January 2021 Monthly Running Challenge



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    1) Dog, cat, fish, reptile or petless? Any favorites?
    2) Can you hold a toot in? I swear I'm old. I get the walking farts.
    3) Did you do anything nice/outside of yourself today?
    4) Do you have a monthly question? I have a million of em' if you don't.
    5) What do you think will change for you this year?

    1) We have 2 cats. I agree with @TheMrWobbly that I wish I didn't have to deal with poop.
    2) Yes @swenson19d is correct! I absolutely can if I need to.
    3) Not yet - the day is new.
    4) One of these months I will come up with a good monthly question.
    5) Not sure if this is what you were going for with this question, but I am learning Spanish. This year I should learn enough to actually start be able to using it in my actual life.
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    @skippygirlsmom That's great news! I'm glad you will at least get a few recovery days with someone around and it sounds like your return to running will be quicker than it originally sounded.
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    Hope all goes well tomorrow @skippygirlsmom! Glad you are getting it done while Skippy is around to help you.
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    Monthly question?

    1) Dog, cat, fish, reptile or petless? Any favorites?
    Vizsla's which are sort of a dog but crazier 😊 and incredibly velcro and demanding. I actually love most all animals. I worked in a baby zoo and had a tiger cub and a baby gazelle in my care (at home overnight and on weekends actually for several weeks). When our daughter was growing up we had all kinds of animals, guinea pigs (and babies), rats (and babies, 42 in total at one time for a school science fair project. They are great pets, fastidious cleaners, don't smell and are very smart. I have actually thought about getting another one at some point), cats, lizards of all kinds including a chameleon and a fish tank.
    2) Can you hold a toot in? I swear I'm old. I get the walking farts. I am much older than you and yes I sometimes get the walking farts too but mostly I can hold them in.
    3) Did you do anything nice/outside of yourself today? I had a long phone conversation with a friend who is fighting depression (she is a recovered alcoholic) and is struggling with all the Covid restrictions and missing her friends. She said I was so upbeat she couldn't help but be lifted by talking to me. Before she said that I hadn't realized how much it meant. I will make an effort to reach out to her more often.
    4) Do you have a monthly question? I have a million of em' if you don't. I met my monthly question quota with questions about goals and where do you want to be (changes made) at the end of 2021.
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    Making coffee and not killing anyone or giving them the stink eye counts as something nice in my opinion at least. @katharmonic I donated clothes yesterday too. It was self serving though. I just need to get rid of stuff. I suppose it half counts that I didn't put it in all in the trash. Represses or proper? I'll make up for it... :wink:

    Why can I not hold a toot? Don't tell me to do kegals, they make my hemorrhoids flare up (hey sorry, you have kids/twins with this genetic make up).
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    @skippygirlsmom Praying for a successful surgery and a speedy, uncomplicated recovery.
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    1/11-Worked extra shifts and decided the extra sleep was needed

    January Goal-33/60
    2021 Goal-33/634
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    edited January 2021
    January Goal: Hike/Run the "A's" *

    1/1: 3.39 Afghanistan, Albania
    1/2: 2.41 Algeria, Andorra
    1/3: 2.05 Angola
    1/4 off
    1/5 3.25 Antigua (and Barbados)
    1/6 gobsmacked by events
    1/7 4.02 Argentina
    1/8 2.11 Armenia
    1/9 post covid vaccine: tired and achy
    1/10 4.05 Australia
    1/11 3.75 Austria and Azerbaijan
    1/12 2.00 Bahrain and Bangladesh

    Total: 27.03
    @skippygirlsmom So glad your surgery is scheduled and with @quilteryoyo recovery can proceed!
    1. 3 dogs, 1 rooster, 13 hens, and a
    2. murmuration of semi-tame mynah birds who fearlessly patrol our covered lanai searching for dog cookie crumbs and chatter at us through the screen door when they can't find any. (murmuration because they are in the starling family.....)
    3. sometimes yes, other times, no. I have had my share of runner's urgencies due to not knowing for sure....
    4. I live in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by huge (20 acre) homesteads-no one else to see (except DH who is always off gentleman farmering). I gave the chickens some freeze dried worms...does that count?
    5. your monthly questions are always good!


    *So, my New Years resolution is to hike all 193 (or 195 depending on your source) countries of the world this year. This could be difficult, since I don’t have a passport. But YouTube to the rescue! I have been using the site to take train “trips” recently, and have found them strangely motivating. Why not the world?

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    @quilteryoyo I'm so impressed that you are already up to that amount of walking, slow or not! Count it! Glad you can stay with your mom for a bit.