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    I'm headed out to lunch soon. I previewed the menu and chose a turkey BLT with avocado and ten large french fries. That leaves me 51 calories for dinner but I can walk for more. That is the plan! I hope I can stick to it. Lunch is already delayed by an hour and a half due to traffic on I 95 where they had a hazmat spill early this morning. So I will be very hungry when ordering. But I promise you I will make it work!

    Annie in Delaware
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    Singing Zoom, followed by Lupin, on Netflix, while I rowed and cycled.

    Mushroom risotto for dinner with asparagus. Cherries for dessert. I drank a whole bottle of AF pink wine! :o 168 calories, so not too terrible.

    Making progress with my memoir editing. :) Over halfway.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Good Tuesday! I have been reading along. Hugs to all especially those dealing with losses, illnesses, or family issues. ((HUGS))
    I think I hit a breaking point this past Saturday. All I could do was cry and be quiet. While I maintained within 3 pounds of my goal for 6 months, I have blown that away in the past 6. I put on 4 dresses that were just too form fitting. Finally found on that fit. At that point got on the scale.....I have gained back 10 pounds. 😢 I know why...I quit logging, moving, and hydrating. I forgot to put me first. My house was in a chaotic state. My work all consuming. I didnt even get May checks in the bank until June 1. I have a physical the end of July. I know what to do just have to implement it. So.....I am showering at night before bed. Was taking one with DH in morning, but his timing wasnt working for me. This is one less thing for morning time. I am packing lunches in the pm. Easier to log and I know I have something healthy so that I am not living on chocolates. I need to add exercise, but did get my 10k steps in yesterday. I switched my water container back to one with a straw. Apparently, I drink more with a straw. I have started decluttering home. Now down to just one area which I am working on when I get out of hot tub. I "feel" better and KNOW I have all of you for support. I love the sharing, caring, and support of you all.
    Family drama,maybe, could just be my sister being my sister. My nephew is getting married in July in CA. I feel badly that no one from my sister's side of the family is attending, but the cost for most of the family is prohibitive. For my brother, it is health of grand babies reasons. For me it is mask wearing. I cannot wear one for more than about 5 minutes without panicking and high anxiety. Therefore no planes. It is at least a 3 day drive one way. I say at least as I am the solo driver. My sister hasn't called me back since I told her this. It is typical for her though. We play phone tag often. I was looking forward to the wedding thinking east coast, forgot bride's family is west coast. 😪
    Thank you for listening. ❤
    Better get a few things done before work. I will bio later.

    Kylia in muggy Ohio

    great job getting back on track.
    Sorry you will have to miss the wedding. I am sure your nephew will understand. Hope your sister does but if not, that is on her. Just dealt with sister issues last week.

    I am finally getting back on track too-first week of tracking in way too long.
    Going to keep it at 1100 to 1200 calories a day- did 1000 for a year and a half-think that was too low-didn't gain but didn't loose any. Back doing my version of intermittent fasting- hard getting started on that.
    New motivation(not as good as the last one but if it helps at all, I will take it) Class reunion rescheduled for this coming Sept. 41st reunion for my class, plus adding two more classes.
    I think one thing that might make it a little easier to eat better is husband just got results from his A1C- it has gone up to 8.1-highest it has been. Maybe he will take it a little more serious. His eating/sleeping/exercising is all reallllllly bad.

    Napa Valley,CA
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    Love ya back to pieces Lisa! I am picturing dried rose petals in a small Mason jar bath salts in your future!🌹💕🍀🙏😁
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    Carol: DH & I also celebrated our 51st Wedding Anniversary this March. Our wedding was spring break from the University of Oregon in 1970. We were married in a stone lookout tower at Cape Perpetua on the Oregon Coast. Whales were passing by in the ocean below us while we recited our vows to an Oregon Judge who was a family friend.
    We had planned the celebration of our 50th wedding anniversary for last year but wild fires and covid made it impossible last year. I hope to be able to go there again in the future. ❤️