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    Welcome to all those who are new.

    I am 73 and worked in aquatics most of my life. My last job was at a hospital managing the therapy pools for the rehab dept. I retired in 2015 and moved from SD to WA to be closer to kids. My DH died 2 years ago. I have 1 son and 1 daughter. I currently live with my DD on 10 acres. We have 2 horses, 2 goats, 4 cats and 1 dog. I have been with MFP since 2012. I did well to begin with but have gained some back with the Covid shutdown. The pool is open again and I am back in the water exercising. Need to cut way back on the sugar.

    Annie - Well done.

    Everyone take care, Sue in WA
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    Thanks! I did my dumbbells tonight too.

    Annie in Delaware
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    My bio,
    I am 58 ( why can't I ever remember that number). I married the first time right out of high school. Two beautiful daughters, 5 years in the Philippines, and 13 years of marriage, we divorced. We both believe in being there for our family and it has never been an issue. We remain friends with regards to the family. It took 15 years for my current husband to marry me. We have been married almost 12 years now. I work in his family business selling, repairing, and customer service of lawn mowers. I am his first marriage. We have 4 grandchildren 11, 13, 13, and 18. My DH is legally blind but the only thing he really can't do is drive. He buys cool cars and I get to drive. :) He has only lived in 4 houses his entire life and they were only about 5 miles from each other. I am the gypsy soul from AL to DC that somehow landed in Ohio-SMH
    I joined MFP in 2010 with my BFF. When she was killed in a car accident two months later, I took a short break. I am not sure how I met this wonderful supportive group of ladies several years ago, but am so happy I did. I was 97 lbs at 5'2" when I met my now husband in 1994. That weight was easy for me to maintain working in a restaurant, but when I started working with/for my husband, the fast foods, dinners out, and quitting smoking lots of times took its toll. Before I knew it I was over 150 lbs. That was my pregnancy weight! I cried for days. My husband told me he loved me for me not my weight. My starting weight with MFP was 140. I have been at my goal weight twice since then. Since September 2020 when I was at goal, I got lazy. Not really. Maybe. I know I got depressed and overwhelmed (as did lots of other people). My weight is back up and now need to lose 12 pounds. Walking, water, and CICO (means less sugar crap) really works. Support from friends and loved ones helps. None of us are the same and our loss journey won't be the same, but support is so important.
    We are big dog people, though currently without a fur baby. Just not ready after the loss of our last one just before Christmas. There will be more fur babies around our home soon.
    That is my story. Welcome to the new ladies! We all come from different life styles, beliefs, cultures, and backgrounds, yet the support here is the best.
    Kylia in Ohio-still.....
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    dlfk202000 wrote: »

    great job getting back on track.
    Sorry you will have to miss the wedding. I am sure your nephew will understand. Hope your sister does but if not, that is on her. Just dealt with sister issues last week.

    I am finally getting back on track too-first week of tracking in way too long.
    Going to keep it at 1100 to 1200 calories a day- did 1000 for a year and a half-think that was too low-didn't gain but didn't loose any. Back doing my version of intermittent fasting- hard getting started on that.
    New motivation(not as good as the last one but if it helps at all, I will take it) Class reunion rescheduled for this coming Sept. 41st reunion for my class, plus adding two more classes.
    I think one thing that might make it a little easier to eat better is husband just got results from his A1C- it has gone up to 8.1-highest it has been. Maybe he will take it a little more serious. His eating/sleeping/exercising is all reallllllly bad.

    Napa Valley,CA

    Thank you. I 'too haven't tracked in too long. two days under my belt again! I know tracking, CICO, walking, and water are my keys. Too low of calories don't help me. I have found for me that an over day here and there of healthy food helps jump start plateaus. We CAN do this!!

    My non scale victory last night.... I go up to go pee and didn't hit the chocolates or caramels! I had water instead and went back to bed. :wink:

    Need to head to bed.
    Kylia still in Ohio (hehe)
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    ✳️✳️ ACCOUNTABILITY ✳️✳️
    ✔️Day 2: Monday, June 7th. NO BINGE
    No cravings yesterday or last night.

    Today (Tuesday) is a “Fasting” day. I’ve had coffee, water and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. I feel fine.

    — Ginger-in-Texas
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    Morning ladies
    Been awake since 4 am,i had some wierd dreams last night,but when I dream I sleep half way decently..
    Another hot one today and then will get back to normal temps,going to go get Homer in a few.
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    Good Wednesday!
    Plans have a way of laughing at me. LOL! Helped Steve ordering accessories for his car last night, put away Costco order, caught up here, and poof...past bed time. No shower, no lunch packed, no dishwasher emptied. Time with husband spending his money-WORTH IT! I managed to get those things done this morning. Really short on steps to start the day, but have all day to make that up.
    Time to get some bills paid then off to work!
    Heather UK- That sounds hectic and wonderful! So great that you are close enough and healthy enough to do that for your family. Congratulations on the flower find.
    Katla- Enjoy the time with your DD. Glad she is safely landed.

    Kylia in Ohio preparing for her day
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    Katla ~ So happy for your daughter's visit and hope you all have a wonderful time.

    Heather ~ You and your husband are wonderful grandparents. My son and his wife are so lucky that her mom lives near by and is there to help whenever needed.

    We took son and family for pizza last night and I am afraid that the spicy pizza does a number on me. Took two antacids that worked but took hours to get to sleep. This happens whenever my routine changes. Worth it though because we don't get to see them often with their busy schedules.

    Carol in GA

    Carol in GA
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    Machka9 wrote: »
    Back to school!

    I'm taking a course called Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury.

    No formal assessments.
    Work at your own pace.
    7 weeks maximum.

    Machka in Oz

    that makes sense !
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    Rori, hugs, you sound rather serene.

    Ginger, hugs, I am not great at intermittent fasting. cause going back to eating can be a bit weird. I used to fast and then overeat, (or visa versa) in my early 20s so when I fast it can evoke that weirdness. I tend to go for slow and steady, though I know intermittent fasting is now, presently, often recommended. at one point though my natural rhythm in summer vacation was breakfast at about 10h30 or so and lunch/dinner at about 5pm. It was during those decades when I naturally had no weight issues, easily kept weight off without effort.