September 2021 Monthly Running Challenge



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    Thanks @katharmonic. It was a tough day. I think I will look on Amazon and see if I can find something that will work but not be too expensive.  And I loved your race pictures.  You look like you are having a great time.

    Thanks also @shanaber and @quilteryoyo.

    @skippygirlsmom That is so awesome! I bet you made both their day.

    @bradkcrew Welcome! This is a great place to ask questions! I use Hal Higdon plans and I have never done run/walk. I think that is Jeff Galloway.  But Hal does recommend walking through the aid stations.  If you want to use the run/walk method then that is perfectly valid run.  I agree with others that if you can run 7 miles you will be able to do 15K.

    @quilteryoyo and @teresa502 That is so awesome! I can't wait to read the race report!
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    Great Races @7lenny7 and @AlphaHowls!
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    Congratulations @AlphaHowls! Awesome race and an age group place! WhooHoo!!
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    AlphaHowls wrote: »
    3rd Annual Hoptown Half Marathon
    Saturday, Sept. 18, 2021 in Hopkinsville, Kentucky
    Race Place 37/175
    Gender Place 17/95
    F 50-54 2nd Place
    Race Pace 9:46
    Race Time 2:08:02

    My running partners, the ones I list as A and E (they both placed 2nd for their age as well.)


    Great race!!!!!
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    Awesome job @Alphahowls! Congratulations on 2nd in your age group! All those miles pay off.
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    @AlphaHowls Just wow....
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    @RunsOnEspresso The mental image of adjusting your vest while running is pretty funny! Is this one maybe a winner now that you figured out the adjustment? Also, I know what you mean by a brisk 80's!! It's amazing the difference a few degrees makes.

    @AlphaHowls Awesome race! Congrats to you and your running buds on the AG podiums.

    @quilteryoyo Good luck and do fantastic that you and @Teresa502 will get to meet!

    @rheddmobile That is a big snake. Glad you spotted him in time!
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    @AlphaHowls great race! I love that you all got AG awards.

    I also ran a half marathon today.
    It was in a small city under an hour away, which happened to be 20 minutes from a work conference... but I was signed up for the race first, so running wins.

    I think there were around 2000 runners, between the half marathon (2 laps), 10.5k (1 lap) and a 5k with a badly marked turn that a bunch of people missed. The course was average - normal hills instead of crazy ones. I was struggling with my asthma which has worsened lately, took all the medicine the doctor recommended (including the extra pre-race dose) and got through the first lap carefully, but it wasn't great. It got worse on the second lap. My legs wanted to go, but my lungs had other plans. Long story short - I slowed down, finished, got out of the finishers area and immediately used my inhaler. I hadn't used it during the race because it's a new med for me. Next time, I'll know it might help.

    Funny: The aid stations ran out of cups and were pouring water into our hands on the second lap. It worked surprisingly well.

    Also one of the sponsors was donating money to a child with a serious illness for every runner who wore an extra bib advertising the cause. You had to finish with it to count. Maybe 300 meters from the finish, I heard a flapping sound behind me and realized my "I run for Filip" sign was about to fall off. I crossed the finish line holding it 😆 Pay up, sponsors!

    I got the free food (yummy soup and bread) but didn't stick around. There were showers available at Castorama (building/home improvement store) in their workers' locker rooms, so I took advantage of that and showed up to the second half of the work conference looking presentable.

    Medal pic:
    I'm tired, but this morning's coffee is still driving me crazy, so I made a sign for the girls from run club who are running a women's race (5k) tomorrow. They'll be going right past the church, right after we finish.

    Well done!!!!!!
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    Planned 5 miles on trails turned into 5k due to a dead fridge which had to be dealt with. Very nice run though, if humid. Almost stepped on this big bubba (snake warning!)
    He was stubborn too, would not move off the trail! He turns out to live in a hole at the base of a nearby tree. Finally he left and we went on. It’s clearly that time of year!

    That looks suspiciously like a copperhead.
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    @martaindale Thanks for taking the time to provide such a lengthy response! I will definitely try to find something to give me an energy boost--I will do some research.

    Also, I am not very in tune with how many calories I should be consuming on a daily basis, so I am probably way off there as well.
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    @bradkcrew - This data applies to me, but may be a helpful point of reference. I'm not sure where you are in your weight loss journey or what sort of deficit you are attempting.

    When I ran my first 10k on 9/20/2014 I was 53 pounds over my ideal BMI body weight. I modeled an 8 week HM training plan from a Hal Higdon 10k to HM training plan to train for my first HM on 11/15/2014. On that day I was 43 pounds over my ideal BMI body weight, losing 10 pounds in that 8 weeks. I was targeting a 1.5 pound per week loss in MFP during that time. I was able to maintain the deficit and train, but I did have to switch from low carb (less than 40g net Carbs per day) to a more moderate carb load. I felt I needed them to push me past the 8 mile barrier. It could have been coincidence that it helped, I'll never know, but that's the only change I made.

    I will caveat that with losing 1.5 pounds per week while running at 53 pounds overweight is easier than people trying to lose at that same rate while only 20 pounds overweight and running. In such a case perhaps just a .5 pound per week target would be wise.

    Hope something in there helps. In my opinion, as long as you are targeting a reasonable deficit, you can train for a HM in a caloric deficit. It's defining "reasonable" that is tough to do.
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    One more thing I meant to say @bradkcrew, I didn't have to bump up my calorie intake until the next spring when I trained for 3 HM's in 30 days followed by training for 3 full marathons in 30 days in the fall. I wound up naturally eating at maintenance that whole year even though I was attempting to be in a deficit. I was just too hungry. My running never suffered. My body made darn good and sure I put food in my mouth. It was only my desire to keep calories down that kept me from overeating and gaining weight. I was roughly 50 pounds over my ideal BMI weight that entire year.