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    Happy Saturday beautiful ladies!! Checking in with a quick hello! Working all day - open to close (ah the life of a restaurant owner). Today's goal is to drink more water!! Have a wonderful day everyone!!! Xo
    Susan in NY
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    Stats for the day-

    Walk w/family- 1hr 51min 40sec, 43elev, 2.93ap, 78ahr, 91mhr, 5.75mi= 580c
    Strava app = 696c
    New spin bike- 32.17min, 376elev, 139ahr, 158mhr, 20.62amph, avw146, Aron 68, 11.1mi= 363c
    Zwift app= 271c

    Total cal 943
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    PIP ~ You are finding so many new things to do in your retirement! Your purchases and sales are interesting. I miss the days when I sold antique/vintage jewelry on eBay. It used to be fun but no longer profitable. The water park looks great for Yogi! :)

    Carol in GA
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    Thanks, y'all. I'm sick of being sick, and it's starting to wear on me and everyone around me. Thank you for being a listening ear.

    Farmer's Market was good - sold all three dozen slider buns/dinner rolls, a half dozen cinnamon rolls, and all the cookies that didn't sell last week - people came back looking for more. I think that's probably going to be my niche. No one else is doing it...

    Came home, laid down for an hour and stayed quiet, and was able to get up and help Corey mow the lawn. I'm not ignoring the fact that I don't feel well, but I don't have to cater to it.

    Rori - still thinking of you.

    JanetR - such a lovely thing, seeing you.

    Love y'all,
    Lisa in AR
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  • pipcd34
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    Bought a blanket ladder from OfferUp. I put it at the top of the stairs, $30. $45 for a white one which I would have preferred. I could always paint it later on.
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    edited June 2021
    Pip- your getting alot of cool stuff. And love the little water park...
    Ive stayed in all day except for taking Dan back home.. its 90 + here.. and i havent turned AC on yet but have everything closed up and it is comfortable.. this is when I sort of miss having a partner, i get bored ,to hot to be outside and just Alfie and I hanging around.. at least if there was someone else we could do something..
    I have to be very frugal with my money which is just the alimony that I receive. I put gas in the car every 2 weeks and i dont drive far.. i pay my bills and dont have a ton of wiggle room... oh well ill put on my big girl panties and deal.. with Dans work schedule it is hard for me to get up to N.H. and also Sean doesn't like me to bring Alfie,its ok Buddy his dog is there,and my nephews rottie Kona ,but somehow im not aloud to bring Alfie..
    It is probably a scorcher up there right now anyway,but at least i would be near the beach.. after the surgeries i will have to find a beach where there arent more than 1 or 2 steps..hopefully maybe i can get up there for the 4th of July
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    ✳️✳️ ACCOUNTABILITY ✳️✳️

    ✔️Day 1: Friday, June 4th. NO BINGE‼️

    Yesterday was my Fasting Day. No issues with cravings.

    ➡️ Good sleep last night. Woke feeling refreshed and energetic.

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    no internet for two days-(bad modem or something- ATT just sent the new one) I didn't mind too much- the guys on the other hand were really bothered by it- both just went to bed early.
    Now to catch up here.
    Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.

    Napa Valley,Ca
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    Sooooo, I'm going to share a photo of something that gives me pleasure. :D
    My irises.

    I bring them out at the end of May every year and put them back into storage in July. Yes, they are fake! :o

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx

    wow, those look so real- I would not have known if you hadn't said so.
    I have some fake ones in a beautiful vase with iris on it(wedding gift from one of my favorite teachers when I got married to hubby #1- just saw that teacher last Sunday at dad's service) I need to look for more realistic iris(and not keep being so cheap and getting ones at the thrift store ;) )
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    Hello friends,
    We are getting a thunderstorm passing through right now. Lights flickered once. Expecting more rain this coming.week.

    🔲 SLEPT WELLI woke up feeling refreshed this morning. It’s been a few days since that’s happened. I’m taking melatonin at night. Slept with my CPAP which I almost always do - but the last few days it’s been on snd off as I’ve tossed and turned and got up and down. I still need to watch the Headspace Guide to Sleep series in Netflix. I started watching it and realized I should watch or listen to it at night when I’m ready to sleep. It’s my habit to listen to something to help me drift off to sleep. For one - it calms my mind. For another - it masks the tinnitus in my ears.

    🔲 TODAY’s PLAN
    1. Daily Routines. Morning reset home for the day. Evening prep for tomorrow.
    2. Zone 1: Living Area Downstairs
    3. Tote Donations to garage
    4. Duolingo Spanish Lesson
    5. ICAD art challenge
    6. Stay Keto
    7. Push-ups
    8. Walk to reach 30 Active Minutes on Fitbit.
    9. Supper tonight: Burger on homemade bun with whisps and a salad.

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    Peach1948 wrote: »
    PIP ~ You are finding so many new things to do in your retirement! Your purchases and sales are interesting. I miss the days when I sold antique/vintage jewelry on eBay. It used to be fun but no longer profitable. The water park looks great for Yogi! :)

    Carol in GA

    Carol- antique jewelry is one of the few things I buy for myself- I have many beautiful pieces that were my grandmothers and my great aunt's- LOVE the rhinestone pins the most. It is so fun to look at all the amazing pieces. I haven't looked in quite a while(went a bit crazy buying for a while). Now I am a lot more selective. I just need to wear them more, now that we are back in church

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    Did my dumbbell workout. Yay! My arms are tired.

    Annie in Delaware
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    Hello ladies, nothing to report.💖
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    Lagopus wrote: »
    Completed my half-marathon with energy to spare! Husband supported me along the way with water and banana, and played with his new drone to keep himself amused while waiting. Pictures may become available. Watch this space...

    /Penny (not currently) at the