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  • bananasandorangesbananasandoranges Member Posts: 1,640 Member Member Posts: 1,640 Member
    @snowflake1968 Tracey, I had heard that about bras making us sag more. I have rarely worn serious form fitting bras, went braless most of the time till early 30s then bralets, brasières (no underwire. I think there must still be some sag, but different sag. I think if you look at photos of indigenous topless women there is also some sag, but probably different.

    just googling I found this :"The study did confirm that, according to preliminary data, when young women stop wearing a bra: -There is no deterioration in the orientation of their breasts
    -There is widespread improvement in the orientation of their breasts" This same one study of 330 young women over 15 years is cited over and over on the net.

    @Flea, I hope you feel better soon.

    @Heather happy birthday! nice gifts!!

    @Machka I hope you guys are well!
  • bananasandorangesbananasandoranges Member Posts: 1,640 Member Member Posts: 1,640 Member
    I was going to compare my sept goals listed here to accomplishments, but since I was away in early sept I didn't post any so at least I can say I didn't miss any goals for the 1st time!


    so far I've managed to avoid transferring money from savings for daily stuff. I thought I was going to have to dig in this week but it seems I'm spared, just barely so far. one of my 3 employers (all big with 12M annual budgets and my monthly salary in each is in the hundreds!) pays late in the beginning of the school year. (no real reason, surely, just to have more money on their side, but it's impossible to fight for everything), so that' a bit over 500 that I don't get this month that I'll get in double next month; I have to pay one renter most of his deposit back (minus 44 + 29 for cleaning - 10/20% withheld for charges adjustment, which I'll get some day in the distant future from when the annual condo fee adjusted costs come in.

    With COVID its sometimes easier to spend less.

    They MAY close down all restaurants and bars again next week, like they did in Marseille a week or so ago. We will find out Monday. Last time we got a message like that, we were locked down severely, in prison like conditions, for 2 months 3 days later.
    If they do lockdown again I don't know. maybe I will try to go to a rental place in the distant suburbs that I was at a gite at, at least part time.
    they are saying they will not, but I guess there is a tendency not to announce in advance because people will use the time to plan to leave, rather than staying put. I guess 20% of people in Paris left, at lockdown time. that's a lot given such short notice. many people have rural country homes or go stay with family somewhere.
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  • bananasandorangesbananasandoranges Member Posts: 1,640 Member Member Posts: 1,640 Member
    they are basing evaluation mostly on number of people tested positive, not on number of people ill. since they are testing about 100 times more than a few months ago, of course there are many more positives than when they were not testing at all, even if having a fever and cough, but so many many people are symptomless or very mild cases.

  • okiewoman510okiewoman510 Member, Premium Posts: 1,097 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,097 Member
    Peach and Barbara - Thanks! Barbara - Total Wine in my area carries Kunde wine, but alas, not the Red Dirt Red. Part of the reason I am partial to it is growing up with the red dirt in Oklahoma, it is nostalgic for me. I can order it now from their web site (kunde . com), but I know the shipping would be terrible, and I don't normally spend that much on a bottle of wine for myself.

    Happy Birthday Heather!

    Okie in the TX Hill Country
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  • FaettaFaetta Member Posts: 1,049 Member Member Posts: 1,049 Member
    Lanette Hahaha we were on the same page until your spoiler and that was truly deflating for me. A real let down if you get my drift. A disappointment on many levels. Being a former self-supporting working girl, I don't care about a huge wallet. I am still stuck in the '60s with "the "old man" for either a friend, lover, or husband.

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  • LisaInARLisaInAR Member Posts: 2,021 Member Member Posts: 2,021 Member
    Happy birthday, Heather and Okie!

    KJ, have tremendous fun with those grands... :)
  • cityjaneLondoncityjaneLondon Member Posts: 8,820 Member Member Posts: 8,820 Member
    KJ - Excited for you!!!!!!!! :p

    Katla - Hope your pup comes through the op absolutely fine. <3

    Glass of champagne coming my way.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxx
  • SophieRosieMomSophieRosieMom Member, Premium Posts: 2,206 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,206 Member
    Okie - Happy Birthday! Lovely wine - what a nice gift! <3

    Heather - those flowers are gorgeous. <3

    I've been thinking of more reminders to stick on the fridge in addition to "Hunger is not an Emergency":

    "I don't have to gobble down everything on my plate in 2 minutes (like my pup does). No one is going to steal it."

    "It's OK to stop eating when I'm full and toss the rest in the garbage. The food would be rotten by the time it got to starving children overseas anyhow." :D

    Any others?

    SW WA State

  • lcharpentier2lcharpentier2 Member Posts: 208 Member Member Posts: 208 Member
    Well had a busy morning made a great big apple pie in a 9x13 cake pan. wrote happy birthday on it. then made two blueberry pies and none for home. All give aways.
    Linda in Northen Ontario
  • Katla49Katla49 Member Posts: 8,246 Member Member Posts: 8,246 Member
    Heather: Good news that you heard from your brother and had a lovely chat. The flowers that your son brought are beautiful. Enjoy your champagne. :flowerforyou: Thank you for your kind words about Schooner.:heart:

    I went to the store and bought Halloween candy the other day. I hope to keep out of it. I am all set for trick or treaters, though the “big day” is 29 days from now. I have the bowl full of candy tucked away and out of sight for now. I don't want to fall into trouble with self control. "Once on the lips, forever on the hips," is not a good goal. :noway:

    Katla in beautiful NW Oregon
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  • sh0tzz99sh0tzz99 Member Posts: 486 Member Member Posts: 486 Member

    Machka - We have so little vacation time in the U.S. that people save up sick time to sneak in vacation days here or there, so they go to work sick to save those. Most places get 2 weeks or less and when you have family scattered across the globe or even across this country, and you want an actual vacation, 2 weeks isn’t enough.

    In addition to that, part time workers don’t even get sick days. If they don’t work, they don’t get paid…so they go to work sick. I fear that since everyone is wearing a mask, that will get worse because they can hide symptoms a bit more.

    I hope this pandemic will change that culture and that employers will accept it and provide more vacation time. I don’t know the answer. When I got sick before, it was become some inconsiderate colleague showed up sick…and that has to stop.
I am just glad I work from home and have no intention of going into an office or workplace again.

    Katla - I agree about treats. If they come to my door asking for treats, they can take what I have or not. If they can’t eat it, they shouldn’t eat it.

    Hope the pup is on the mend.

    Pip - Love, love, love the bicycle at the entryway.

    Tina in CA
  • sh0tzz99sh0tzz99 Member Posts: 486 Member Member Posts: 486 Member
    Calories - How do you all burn so many calories in so little time? I did a 45 minute workout with weights the other day and burned a measly 104 calories. I can walk for an hour, or 3 miles and burn about 200 and that's at a 16-17 minute mile. What is the secret???

    Tina in CA
  • barbiecatbarbiecat Member Posts: 14,743 Member Member Posts: 14,743 Member
    :) "Hunger is not an emergency" did not come from me. I think it might be Katla who suggests guarding against getting too hungry, angry, lonely, or tired. I agree with that. My eating plan is small planned meals at intervals through the day so I don't get too hungry.

    :) One of the great things about this thread is that we can share our plans and philosophies of eating and health without criticism from others.

    <3 Barbie
  • Vickil57Vickil57 Member Posts: 1,161 Member Member Posts: 1,161 Member
    Happy Friday. I am off the weekend and need to destress. I am taking pictures at church in the morning and then Sunday before and after service. Lots of families having their pictures taken and I admit I am having fun taking the pictures. We will have ours done on Sunday as having our 2 grandsons we take to church with us in the pictures.

    Heather--Sounds like you are having a very nice and special birthday.

    Katla--Thinking about you today and pray all goes well and your fur baby is home safe and happy later today.

    Blessings, Vicki GI NE <3
  • KetoneKarenKetoneKaren Member Posts: 5,291 Member Member Posts: 5,291 Member
    Happy Birthday, Oakie!

    Kelly, So excited for you to see your grandboys! <3<3 Miguel and Joaquin. <3<3

    Lanette, Great! I know there is another cushiony sock brand I like - when I remember it, I’ll post it.

    Tina, Good question about the calorie burn. I want to know, too!


    I ZOOMed with my Nebraska friends this morning. We talked about C-19 mostly. My friend Shona who had the gallstone pancreatitis is looking and feeling quite perky now. It’s so great to see her recovering so well. When she ZOOMs with us, she drives all the way out to the far pasture because that’s where her connection is best. So she sits there in her pickup in the pasture with the cows while we all talk. <3

    This morning before my ZOOM date, I planted the hydrangeas we needed to get in the ground. It involved moving a rose bush. I don’t like rose thorns. They make me irritable.

    Next I plan to plant 6 perennial lantanas so they can get well-established before the first frost. I don’t know if it will work, but I am also planting my coleus in the ground and hoping they go to seed and germinate in the spring from seed. I’ll nurse a few cuttings through the winter just in case. And lots of other things to do before cold weather; I’ll just keep plugging along.

    My spouse is not nearly as sore as we thought she would be, and she does not think she tore anything in her shoulder. She has had previous rotator cuff surgery and was afraid she might have undone the repair, but today we don’t think so. She is a bit ginger, but so much better than we feared. She fell yesterday taking the hydrangeas from the deck to the planting area.

    It is GORGEOUS weather here today. 68°, blue skies, slight breeze, low humidity. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

    I will work 2 hours this afternoon. It’s so satisfying to be able to work a couple of hours and make a little money without having to devote the entire day to work! I just go upstairs, work for 2-4 hours, then come back downstairs and join my spouse and pups again. 14 hours a week total.

    Karen in Virginia

  • dlfk202000dlfk202000 Member Posts: 764 Member Member Posts: 764 Member
    Machka9 wrote: »
    The 5 main sites I refer to if I feel the urge to make something ...

    Cooking Light

    Eating Well

    Emily Bites

    Skinny Taste

    Slender Kitchen

    M in Oz

    Thanks for posting your list- I have seen and used a few but haven't heard of the others.

    Napa Valley,CA
  • WhidislanderWhidislander Member Posts: 1,000 Member Member Posts: 1,000 Member
    Faetta wrote: »
    Rebecca I love sweet potato fries, especially with jumbo coconut butterflied shrimp.We also have a few small businesses that folded. Very sad indeed and I will miss those shops. We are having a lot of flu break out here. Several cases of the bird flu and so far a strain covered by this years flu shot. Lately most testing positive and having COVID have had mild cold type symptoms and that is good it seems to be weakening. I am still going to be careful as I always have because of my immune system. A cold can make me very sick.

    SuziQ I sure wish our Yoga and Tai Chi would return to the fitness park.

    Flea Sure glad you tested negative and I think any flu or cold is going to be of more concern now than it once was.

    Pip Love that entryway with the deco bike. I love decorations that speak about one's lifestyle.

    Heather Happy Birthday! Have a great day!!!

    Katla I always went with the assorted mini chocolate bars because any leftover never went to waste. B) Good to hear Schooner doesn't need chemo. <3

    Faye in mid-Columbia, Or.

    Yes sweet potato fries are yummy! Creamy on the inside, salty crunchy on the outside. I don't dip them in anything.
    It was nice to see my old lady owner at the craft store where I made my tiled wall socket. She remembered me from last Nov! Because I had asked about the piano playing. The last couple of months she has been painting the piano, different scenes in the sides.👍. She doesn't know when she'll be able to let people play it. The lady at the candy store stated her business has been booming, ( go fgure)! I said, everyone wants candy, and its a good mood lifter.👍
  • dlfk202000dlfk202000 Member Posts: 764 Member Member Posts: 764 Member
    Thank you all for your birthday wishes! :D<3 IT IS TODAY!
    Of course, opportunities are limited, not the least because we have a named storm blowing in and I can hear the wind and rain!
    I will pursue my normal activities, crank up a 900+ calorie burn and have a delicious dinner with champagne. DH hasn't cooked the Crème Brulée yet, but he intends to. ;) I am cooking skate and asparagus.
    Lunch will be a slice of sourdough, multigrain bread from my favourite bakery with avocado and salami from the deli. I think it’s called Finocchia. Arugula. Cherry tomatoes.

    The cleaner is coming early, so I need to run around and empty bins etc. Want to wash my hair. My son is popping round at 3 pm. I'm expecting the doctor to call for a phone consultation. When I take DH his tea in a minute I'm expecting to find Santa has come early! :D<3 Mysterious parcels have been arriving. My main present was my lovely phone.

    Hope to have a nice relaxing, enjoyable day.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Heather- Hope it is an amazing day.

    Napa Valley, Ca
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