Total: 176k

    2020 Total through September: 1584k / 176k per month

    Scheduled rest day today. Golf instead of running.
    @Teresa502 Congratulations on your MCM!!

    When you pop in here claiming your December 2020 mileage, what accomplishments will you have made?

    Return to a good running weight of 175 lbs
    Run at least 4 5k races
    Get a 5k PR
    Average at least 138k per month, to meet my Run the Year pledge of 1,020 miles - Completed 10-11
    Stretch goal: If I can average 169k per month, I can run 2020k in 2020
    Run the Year Team: Pavement Pounders -- Completed 9-29

    2020 races:

    9-8 to 9-13 "Virtual Boston with Vincent" Time goal 5:15:00; actual time 4:47:01
  • martaindalemartaindale Member Posts: 479 Member Member Posts: 479 Member
    @Teresa502 Sounds like a tough race, but you did it! I'm so impressed by the coordination of this virtual run. It's so awesome that your friends rallied and made this a such a neat experience for all of you.

    @katharmonic Running during those long hikes, especially in boots and spikes, sounds crazy!!
  • martaindalemartaindale Member Posts: 479 Member Member Posts: 479 Member
    57.9/70 miles

    10/2: 3.1 miles
    10/3: 6.2 miles
    10/5: 5.2 miles
    10/7: 3 miles
    10/8: 4.7 miles
    10/13: 3.5 miles
    10/14: 3.5 miles
    10/16: 5 miles
    10/17: 4 miles
    10/20: 3.9 miles
    10/21: 3 miles
    10/22: 3.1 miles
    10/24: 6.2 miles
    10/26: 3.5 miles

    Monday speed work, with a couple tweaks to get it within my available time window this morning. It was in the upper 60's and the humidity was not too bad. Really pretty nice weather. My training app made another fitness adjustment after my race this weekend, so the pace targets for my speed work are getting faster, but so far I've been able to keep up.
    I am currently looking at a couple of potential replacement HMs for early 2021 since the Houston HM went virtual. I really like to train my distance up once a year even though I have no plans to maintain that mileage year-round. Without a race, I just don't have the motivation to put in the mileage I need to get there.
    So far I have found a small one not too far from my house on New Years Day (Texas Marathon). It was started to help a friend complete a marathon a week for a year goal when he couldn't find one that week and it has kept going since then. It looks like a fun race. Some people run in costumes and you are handed a themed stuffed animal along with your medal at the end, which is just so quirky and fun. It's interesting because it's a BQ marathon and a HM but it's capped at only 700 people.
    The other is the Galveston HM/Marathon in late February. It would make a nice weekend getaway, just a couple of hours from home. The weather in Galveston can be a little dicey in February. It's guaranteed to be a bit windy as you run along the seawall, but if it is cold, it will feel REALLY cold with the wind. I had a friend who did a half IM in April a couple of years ago and got pulled from the course with hypothermia. Might be worth a shot, but I would definitely have to plan for some serious weather contingencies.
    Maybe I'll do both...
  • quilteryoyoquilteryoyo Member Posts: 2,479 Member Member Posts: 2,479 Member
    @katharmonic Running after hiking for 14 hours...and in boots and spikes! You are amazing. Hope you got some rest today.

    @Scott6255 I'm with @polskagirl01 and want to give Aunt Betty, and your wife, a hug. Dementia is so hard on everyone involved.

    Sounds like a tough hill repeat session today @polskagirl01 !
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