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Women 200lb+, Let's Be Fang-tastic This October!!!



  • KMC55 wrote: »
    Lately I've been trying to figure out different ways/recipes for veggie sides. What does everyone have?...and go...

    I make vegetables for my partners. One thing I do a lot is to do pan-seared yellow squash or zucchini. I cut top and bottom off the zucchini, cut it in half, then in quarters, and cut the quarters about a half inch thick. This goes onto a hot iron skillet with a drop of good high-temp oil. (I use grapeseed, but peanut would work too.) I stir them around on the skillet periodically and get the cut sides nicely browned, until they are soft, and then add a little sea salt and cracked black pepper and serve. You can toss with a little butter, but it's not necessary.

    My boyfriend had weight loss surgery and so can't have pasta. His version of "fettucini alfredo" is the pan-seared zucchini with alfredo sauce and grilled chicken over it. He says he would rather have that than pasta.

    This also works with summer squash.

    I steam green beans and broccoli often, and Brussel sprouts, which are good if they are just lightly steamed and then tossed in a little bacon drippings with cracked black pepper.

  • orangequilt
    orangequilt Posts: 2,037 Member
    Love the 1% better thing!
  • micwrites
    micwrites Posts: 120 Member
    Thanks @KMC55, @iloveeggnog @KeriA and @remedieigotcha for your messages! A supportive community makes such a big difference!

    @MuttiNM Holy cow! As someone who started at over 400 pounds, reading your post was very inspirational for me. The thought of me getting to onederland is pretty much outside of reality for me (I'm currently 372), but seeing that someone can actually do makes a big difference in how I think about things. I once got down to 250, but it wasn't sustainable what I was doing, and ended up heavier than when I started that journey.

    @torih941 , that sounds so tough. It's so easy for those overwhelming feelings to overtake us, and send us down a path we don't want to be on. I think though, it's ok to not be ok, and to have bad times. It doesn't mean forever. I just went through a really tough time personally as well, and I met with my psychologist who gave me some really great advice. In person I'd ask you if I can share that with you, but since this is online I'll offer it and you can decide whether to read it! LOL

    100% recovery from where you are today is a big step and thinking about how you're gonna get there can add to feeling overwhelmed. She described being 100% recovered as 'Better' with a capital B, and capital B Better takes some time to get to. So, in those moments you feel angst, anger, frustration, despair, whatever, think about what can make you feel 1% better. This is 'better' with lower case b. She gave the example of someone uncontrollably falling to the ground in the middle of the kitchen out of grief, and crying their eyes out. Getting up and dusting off from the kitchen ground is probably not realistic in that moment, but what would make it 1% better? Maybe a pillow and a blanket to make the floor a little more comfortable when they find themselves there.

    This is what I did. I didn't focus on Better with the capital B. In those tough moments, I thought about what would make me feel 1% better in that moment, and it really helped. I remember once in a really tough moment, I couldn't think straight and didn't know what to do with myself. I decided if I did something that also checked off some thing from my to-do list would make me feel 1% better, so I cleaned my bathroom. LOL And what do you know, it did make me feel a tad better.

    Take care. I hope some others will benefit from this information too! :smile:

    @heatherbluebell Thank you thank you for this post. I think it probably resonated with a lot of us. There are days I am almost completely overwhelmed with life for a lot of reasons and days I can pretty much handle it but I think I can always muster up 1%, even on those dark days when anxiety is high. 💕👊🏻
  • speyerj
    speyerj Posts: 1,265 Member
    Age: 55
    Height: 5' 9''
    SW: 286.5 (6/3/19)
    9/30 weight: 166.1
    Maintenance Weight Range:162-168

    Weekly tracking:
    10/3: 167.6
    10/10: 162.4
    10/17: 163.5
    10/24: 161.5 !!

    October Goals goals:
    Maintain my weight between 162 and 168 🎃 - Slightly below target, so much the better.
    Log food daily 🎃
    Row or Run at least 6x's a week 🎃
    Get at least 45 "active" minutes a day 🎃
    Get at least 10,000 steps/day 🎃

    I had one day last week where I only got 40 active minutes. I still call that a win. I continue to be really, really busy. I've been doing GOTV work, so between now and Nov 3rd life will be busy. On a sad note, this week was the last week of week day rowing. It's too dark and cold to row in the mornings. I'll still be rowing on Sundays for a bit longer. I am really enjoying it and can't believe how much I've progressed since I started in July.
  • homemademama
    homemademama Posts: 200 Member
    SW: 237
    CW: 235.7
    GW: 180

    Goal for the rest of October: I'm proactively not bringing the Halloween sweets into the house. A few bites when we're out is always better than bringing a 1lb bag into the house (followed by eating a 1lb bag of chocolate in the house...).

  • Hi lovely ladies! I just found this thread but I’m a bit late to the party this month. Will look out for a November thread and join in.

    I’ve been doing Slimming World but decided to move to calorie counting a few weeks ago. The one thing I’m missing from group is the support and having people understand the journey your on. This thread seems amazing and just what I’m missing

    These are amazing and supportive people. There's a lot of wisdom and help here, and they make it so much easier.
  • KMC55
    KMC55 Posts: 99 Member
    I’m happy the information I learned from my psychologist was helpful for some of you!

    Well, last week I made it to the pool 3/3 days I had planned. It was sooooo good to go swimming before work. The alarm at 5:15AM was tough, but I’ve never done a pre-work workout, and it was great. I made it to 2/3 days I planned to go to Zumba, but I didn’t do any strength training (I had planned 3 days). I think I added maybe a bit too much last week, but I’m going to keep the same goals again this week. I have 2 days off this coming week, so I only work Monday-Wednesday. I already have a good list of things I’m doing on my days off - all for organizing my life and my mind! One thing I’m doing is seeing my doctor to get a referral to a nutritionist! I saw one once before, but I don’t think I was ready to make changes. I’m excited to see what I’ll learn this time!

    I’m supposed to do a weigh in this week. I sneaked a peek today, and I gained a pound from my last weigh in. Sigh... I did have a lot of salt yesterday, so I’m super, super hoping it was an off day and that overall I’m down... but we’ll see. If I am down, it’ll probably not be a lot given what I saw this morning. But that’s ok.

    I’ll let you guys know how my weigh in goes, and how my exercise goals go this week.

    I hope everyone here has a great week!

    Keep at it, you are doing GREAT!! Don't let the stupid scale mess with your head. With all the exercise you are doing there is bound to be some muscle gain as well. You can do it.
  • azalea4175
    azalea4175 Posts: 289 Member
    Had a rather exciting and emotional day because Boyfriend and I went to a jewelry store and looked at engagement rings. As he said, now he just needs one of these places that's interested in him to go ahead and actually hire him. ... But we'll be good.

    Congratulations! and you ARE good, enjoy your time together.

  • azalea4175
    azalea4175 Posts: 289 Member
    I am struggling tremendously this month. I cannot seem to kick the sugar habit, and my sister in law who lives next door keeps sending me over cookies!! she loves to bake and my hubby loves her stuff. I keep trying to tell them not to give any so we don't have in the house but it seems to be a losing battle. I could use some suggestions on how to handle without hurting her feelings. The change in the light makes it hard for me too, so I am trying to get outside every day at lunch time, but it's been rainy and cold here making that tough. I did move my recumbent bike into the living room instead of the garage so now I can see it while I'm watching the news with hubby. :) that's a small victory!!