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30 pounds to lose challenge by March 2021



  • dbanks80dbanks80 Member Posts: 3,673 Member Member Posts: 3,673 Member
    dbanks80 wrote: »
    dbanks80 wrote: »
    Week 1

    SW 192.2
    CW 188.4

    BF% 38.9
    MM 64.6

    Thanks for the accountability!! Hope everyone have a great weekend! The weekend is typically when I fall off the wagon. So I have to stay strong LOL

    Week 2

    CW 189.4 ( Water retention)
    BF% 38.8
    MM 65.0

    Hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy! Have a great weekend!! <3

    Week 3

    Exactly the same numbers LITERALLY

    CW 189.4
    BF% 38.8
    MM 65.0
  • shannonkelly08shannonkelly08 Member Posts: 56 Member Member Posts: 56 Member
    TGIF! I hope everyone's week is going well as we head into the weekend! I just wanted to share a website I heard about during a Zoom meeting today! I thought that this would be a great idea to do since we are all challenging ourselves!! Write a letter to your future self!!! Perhaps it will help us stay on track and keep our eyes on the prize!!! Take care!!!
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