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    DD is in Portland. A good longtime friend picked her up at the airport. She spent the night and will arrive here later today. ❤️
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    Michele - (((HUGS))) It must be very baffling as to why Denise is acting like this. <3

    After long discussions and changes of plans AT LAST my son has booked tickets for the 20/20 cricket match between Hampshire and Sussex on Saturday night! :drinker: DH and Max are going with him. DH supports Hampshire. ;) He may have to keep quiet!
    I am looking forward to a quiet night in. :D Bliss!

    Glorious weather here. We got our geraniums planted in the tub. Looking cheerful through the window.

    Much love to all who are stressed and tired <3

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Michele: I have sympathy. I love my daughter and she loves me, but there are sometimes communication goof ups. I can visualize her on the the other end of the telephone call, rolling her eyes and sighing. I don't give her any eye rolls but maybe I should try it. Sighing, too. :grumble: :ohwell:
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    It occurred to me that perhaps Denise feels inadequate when it comes to knowing what to do about dinners and plans, etc. She may feel like she cannot come up to your standards about entertaining so she doesn't try. I am so happy you got to see PJ during most of your visit and hope you will have happy memories of him. Hope you took some pics to keep.

    Carol in GA
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    Katla--So happy to hear your daughter has landed and that your visit is going as planned. I can feel your excitment and so happy for you.

    Anyone remember when Michele is to be back? I pray her visit is going well and she gets lots of grandma time with PJ. Just saw Michele's post. Sounds like an interesting visit, but glad you did get time with PJ. Pictures??

    Not a lot going on around here today. I am working 6a-6p shift so plan to go home after work and get to bed early. I work 7a-5p the next 2 days and looking forward to the weekend.

    Blessings, Vicki GRAND ISLAND NE <3
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    Anne DE - You go girl!

    Tina CA – depression in Denise wouldn’t surprise me one tiny bit. She does have a lot on her plate with work and PJ and then when Pete is away having to do it all herself. She just doesn’t know how to or maybe wants to take advantage of help. Perhaps she feels like she should do it all so she doesn’t want to ask for help.

    Oh, I forgot to mention, Pete thanked us one time when we emptied the dishwasher. I don’t know if he even realized that I ran it another time. I do know that if I overeat, it’s almost as if she’s “won”.

    Carol GA – maybe Denise does feel somewhat inadequate, but that still doesn’t excuse common courtesy. She doesn’t have to plan, but at least say “thank you” when I make the dinner.

    Ceramics tonight. Not sure, but I may finish one of the dwarfs and just have the last one to do and then Snow White. Maybe..just maybe..I can start to get some of the bisque out of the back bedroom. Someday......

    Michele NC
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    Had my first strawberry from my garden this season. YUM! Everyday watering watering watering to help garden through these 90 degree days. Tomatoes love it. Next week we will be in the upper 80's . Not much rain in site. We had a year like this the year we moved into our home. We did not have AC then. It was a long summer.Hopefully we will not have a repeat.
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    Michele NC, Denise is very rude to you and Vince! You have my permission to use my situation. I mean I haven't seen my middle son, Daughter in law or Athena since Sept 2019. With youngest active duty son its been since Nov 2018. Yes COVID made it not smart to travel down to see middle son, and logistically impossible to see youngest son. I would give my right arm to be able to visit. What I am saying (rather poorly), is that Denise has opportunities, and she is wasting them away with bad manners, and insensitivity. You are there visiting. You shouldn't have to guess things, and what, they make a pizza and go upstairs with it?? I just don't understand. I have empathy with your frustrations! Hugs friend!