What "trendy" foods do you have no interest in trying?

Me: dalgona coffee + poke bowls... :/


  • VegjoyP
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    New plant based gluten free foods, various I see at Wholefoods and on line
  • AndreaTamira
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    mushroom coffee

    That's a thing?
  • AndreaTamira
    AndreaTamira Posts: 272 Member
    Whipped coffee.

    From what I can tell it is just fancy looking instant coffee which needs extra steps and time to prepare, removing the one advantage instant coffee has over superior tasting "real" coffee.

    I'd probably try it if somebody offered it to me, but I have no interest in going out of my way for this drink.
  • lemurcat2
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    glassyo wrote: »
    I'm so sheltered. I have no idea what foods are trendy.

    It's so location or person specific. I went from "what's trendy, anyway" to "those things are not trendy!"
  • dragon_girl26
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    While I think they do look pretty. I have no desire to eat anything with glitter added to it. I've seen lots of glitter coffee and glitter pastries lately.

    Wait a minute...people put glitter in coffee???
  • pancakerunner
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    I agree with basically all the foods listed above... except sushi bc I love sushi (sashimi...)
  • pancakerunner
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    Smoothie bowls. Too many funky textures.


    I agree!