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30 pounds to lose challenge by March 2021



  • pwelch117pwelch117 Member, Premium Posts: 14 Member Member, Premium Posts: 14 Member
    Thought For The Day
    While researching videos for Qi Gong practice, I came across this saying:
    There are two mistakes along the way to Mastery:
    Not starting it and not going all the way.

    I thought the same applies to my pursuit of fitness - fitness being a type of mastery.
    I've started, now I must go all the way.

    I hope we can all achieve mastery of our fitness.

    “Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I've done it thousands of times.”

    ― Mark Twain
  • trwhitney2627trwhitney2627 Member Posts: 36 Member Member Posts: 36 Member
    We started at almost the same weight and are both at the same weight today! Great job! I know we can reach our goals.
  • eminatereminater Member Posts: 2,484 Member Member Posts: 2,484 Member
    eminater wrote: »
    I'll weight in on Wednesdays. I am going to set ambitious goals [email protected]'s inspirational quotes. Since it's a 30 lbs challenge, I will make that my goal.

    Good luck to everyone else on reaching your goals.

    Dec 30th 211.0 lbs

    Jan 6nd 211.6 lbs - I've had a enough NSVs this week not to worry about this "gain"
    Jan 13th 212.1 lbs - it seems I am going in the wrong direction? I think in the long term, the loss will

    Are you weighing food? I find that I'm incredibly inaccurate at eyeballing and eat significantly more if I'm not making sure my tracking is accurate.

    Yes, I'm weighting food. But if I have pizza, beer and wine the night before I weigh in - I always see it on the scales. It's not about my diary - it's about my intake.
  • FeelinFooFooFeelinFooFoo Member Posts: 4,738 Member Member Posts: 4,738 Member
    shnerb00 wrote: »
    NSV!!! I was able to button up the pair of ski pants that a month ago I couldn’t even pull up all the way!! They were tight... oh boy were they tight... but they were on! Hope this time next year I can actually wear them without fear of splitting the rear end 🤣

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