January 2021 Monthly Running Challenge



  • HonuNui
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    January Goal: Hike/Run the "A's" *

    1/1: 3.39 Afghanistan, Albania
    1/2: 2.41 Algeria, Andorra
    1/3: 2.05 Angola
    1/4 off
    1/5 3.25 Antigua (and Barbados)
    (...and Wengen, Switzerland just to add time....)
    Total: 11.10

    lots of hugs and healing thoughts @skippygirlsmom


    *So, my New Years resolution is to hike all 193 (or 195 depending on your source) countries of the world this year. This could be difficult, since I don’t have a passport. But YouTube to the rescue! I have been using the site to take train “trips” recently, and have found them strangely motivating. Why not the world?

  • Avidkeo
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    @skippygirlsmom oh no. Oh biggest hugs to you. I know those fractures are bad, but didn't realise a year of recovery bad!! I'm so sorry.

    @quilteryoyoI saw that @runs_on_espresso had an Instagram post and a new ep of her podcast out yesterday, so she's still around. Maybe taking a new year break.
  • TheMrWobbly
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    Really happy to hear you will definitely be back running @skippygirlsmom and only a few weeks non-load bearing. We can all be part of your recovery plan getting you up and moving again and you can be the only one to put walking miles into the run the world challenge when you are up and about again. Stay awesome!
  • ContraryMaryMary
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    Oh no @skippygirlsmom, that’s a bitter pill. You’re going to have to get creative and find something new to keep you fit, healthy and engaged for the coming year. Chin up.
  • thisvickyruns
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    For those curious about the New Year's GPS errors. I was wondering why my map was so messed up the other day!


    Interesting. My Garmin has been doing various weird things recently... maybe its related.

  • marisap2010
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    @skippygirlsmom So sorry to hear about the long recovery time. One year is better than never though!
  • mbaker566
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    oh @skippysmom that's tough news

    overslept and didn't get a run in. hope for a couple by the end of the day
  • quilteryoyo
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    @martaindale Yeah for the family starting to run again! I would think that would make it easier to get out there and get it done.

  • Teresa502
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    January Goal – 100 miles
    1/1 – 3.1 (New Year’s Wake Up and Run 5k)
    1/2 – 10.07
    1/3 – rest + yoga
    1/4 – 5.12
    1/5 – weights
    1/6 – 5.35

    I met two friends for a 5 at 5 this morning (5 miles at 5 am). Temp was around 30 with a small breeze but I was dressed comfortably in pants, a long sleeve tech shirt and a heavy shirt on top of that. I started with a pair of light-weight gloves but shed them about halfway into the run. I find as long as my ears are covered I stay fairly warm.

    I’m loving everyone’s suggestions for podcasts and am making a list!

    Way to go on getting out there @dreamer12151! The first step is literally the hardest part.

    @skippygirlsmom – Hopefully, after your initial healing you can ride an exercise bike, lift weights, etc. to keep your stamina going. I know it’s not the same as running and I’m bummed for you but you will get there and be the comeback queen! I hope you will still remain active here but I understand it’s hard to read about other people running when you can’t. (edited - just saw the pictures - ouch!)

    Great PB time @Cricketmad88!

    @quilteryoyo – in case I don’t get back here before Friday, I will be praying that all goes well with your surgery and that you get on the road to healing quickly!
  • Mari33a
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    02/01 2.38 miles
    05/01 2.36 miles
    06/01 2.37 miles

    7.11 of 30 miles

    We might be getting snow 2moro. Its cold enough but along the coast makes it unpredictable.
  • Avidkeo
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    1/1 – 6 miles
    1/2 – 3 miles
    1/3 – done

    9 (6.02) of 135 miles

    Ha ha @Tramboman I posted a picture of my foot in the spoiler, I’ll provide @Avidkeo xrays when I get them, I'll save you the pictures of all my cuts and bruises ha ha
    Thanks everyone, so many names to mention, you all are the best
    I agree 100% better to wait and have a full recovery than to keep fighting it. I expected a few months like 4 or 5 but not that long. My friend has something similar (non running related) and she still has problems years later.
    @quilteryoyo I didn’t get into all the details with her, my head was spinning, I asked about full recovery and she said I’ll be fully recovered next year. It’s always fun to have a recovery friend 
    @TheMrWobbly I was thinking of the walking miles too. I told the race director for my half marathon challenge I was going to do my miles on my knee scooter ha ha
    @eleanorhawkins we are on the same wavelength I have a gym membership and I thought good time to work on the rest of me and they have a pool etc.
    Skip heads back to school the 17th which is crappy since it’s my right foot and I can’t drive. Maybe I can steal one of the scooters from WalMart and drive it around town LOL
    I see @WandaVaughn on my newsfeed so I know she’s alive and kicking.

    Oh remember I told you I won a month of training with a great bootcamp in town? I told him what happened and asked if it was okay to give the training to someone else in the drawing and he said he would do that, but my month is good whenever I can come out and join. What a nice guy.



    Wow that's displaced! When is surgery? They waiting for the swelling to go down?
  • hamsterwheel6
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    @skippygirlsmom Ouch! So sorry, tough to hear 1 year. - But as mentioned since you do have access to a gym, you can keep up you fitness in other ways - one reason I got my spin bike - I'm injury prone sigh.
    Big hugs to you! PS. Love the tatoo!

    Went for a run outdoors today. Started with a HIIT workout, and all was going well until half way through when my hamstring (the same from last injury) started feeling tight and slightly painful. Immediately slowed down which helped, and did the rest of my run with run walk intervals. Managed 6.75. Came home and stretched, but it's still feeling a bit tight. More rest and stretching in order.