Women 200lb+, Let's Make June Joyous!!!



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    almond milk goes great in smoothies! I also use it when I want my overnight oatmeal to be good and creamy. it has a nice mouth-feel.
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    The scale at the gym showed 128kg. Even though I ate at a surplus most of the week, I couldn't have gained more than half a kg. I went over my sedentary maintenance by 500-600 cals on average and while I had 2 days of bed rest, I wasn't inactive the rest of the week. I also started exercising again yesterday and my quads actually ached from the assault bike 😂 so I'm not worried at all.
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    welcome, @aflads31! those are good starter goals (but you knew that. ;) )
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    Good morning everyone!

    My new scale came in yesterday, so I'm happy to report that New Scale Baseline is 185! Looks like I've been maintaining just fine on my diet break, and it's TOM besides. And now my scale will automatically sync with MacroFactor (and google fit, and fitbit, and whatever else).

    Last night we went out for dinner at a riverfront restaurant, got to sit outside, and I had a couple of nice cocktails, shrimp and grits, and a couple hush puppies (yummm). Today is TRX at the gym, and of course, all that deep cleaning. I have no idea what I'll be eating, except this leftover shrimp and grits that I'm calling breakfast.

    Yesterday I didn't eat an adequate breakfast before I tackled clearing out the playroom (ritz crackers and homemade frosting, lol), and that was a Bad Decision. At one point I just lay on the ground because I felt awful. Not making that mistake again, too much to do!

    I'm back on my *kitten*, and trying to delay vacuuming and deep cleaning the carpets today, so tag party time!

    @seltzer_lover good to know that there's no pushing you to get out of the green zone if you don't want to be, that was the first thing I thought of when I read that. I hear you on wanting new clothes, but not wanting to buy them yet. Can't I be at goal weight already so I can plan out my whole wardrobe?! Haha.

    I liked the article, thanks for sharing. I try to program at least one rest day in between each of my workouts, and work out 3-4 times a week, now, but I know people who are there every. day. :no_mouth:

    @bonniemcc4 I'm so glad that you got some help from the assistant, that was very thoughtful.

    That's so exciting about your niece being able to come over! I wish I had had that close a relationship with my aunts. We just grew apart, they couldn't handle I was getting older and might have different opinions than theirs.

    @sandielewis2001 yesssssssssss 🥳

    @porquenoirl house buying is so stressful. And this market! Oof. Best of luck. Life happens, and like life, it's about the friends habits we make along the way.

    @BeastModeBeauty87 Hi! Welcome! You say "just" 10 lbs, but 10 lbs would be a whole lot in one month! Tell us some about yourself!

    @Inky_one oooh, I like the idea of a low-calorie snack plate, totally stealing that for later...

    @bojaantje3822 good for you listening to your body. I hope you're feeling much better. And way to go! 30 lbs is great progress! And your posts about working out are always so inspiring.

    @JAC581 Congratulations on the apartment! 🥳🥳 Weekends, especially really busy weekends, are so hard for eating at a deficit. I hope baseball was fun!

    @finngirl61 good to hear from you! Sorry to hear about your knee. The good news is, any progress is good progress, even if you aren't getting there quickly. And the changes you make to lose weight are (generally!) healthy changes for you anyway, like increasing water and vegetables.

    @pamperedlinny I'm happy you enjoyed the concert, and got moving again, slowly! That's got to feel good, after not being able to for a little while.

    Being in close quarters with family doesn't give us the stress relief valves we would normally use. Don't be too hard on yourself, that sounded like a stressful situation.

    @RavenStCloud Good to "see" you! Mindful eating is one I really need to work on. Glad to hear you're enjoying a more active job!

    @sargemarcori I've been there, keep the faith (and the deficit)! Or take a diet break, and restart the deficit in a week or so.

    @Generic_Excuse Glad to hear the whole card situation got resolved. So stressful.

    @lmgoff232 Yeah, no way you put on 4 lbs of fat in that small amount of time. :smiley:

    @justanotherloser007 oh wow, haha, that's amazing. And it must feel very good to have such a huge validation of your progress.

    @swimmom_1 water can make weight fluctuate so much. Glad you're taking it in stride. :smile:

    @_manny_702 holy *kitten* you are flying! look at you!

    @goal06082021 the museum with your mom sounds like fun! And your overnight oats sound amazing. I drink almond milk every day in my coffee, and I also prefer it as a mixer for my protein shakes (when I have them).

    @aflads31 welcome! Those are great goals!

    huge science nerd who also enjoys building with legos with our boys and playing video games!
    my people! Down to the same age! Welcome!

    Feels so good to be able to weigh in again and monitor my weight. Have a great day everyone!
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    Good morning!

    I plan to officially try my first Zumba class in over 3 weeks tonight. I'm both excited to go back and worried about how much extra modification I'll have to do until my energy is fully back. I'm 90 to 95% back to normal except for being tired easier so it feels like I'm ready to give it a go. My daughter loves the Zumba teacher for Thursday & Sunday (she was actually her room mom last year) so she's excited to go with me tonight.

    Tomorrow night I'm hosting a second ladies movie night with all the snacks and grazing that entails. You might remember I did that last month and we decided to try and make it a monthly thing. One night a month to let the kids play upstairs having their own "party", my husband hang upstairs to referee while watching his own movies or playing on his computer, all the ladies taking up the living room & kitchen while watching a movie, talking without a bunch of kid interuptions and eating whatever stuff everyone brought pot luck style. Having a ladies night in with wine, snacks and chocolate for a small close group was fabulous and did a lot for my mental health. I think we all need a chance to see and spend time with our girls once in a while.

    Saturday I get to attend the annual crab feast that comes through where I live. I'm from Baltimore, MD but living in South Carolina so steamed blue crabs are rare where I live now and I miss just going out when I need a fix. So... whenever the Southeast Crab Feast travels through my area I am there. My best friend is going with me this year too and I don't think she's ever picked a crab. This should be interesting.

    Also, on Saturday evening one of my families favorite events is happening. It's a pre-Independence Day celebration. There will be a sky diver, food trucks, live music, bounce houses for kids, etc and after 3 or 4 hours of fun it ends with a massive fire works display. Since it's a free event to attend and the bounce house wristband for the kids is only $5 it's a highlight of our summer.

    I plan to weigh in tomorrow istead of Saturday given the Friday night feast. :blush: Fingers crossed nothing went up this week.

    @aflads31 I sent you a friend request

    @Generic_Excuse You got this and even if this month doesn’t show on paper as well as others there is always next month to start fresh.

    @kenziestables We all need that vacation mode once in a while.