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    Good morning!

    The horrible weather finally broke last night and I was able to take a 30 minute walk (3km) this morning.

    The public pools are now open and I will be swimming for one hour a night and with the easing of Covid restrictions all the aquatic class might restart at the end of June.

    Enjoy your day.

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    terri I don't know if I'm really feeling SOOOO positive, but I'm doing ok. spring and seeing people and going to the seaside etc, and being able to go inside a café for the 1st time in 7 months all help.
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    kymarai wrote: »
    Good Tuesday! I have been reading along. Hugs to all especially those dealing with losses, illnesses, or family issues. ((HUGS))
    I think I hit a breaking point this past Saturday. All I could do was cry and be quiet. While I maintained within 3 pounds of my goal for 6 months, I have blown that away in the past 6. I put on 4 dresses that were just too form fitting. Finally found on that fit. At that point got on the scale.....I have gained back 10 pounds. 😢 I know why...I quit logging, moving, and hydrating. I forgot to put me first. My house was in a chaotic state. My work all consuming. I didnt even get May checks in the bank until June 1. I have a physical the end of July. I know what to do just have to implement it. So.....I am showering at night before bed. Was taking one with DH in morning, but his timing wasnt working for me. This is one less thing for morning time. I am packing lunches in the pm. Easier to log and I know I have something healthy so that I am not living on chocolates. I need to add exercise, but did get my 10k steps in yesterday. I switched my water container back to one with a straw. Apparently, I drink more with a straw. I have started decluttering home. Now down to just one area which I am working on when I get out of hot tub. I "feel" better and KNOW I have all of you for support. I love the sharing, caring, and support of you all.
    Family drama,maybe, could just be my sister being my sister. My nephew is getting married in July in CA. I feel badly that no one from my sister's side of the family is attending, but the cost for most of the family is prohibitive. For my brother, it is health of grand babies reasons. For me it is mask wearing. I cannot wear one for more than about 5 minutes without panicking and high anxiety. Therefore no planes. It is at least a 3 day drive one way. I say at least as I am the solo driver. My sister hasn't called me back since I told her this. It is typical for her though. We play phone tag often. I was looking forward to the wedding thinking east coast, forgot bride's family is west coast. 😪
    Thank you for listening. ❤
    Better get a few things done before work. I will bio later.

    Kylia in muggy Ohio

    hugs to you. I'm sorry about the wedding. will it be live streamed (many were during lockdowns) ? a colleague "went" to his son's wedding during extreme lockdown on video. He and his wife ordered or planned a fancy meal with champagne and he said it was very good.
    the cost of traveling for weddings is not doable for everyone. (plane/car rental/hotel/ (since all the many friends and family members can't all stay at the home...) eating out maybe, etc etc. And I relate about mask wearing. Last summer I rented a car 2 weeks cause I couldn't bear wearing a mask for trains. now I'm getting more used to it. I tend to sort of slip it off nose when not near others...also in train we can eat and drink and thus don't have to wear a mask then (same for plane! you could take plane and constantly drink water !!! if all the rest were not an issue!) sorry about weight gain. I have not been tracking either and weight went up a bit in 1st lockdown and seems to be stablized--- all about 10lbs more than I was for about 2 decades effortlessly. I intend to track more and make more effort, but just existing and staying motivated and ok seems like a lot and the weight seems less important, except when I look at my unfamiliar love handles and belly in mirror... physically I feel ok (maybe a bit less light) but I'm not keen on how the middle looks when it's not hidden by shirt and so on...
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    Loved going to café today, inside. weather good. did taxes yesterday. Way behind in some things but not so stressed about it. Enjoying the weather and being able to go out.

    it's indulgent but I booked another night away at the seaside.

    Sunday night (less people about on Monday!). about 69 euros train trip and 65 euros cute little hotel near the sea. I arrive at 11:30 on Sunday and leave at 8pm on Monday. Not really in my budget right now, but the past year has been such a pain with so few get aways that I'm doing it anyway. Like who would have imagined that we would be so limited for so long. Here in France we have had curfew and indoor restaurants closed for 7 months!!! as of today we can go out until 11pm or 11:30pm which is generally largely good enough for me.

    I missed cafés a lot. even outdoors cafés was closed for 6 months ! (from November till May 19th!) there was only take away, or slightly illegal lingeriing around the take out place.
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    "Get to do"s and "chose well"s
    Chose well: line dancing
    Bonus: stroll and AF lunch with T
    Get to do: take BP, dogs to powerline, USE those torture bands/do that BB&B video, call S, fire district: meeting prep, board meeting, contact list, drop off cookies, ongoing: input 2019 call sheets into NFIRS, work with chief on equipment letter, substance abuse policy, NFIRS mutual aid and other missing details, ask for boots donator contact info, appreciation letter or certificate to boots donator, index mutual aid files; watch STAS Day 20, declutter sideboard, learn new dances (Nothing but You, Do Your Thing, A Little Less Broken, Blame it on my beating heart, Homesick; practice dances: One Margarita, I’m so used to being broke, All Night, Pure Movies to Wine, Beer, Whiskey, I ain’t never gonna love nobody but Cornell Crawford (Alley cat),); finish mulching flowerbed, invest another 10 minutes in prepping living trust, Freddie’s for complete series TDAP <$48, get Shingrix vaccine, find and configure a screen time popup, figure out where to plant the last of the naked lady bulbs, and soon as it warms up above 50 and dries out below 60% humidity I’ll tape and spray paint those rusted areas of Aunt Elsie’s stove. ask Terry about GB’s FD firetruck tax levy – contacts, media, advocate???, Reward: inventory seeds, plan this spring’s garden, wishlist replenishments (Milena F1 orange peppers).
    Joyful June:
    8-Find joy in music: sing, play, dance, listen or share: Sunday singing in church, Monday listening to Joe playing Beatles’ albums. Today will be line dancing. All good.
    9-Ask a friend what made them happy recently… and LISTEN to her answer!!!

    What happened to this morning? Skipped BP, vitamins whatever was I doing?

    Line dance was super great this evening, two more gals returned and it was so good to see and dance with them. Ventured out on a couple of the dances I’ve been hesitating on, now to practice/reinforce.

    Over 10K steps for the first time in a loooong time. Super pooped so skimming before trying to nap a little before T’ai Chi.

    Welcome @Wizzybeth! Lots of support here!
    Dgarlick1 in S. NE “clean eating” :laugh: Lou is a handsome cat!
    pip :love: Yogi in his element!
    Vicki congrats on the new DGD!
    Allie sorry for your headache and eye pain. Good for you for sticking up for yourself. We all have to be our own health advocates, between overworked understaffed healthcare system and an insurance system trying to maximize their profits…
    Annie only 1 onion ring and did your dumb bells too? Brava!
    Kylia “…water instead” Yes! “time with husband” well spent. YES! Well done!!!
    Katla so excited for your daughter’s arrival!
    Welcome @juliebee! Oh, its Julie in Paris! Aha! Brava for doing the taxes, enjoy the seaside!
    Penny congrats on killing those 8 kilos!

    Lunch at Thai restaurant with T after we strolled around the port. Nap then line dancing. Didn’t tick all the boxes (vitamins, BP, dogs to powerline, clean 10) but a thoroughly enjoyable and satisfying day.

    Lighter, lovelies!

    f8qt1s098sxm.gifBarbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD
    June: leaner/stronger/kinder than May.
    daily: sit with Joe: 8, weigh/wii: 8/0/0; steps>6362=10518!!!, vits=6, log=8, CI<CO=8, CI<250<CO=5, Tumble=6, Shadow=9 mfp=8, outside=10, up hill=8, clean 10=2.
    wkly: Sun: Mon: Tue: LD=2 Wed: TC=1 PW=1 Thurs: PW=1 Fri: TC=1 Sat: PW=1, rX x4=1.
    wt=1/31:141.3 2/28:142.4 3/31:145.3 4/30:141.5 5/31:142.4 6/6:141.8 6/12: 6/20: 6/27: 6/30:
    mnthly: board mtg=, grant=, 21 plan=, waist=42.0
    bonus: AF=5 play= sew=
    2021: choose to be leaner/stronger/kinder NOW
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    Morning again,I have 2 snoozing dogs next to me....one is snoring lol..
    I am spending almost 1000.00 to go to my 2nd cousins wedding in Oct. Yes that is with a cheap flight using points and cash,hotel and rental car.. im going to Brentwood ,Tn and in Tn the entertainment and hospitality tax is over 14% so that really packs a punch.. i got a place that has a small kitchen ,but most of the time I will be at my cousins house and will fix a meal or 2 for the family and extended family.. its a huge group my cousin had 6 children and second to the last is the one getting married... the older 2 kids have a passel of kids and I have a feeling like last time i will be roped into helping out with them especially on rehearsal night..
    Will see how it all goes.. but we always have a blast ..
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    edited June 2021
    Hi all. I've had a fairly productive morning, and the family shopping is done and dusted. Just popping on to say hello and read a few of the posts, and then I'm going out into the garden.

    Carol: ~ I had to stop eating pizza because it's so indigestible for me.
    Heather: ~ I went onto low alcohol wine for the same reason. You get the same taste but far fewer calories. Your school run duty sounds hectic! Even if it was only one day! Thank goodness ours are well past that stage.
    Kylia: ~ bravo for starting over. As for the wedding, you have to do what feels right for you. It's a pity your sister doesn't understand, but I'm sure she'll get over it.
    terri I don't know if I'm really feeling SOOOO positive, but I'm doing ok. spring and seeing people and going to the seaside etc, and being able to go inside a café for the 1st time in 7 months all help.
    This threw me for a few minutes 😂 as I thought it was one of the newbies answering my comment to you. Then I read this second post.
    oh weird, this is bananas, not sure why I'm signed in as Juliebee now. I tried that once when I couldn't get online as bananas. (this is bananas !) bad pun intended.
    Have a lovely time on your little jaunt away.

    Gardening time, I think. 👩‍🌾

    ☘️ Terri
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    It is 7:24 am, Pacific time. The sun is bright and it looks like a beautiful day. Our daughter arrived at PDX last night and was picked up by a good friend. Zack will bring her to our house today. YAY! <3
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    I walked 16 minutes and did a little yoga too. I'm getting fewer aches with walking, so that's going well. Yay!
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    Our daughter arrived in PDX late last night. A longtime friend picked her up at the airport and took her to his home. They will be here at our house later this morning. We may be serving lunch. Our daughter is an omnivore like us. I don’t know whether Zack is an omnivore or on a special diet. We’ll figure it out when they get here. I am sooo excited to see our daughter. ❤️😘❤️
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    Wishing everyone a wonderful Wednesday!! Got some housework done and had a doctor's appt. It was actually a follow up. Had to have a nuclear stress/echo a few weeks ago. Seems my acid reflux got the better of me this time and I over did the gardening prior to that. Had chest pains last week of May and am now on two protonix for the acid reflux and my heart is just fine. If it isn't one thing it is another. :wink: