January 2021 Monthly Running Challenge



  • martaindale
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    smdrew6814 wrote: »
    I’m in. Starting out slow as this is my first time and just getting back into the workout routine. I’ll shoot for 40 miles if that’s okay.

    Welcome! Like @quilteryoyo said, we are here to cheer you on no matter what your goal is. Glad to have you.

    And welcome to the RTW challenge @durhammfp !!
  • Tramboman
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    @quilteryoyo Hope your procedure goes well tomorrow and you have a quick recovery.
    Please don't forget to keep us posted.
  • durhammfp
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    Welcome @smdrew6814

    Good to have you in the challenge @durhammfp

    I am right there with you @katharmonic and I have run to work the the prior two days. This morning was -5c (23F) when I stepped out so I stepped straight back in and picked up the car keys. I have an hour run scheduled for today so we will have to see how much it warms up by the afternoon. TBF when I think about @skippygirlsmom dragging herself back up that bank I am just being a wuss aren't I?

    Thanks @TheMrWobbly ...I remember all your encouragement when I was trying to finish C25K. Seems like ages ago but it was just fall of 2019. Crazy.

    I just figured out how to port my Strava data automagically to the challenge website. Whew. That's a time saver. :-)

  • skippygirlsmom
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    prayers for you tomorrow @quilteryoyo
  • Scott6255
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    prayers for you tomorrow @quilteryoyo

    Amen to that! Will be thinking about you @quilteryoyo!
  • martaindale
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    Hope everything goes well tomorrow @quilteryoyo . We will be thinking of you!
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    Scott6255 wrote: »
    prayers for you tomorrow @quilteryoyo

    Amen to that! Will be thinking about you @quilteryoyo!

    Me too, hurry back @quilteryoyo we'll be waiting for you
  • katharmonic
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    @thisvickyruns that's an interesting challenge with a lot of options. I think the increase/decrease mileage pattern would be good. For me that would be a tough week at the mileage you listed, but it is supposed to be a challenge I guess! If you think it's too much, what if you backed it down just a mile? 2-4-6-8-6-4-2 seems more doable to me and that 2 would sure feel good at the end. Or if you rearranged yours to 3-5-7-3-5-7-9 or 5-7-9-3-5-7-3 so you didn't have 7-9-7 facing you right in the middle. Depends how numerically satisfying you find those sequences though :)

    I think I had friends do something like a 5k-4 mile - 5mile -10k-15k-13.1-26.2 week as a challenge, based on local race distances. But that's crazy. You could add in a shorter distance - maybe even a 1 mile- and lop off the marathon.

    @quilteryoyo thinking of you and holding you in our hearts tomorrow! <3