• deepwoodslady
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    My name is Donna. I am 60 years old and I live in the Midwest of the US.

    January Start Weight: 207.0
    January Goal Weight: 202.0
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 145-155 (I’ll know it when I get there!)

    Jan01 : 207.7
    Jan 08: 207.0 Back where I started but I suppose that is good after a gain and a major holiday!
    Jan 16: 207.0 Didn’t have the opportunity to weigh yesterday (15th). This is my weight today (16th).
    Jan 22: 205.2 I have really made some pre-planned food choices this past week, increased my steps and my water. I am tip-toeing to avoid a glucose drop since I am diabetic and my body doesn’t like fast changes. So far, no glucose “episodes” which cause a feeding frenzy. No severe drops. I’m pleased with the progress so close after Christmas!
    Jan 29: 207.0 Back where I started!
    Jan 31: 207.6 Up from December 31st start weight by 0.6
  • Chris19012
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    January Start Weight: 174.4
    January Goal Weight: 168.0
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 150.0

    Jan1: 174.4
    Jan 8: 173.4
    Jan 15: 172.0
    Jan 22: 171.4
    Jan 29: 170.0
    Jan 31: 170.0
  • emmclean
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    January Start Weight: 254.1lb
    January Goal Weight: 248lb
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 180lb

    Jan 1: Not recorded
    Jan 8: 254.1lb
    Jan 15: 247.8lb
    Jan 22: 245.8lb
    Jan 29: 243.6lb
    Jan 31: 242.8lb

    Total loss: 11.3lbs

    So happy to have come in that far under goal whilst still eating three square meals and exercising 3 times a week. Means I've got plenty of slack to play with as the calorie goal goes down and the need to work harder goes up!

    Well done everyone for getting through January, no matter where you ended up - accountability is so important and will get us all to our goals!
  • TayaCurragh
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    January Start Weight: 158.4
    January Goal Weight: 152
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 127

    5th: 158.6
    9th: 156
    16th: 154.5
    23rd: 153.8
    31st: 154

    Really disappointed with this weeks result. I didn't do as well as the previous weeks but I still did come under or at calorie goal every day except 1, so I was expecting more of a result. I did slack a bit with my exercise in the first part of the week so I will work on this next week.
  • Mhdhih123
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    January Start Weight:158lbs
    January Goal Weight:148lbs
    Ultimate Goal Weight:133lbs

    Jan1 :158lbs
    Jan 8:153lbs
    Jan 15:151lbs
    Jan 22:150.5
    Jan 29:150
    Jan 31:150.5

  • StepWise123
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    “Never Give Up”

    January Start Weight: 150.5
    January Goal Weight: 147
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 129

    Jan 1: 150.5
    Jan 8: 150.5
    Jan 15: 149
    Jan 22: 149
    Jan 29: 149
    Jan 31: 149
    (Goal: Jan 31:147)
    See you in February!
  • bpatriquin24
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    Original MFP weight: 211 lb
    January Start Weight: 194.6 (Jan 1/21)
    I hope this is an anomaly as all week I’ve been weighting about 190, may adjust based on weekly weigh in on the 4th
    January Goal Weight: 186
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 180 for now, then I’ll adjust again - small goals work better for me

    Jan 1: 194.6
    Jan 4: 188.6
    Jan 11:
    Jan 18: 185
    Jan 25: 180.1
    Jan 31: 178.8
    Still struggling with water intake, but very pleased to be in a size medium uniform at work again!!

    Good job everyone! 💪🏼
    Hope to see you in next months challenge
  • cpanus
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    Highest Weight Ever: 192.2 lb
    January Start Weight: 144.6
    January Goal Weight: 141.0
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 130.0

    Jan 01: 144.6 at 8:00 a.m.
    Jan 04: 145.0 at 5:30 a.m.
    Jan 11: 145.4 at 6:00 a.m.
    Jan 18: 144.2 at 8:00 a.m.
    Jan 25: 144.4 at 5:30 a.m.
    Jan 31: 143.0 at 7:30 a.m.

    KKHKISHZKH Posts: 179 Member

    Start weight: 163.6 lb
    Ultimate Goal: 138 lb
    January Goal: 157 lb

    5/1 : 163.6 lb
    12/1: 157.5 lb o:)
    19/1: 157.8 lb :/
    26/1: No weigh in. Had a very bad week. Anxiety, stress, panic... and I binge ate. :'(
    1/2 : 159 lb

    Not a massively successful month, but there WAS an overall loss.
  • xxxtarable27xxx
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    Yay! I did it.

    Age:31 (Turning 32 in April)🎁
    Height: 5'2"

    Original MFP weight:292 lbs. (Started November 6, 2020)😢
    January Start Weight:261 lbs.👍
    January Goal Weight:250 lbs.⭐
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 150 lbs.⭐

    I do weigh in's on Mondays.✔
    Current Weight: 250 lbs. on February 1, 2021.
    I've lost a total of 42 lbs. since November.

    January 2:261
    January 4:260 (-1)
    January 11:254 (-6)
    January 18:253 (-1)
    January 25:252 (-1)
    February 1:250 (-2)

    Goals For the Month is to
    -Continue to maintain a healthy diet.🥗
    -Make sure I am weighing everything.
    -Watch Sodium Intake. (Not required by doctor, but is my choice.)
    -Drink more water💦
    -Go to the Gym more (Go with my Zumba instructor at 4:30am to workout.) 🏋️‍♀️
    -More Routine on my weekends.

    Goals For the Year is to
    -Become a healthier person🏋️‍♀️
    -Love myself 💕