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    It does not.

    You set a calorie goal by using the tool and either using what it spits out or modifying it for your circumstances. You need to go back and run the goal tool as you lose weight. Your goal won't change just from entering your new weight into MFP.

    If I look in goals or settings it has automatically changed, there is no reset button or similar.

    Scrap that... I googled. Stupid system. I don’t think I’ll bother with that unless I stop losing.

    (Added context: I’ve always lost more weight than MyFitnessPal would predict.)

    When you are on your goas page, you can click on "edit" to edit your goal. It won't change on its own. Your DAILY goal will change as you add exercise or other activity. So, on your goal page, there's a link at the top for "View Guided Setup." If you go to THAT page and enter your current weight (it should already be there if you logged your weight that day/week), set the other parameters, like how active and how much you want to lose (or maintain or gain), then click "Update Diary." Your new goal will appear.

    You can use this to your advantage. Enter your goal weight as your current weight and select "maintain current weight." This will tell you how many calories you can eat when you get to your goal. The great part about that is even if you eat at this level NOW, you will slowly lose until you get to the goal weight. You can lose faster by putting in a deficit. When you're done exploring, go back and set your goal to the level you want.

    After I use MFP to tell me my goal, I manually enter a slightly different number for my goal because it's a palindrome and is really close. And I'm a doofus.

    Use any or all tools available on MFP. It's your journey. Enjoy it!

    Having said I wouldn’t do it, I did, and it took off 200kcal, so I’ll be aiming for 300kcal deficit now.

    More background: the first time I used MyFitnessPal (10 years ago!) was the first time I became anaemic, so I am very wary of reducing calories too far. The 1200kcal plus exercise I was recommended was way off and my weight dropped too rapidly, even though I’d come to MyFitnessPal to try to lose weight more slowly having already lost most of what I wanted to lose. To maintain at 55kg I ended up eating 2400kcal plus exercise calories. I doubt I need that many 10 years later, but I do know I need to tailor my calories to my reality.

    Getting it dialed in appropriately really is an expert system. You can get an estimate from any of a number of places, but they're all based on population averages. After monitoring a while, you can figure out how your body is slightly different and make account for it. It sure doesn't help that the target moves! The good news is once you get to your maintenance weight, the target no longer moves. After a few months of experimenting, you should be able to get it totally dialed in, and that's when the next challenge starts -- keeping at it, on average over any given week or so, as long as you shall breathe.

    Oh. Yeah. Then that target moves a little as you add on the years, so there's always new excitement awaiting!
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    Highest Weight Ever: 192.2 lb
    January Start Weight: 144.6
    January Goal Weight: 141.0
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 130.0

    Jan 01: 144.6 at 8:00 a.m.
    Jan 04: 145.0 at 5:30 a.m.
    Jan 11: 145.4 at 6:00 a.m.
    Jan 18: 144.2 at 8:00 a.m.
    Jan 25: 144.4 at 5:30 a.m.
    Jan 31:

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    Original MFP weight: 211 lb
    January Start Weight: 194.6 (Jan 1/21)
    I hope this is an anomaly as all week I’ve been weighting about 190, may adjust based on weekly weigh in on the 4th
    January Goal Weight: 186
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 180 for now, then I’ll adjust again - small goals work better for me

    Jan 1: 194.6
    Jan 4: 188.6
    Not sure what happened on the first... 188-190 is where I’ve been floating between for the past week, so I’m basing my goal off this weight
    Jan 11: 186.6
    Returned to work this week after an 18 month mat leave. My colleagues have given me a great motivation saying I look fabulous
    Jan 18: 185
    Jan 25: 180.1
    This is a lower than I’ve been seeing the last few days and I’m definitely not having that large of a calorie deficit to see that kind of drop, we’ll see what the next few days bring. I do need to increase my daily water intake!
    Jan 31:

    Let’s finish the month strong ladies & gents! 💪🏼
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    January Start Weight: 322.7 lbs
    January Goal Weight: 315 lbs
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 200 lbs

    Jan 1: 322.7 lbs
    Jan 8: 320.3 lbs
    Jan 15: 317.4 lbs
    Jan 22: 319.8 lbs :|
    Jan 29:
    Jan 31:

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    MFP Start Weight: 223.4
    January Start Weight: 159.5
    January Goal Weight:
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 130.0

    Jan1 : 159.5
    Jan 8: 157.4
    Jan 15: 157.6
    Jan 22: 156.3
    Jan 29:
    Jan 31:
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    Jan1 : 209.6
    Jan 8: 206.3 Issues w/ night snacking. Started to exercise.
    Jan 15:
    Jan 24:210 UGH-- feeling discouraged.
    Jan 29:
    Jan 31

    Don’t give up- it happens to all of us.
    Keep going!

    Don't be discouraged. I've messed up a few times. Late night snacking. I've counting the calories. and made sure I kept at it the next day. As long as you don't give up, you will continue to have progress.
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    Original MFP weight:292 lbs. (Started November 7, 2020)
    January Start Weight:261 lbs.
    January Goal Weight:250 lbs.
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 150 lbs.

    January 2:261
    January 4:260 (-1)
    January 11:254 (-6)
    January 18:253 (-1)
    January 25:252 (-1)
    February 1:

    Well, To be able to get my goal, I got to lose 2 lbs. in the next week. It's possible, but we shall see. 🤞
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    Lyns.. You have your weigh in already for the 29? It's, the 28th
    Oops. It’s always Thursday. Thanks for pointing it out.
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    March 1, 2020: 243.8
    January Start Weight: 229.9
    January Goal Weight: 225
    Ultimate Goal Weight:205

    Jan1: 229.9
    Jan 8: 228.6
    Jan 15: 228.2
    Jan 24: 228.5
    Jan 28: 226.8
    Jan 31:
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    Hey Lyn
    Lol ok was just wondering..
    Also how do you reply to quote
    With the members name I don't see areoly to the person just general reply.

    Hi 👋🏻, on my screen under every post there’s a quote button, I just hit that under the post I want to respond to.
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    Has anyone set up the February group yet?!