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    Work went crazy the last week or so which is why I have been MIA recently. Had a few days off of tracking but hopefully I haven't done too much damage (I have not weighed myself recently, gonna get in a couple workouts before I check in).

    @verdenlola how do you make fennel tea? I'm intrigued...
    @Dukare those workout stats are impressive! I love your mentality I'm trying to copy it and stay positive
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    @Gold6767 having enough water, nutrition and a positive forward thinking attitude....

    This is the best, most hilarious, motivational video you could ever watch. You are Welcome 🤣🤣🤣

    This guy is hilarious, but also. His material is spot on.... we are indeed better than where we started-as babies, who crap themselves all the time! We do that a lot less now (and we should be proud about it)..... 🤣🤣🤣

    Anyways. I made fried eggplant for Eggplant parmesan and my goodness was it Delicious. Korean culture has something going on with Buchimgae...mmmm fried crispy veggies haha

    Stay strong guys! Just keep swimming! 💃💃
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    No one seems to have checked in. I hope everyone is doing well.
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    Think it's one of those weeks! I know I had a heck of a week myself!...

    Baby is doing better, I'm doing better, schedule not so much, and my stomach of a rabbit hole also not so great. Sunshine and cooking makes for a good time though.

    Going to be conquering the house this weekend, including laundry. Hoping for a productive time!

    2 weeks to get a rhythm and really start getting my exercise in routine for routine loss..... 😢😪💃💃

    Stay strong m'friends! Stay fabulous!
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    Things are simmering along fine here. My favourite grocery store sometimes puts recipes in their flyers using the featured products and I tried out a keto lasagne recipe last night. We're not keto, but garlic bread's a carb. I used ground chicken instead of beef and turkey sausage instead of pork and it was really good. Also super easy, with a short ingredient list and very few dishes. I'm keeping that one in the rotation!

    I'm also sad to report that my Garmin seems to be on its last legs. I love it and the calorie burns have been really accurate for me, which is obviously a huge help. Much moreso than the MFP values for the same activities. I've had to force reset it every couple of charges for a bit, but as long as I did that it's worked fine except for detecting stairs, which I wasn't too worried about. Now though the pedometer and heart rate monitor are getting less and less accurate. Unless you believe that mid-workout, very sweaty and short of breath, my heart rate is in the 50s, and walking 4 km is about 4,000 steps. We can get reimbursed 80% for a new one through hubby's health spending account, but won't be able to afford the upfront cost until I get working again. I'm getting interviews lately but no offers, but hopefully soon.

    It's supposed to be a chilly weekend with some rain, but I'm hoping to get a decent amount of yard work in. The ground is starting to thaw a bit. Not enough to plant anything, but enough for a few tips of new grass to start poking through and a few things are starting to get buds on them. There's some raking to be done to deal with the late dump of leaves that got buried by snow before we could deal with it, an unwanted maple that's trying to infiltrate my raspberries needs to be sawed off, and some of that poking grass needs to be evicted from my flower bed. Hopefully we'll be able to at least get a decent start on it all.

    Have a good weekend everyone!
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    Suzanne, How long have you had your Garmin? I was recently having issues with mine (it was more of the software of the watch). After working with customer service for a while, they couldn't resolve it, but replaced the watch. I did get a refurbished one, and my watch was just over a year, so if it's been somewhat recent/newer, you may want to start with customer support to see if there's something they can help with.

    We got our second dose of the vaccine on Wednesday and so I haven't worked out (besides some light walking) in the past few days. Although we know things aren't going to magically change, it's nice to feel more comfortable to add on more things to do that'd we'd feel comfortable with (pool/locker room, movie...).

    I went to the triathlon store yesterday and almost broke down (I held it together until the car). With this past year of stress, lack of workout options, and nagging pain/issues, I've been increasingly getting scared I won't be able to complete the Half Ironman this September. When I go into the store, I usually always feel excited and more confident. J may have waited too long between stops because yesterday was a release/flood of pent up thoughts/emotions. But I came out with reassurance that I am doing fine (that I may actually have to take it easy more) and that it's good I'm tackling my issue now (I have an appointment on the 22nd to analyze my running/injury?)

    I hope everyone is continuing to push on and things are going well.
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    Tech support was how it got to repeatedly force resetting it. Worked with them for quite a while and that was the only thing that helped. Every few charges the bug resurfaces and I do it again, then it's normal for a bit again. It's over 3 years old and at this point I'd rather move up to the newer model than take my chances with a refurbished one. Thanks for the suggestion though!

    I'm envious that you're vaccinated!
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    Sorry to hear tech support couldn't help, but on the bright side, watches have made a lot of new features. I have the Vivoactive 3, but I don't use all the features. It's mainly their to take thinking out of my workouts/training (it tells me when it 's time to do something new and/or when I'm not in compliance of my criteria.
  • SuzanneC1l9zz
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    I have the same one but will upgrade to the 4. I use most if not all the functions.
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    Hey all.

    Good luck on the interviews!! Hope something is snagged soon🤗🤗

    I can't get into using a garmin.. I'm too old school I guess😆😆🤔.... but I did get a pulse heart monitor that seems pretty good. It's a pain to get the band to register my heart beat sometimes but meh. It works Haha.

    I found out that the gym down the road from me has zumba classes. 🤯💃💃💃

    I won't be going right away of course, but considering we plan to live here for 5 years or so, it's great finding out that it's available, and so close!

    I've eaten one too many red bean pastries.. the green bean ones were the best. Luckily I'm almost out of them and my craving has been met.

    I love that my husband eats anything. I love cooking or the idea of cooking dishes but I'm a wuss and don't eat a lot of things (I'll try but rarely succeed in liking it)....

    Eggplant parmesan, fried eggplant was divine.
    He's enjoying my Asian streak of spicy ramen with egg n tofu... I eat veggies in ramen only lol. It's terrible but good.

    Finally saw a dip in the scale again!! Think all that walking last week did something. Today was housework day so we stayed in. 3 laundry loads later, washed floors and 3 different dishes cooked for dinner. I was pooped ha. I still am. ... finally made some chicken for chicken salad! It's a great lunch for me- I don't load in the mayonnaise either, which is good.

    Tomorrow I'm hoping to get some prep done on egg patties for breakfast bagels I make... so I'll have those for the week too.

    I've got 38 wks to lose 30 lbs min. That'll put me back to my pre-pregnancy weight.

    With breastfeeding I need the calories to think let alone workout, so I'm shooting for 1900-2200 daily calories (1800 min recommended for keeping good milk production) but with a daily 30 min, 300 calorie burn. That usually does it....

    With the weather being nice I'm getting hour or more of a good walk n some basketball or something in half the week which is great.

    My mom is sending me another copy of her Jazzercise tape (DVD). I can't find mine and of course that's what I feel like doing... lol.

    It's nice having the variety- Zumba on the Wii does more leg/hip focus, Just Dance on the Wii does more arms, while the new Nintendo Switch Zumba does a bit more classic Zumba to some degree but still more arms n of course zumba in general does some core. Jazzercise is aerobic so full body but also motion. I miss class zumba because ya move more I feel... like you take up more floor space with the movements traveling. It's all helpful at balancing my energy because sometimes I'm not up for certain workouts.

    Anyways, so I'm hoping to get that soon so I can get that in too!

    Work is a madhouse the next two weeks so it'll definitely be interesting

    Hope your weekends are a smashing success!

    Stay strong!!💃💃🥳 We GOT THIS! 😁👍
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    Thanks Dukare! I'm trained and experienced, and have excellent references, but I've been out of the workforce for a couple of years. But it's only a matter of time.

    Frozen salmon filets were on sale when we shopped last week. Hubby and I split the cooking and I have some in the fridge thawing for dinner tomorrow night. I forgot to make the sauce yesterday though. It's one of those ones that can be jarring if the ingredients don't have some time to mellow together beforehand, so I guess that's on my to-do list this morning. I'm lucky that hubby's a pretty adventurous eater... I think the only things he's refused in over 20 years together were tofu and artichokes. Kid not so much, but trying the food isn't optional and his palate's expanding.

    It's good that there are so many exercise options... I can't stand zumba! 😅
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    Hey all, I'm not quite back into good habits yet, but getting there (food seems to be the last thing to get back to healthy...) and enjoying popping on here to see what everyone is up to.

    Good luck looking for work @SuzanneC1l9zz. Well done for handling the injury / challenges @SwtHedgehog - hopefully you will get your training in and be able to compete in everything you want to. @Dukare hope you got your jazzercise in!

    I love my Garmin, I've had it a couple of years and it really has made a difference to my activity levels. I've not really lost weight in that time, but I've been more aware and more active! For me, eating well (and less ;) ) is really the key, but the exercise is good for my mental health and I feel much better, I just can't yet fit into more clothes! I've set a relatively modest step goal (8k steps per day) and so far in 2021 I've hit it every day (sometimes easily, sometimes with late night cross trainer action!) which is over 100 days now :).

    This week is busy and social, after a very long, dark lockdown, things are easing a bit, we had friends over for a BBQ Saturday (optimistic, it did stay dry but max temp was 8 C and dropped, so by the time they left at 8pm it was very chilly!), meeting my sister (who I have not seen since October) and her family for a day out Tuesday and then my parents are staying locally in their camper Thursday - Sunday. I cannot wait, I saw them briefly twice in the autumn, but my children haven't seen them properly since October and have really missed them. I'm really hoping that we are really heading towards the end of Covid as we know it (albeit that it will be around and require some management going forward). No vaccine for me yet but I'm next in line. my parents have had theirs though which was the most important to me :)/

    Have a good week all.
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    @tinybry It's great finally seeing family! Happy for you!!

    The jazzercise tape and our stimulus check arrived last night! However, I've got mastitis now so that's been fun....

    @SuzanneC1l9zz hope your salmon turned out! That's one fish I've sadly never gotten into.... artichokes n tofu too ha, though he'll do them likely. He's not a big pork n fish person in general. We have non meat weeks for him which are tricky because I'm the sort to live off meat dishes lol.

    This week is crazy with meetings and now me not doing so hot... it'll be interesting.

    I finally got an appointment in with a therapist so hopefully that will help too!

    Stay strong, keep hope!!😄🤗
  • SuzanneC1l9zz
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    The salmon turned out amazing, I passed round 1 of a 2 round job interview, and a friend I mailed a birthday surprise to was thrilled. Life feels pretty good!
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    Im glad this group is still going. After I lost my job, I was really lost. I Got another but doesnt pay as well. I was also in an out of the hospital for heart problems and cholesterol.
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    Hi Rashmi411. Welcome back and I am sorry things have been going rough. Thanks for starting the group; it has been going well and everyone has been very supportive.
  • Rashmi411
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    Thank you so much Swthedgehog. Im going to read all the posts tomorrow.
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    Hi guys. Can't read the latest but hope you all are doin yer best! Stay with it! Stay strong stay fabulous!!

    Hichair? Check. Tons of other things at various stores? Check. Check.

    Jazzercise is here and we moved her play area to the side so now I have a nice, tiled, space in front of the TV which makes it that much easier for me to workout! Which I did! Even after doing a big walk n bball (still beat him hahaha) Friday and today tons of shopping.

    She's getting to move around now and loves watching us dance n stuff but I think it will start working out (has 2x the 3 I tried) after she go bed... assuming she will sleep in her crib. It doesn't always occur succinctly but hey. Is good.

    Doing Jazz again makes me wanna cry ha. I just grew up watching my mom do it (secretly cause she didn't like anybody watching her and also did it crack o dawn)....but hearing it just brings a lot of memories back. It'll be so fun having it part of our lives with my kids growing up!

    We are still walking and going to do some kickboxing on Switch n Zumba and the Jazz. Also have the vitamins working and the Therapist scheduled to help with the PPD and the antibiotics have done wonders with the mastitis so I'm just rockin ha. Hitting 224.#s again, which is always a mood booster (I'm a good seeing fluctuations , however small, in the downward is great).

    T-<38 WEEKS!!


    fyi. Insane week ahead...gotta get 5 hrs extra in too, so . .. it'll be interesting...

    Okay baby night night time.

    Ciao lovelies! 💃💃🍻🦸‍♀️🦸‍♀️🦹‍♂️🦹‍♂️🤗🤗

    BTS - Dynamite. Latest song stickin in my head. She gets a kick outta it too haha.... our antics entertain the wee babe ha.

    Also: BEN PLATT- Rain. (And Grow as We Go)

    You. Are. Welcome.
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    So a problem some of you may hate me for.... Through tracking on here I discovered that I've been severely undereating protein. Fixed that and discovered that it's very satiating for me. I know fitness trackers can be inaccurate so I'd been leaving a cushion, and thanks to the increased protein I wasn't particularly hungry. But I started losing scary fast... like a kg in 10 days when I'm at a healthy BMI and trying for 0.25 kg a week fast. And I started breaking nails. I wear them really short... just a few mm... and that NEVER happens. So now I'm trying to eat *more* 😕
  • Rashmi411
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    Dukare- your dancing sounds fun

    Suzanne- How much protein are your supposed to be eating?

    I did well with food today. I am still formulating my exercise program.