Women 200lb+, Let's Make June Joyous!!!



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    Where is the July thread? There are many and I forgot that today is the first day of July!
    About how you cook chicken breasts in the crockpot, I have been having trouble cooking my boneless, skinless chicken breasts without over-cooking and making them tough and dry. How do you cook them in the crockpot? That sounds like a great idea.

    I don't think the July thread is up yet, @RavenStCloud usually lets us know when she posts it.

    For the chicken breasts- it depends on the brand. Some brands inject more sodium solution into their breasts than others, but the way I have found to do it is-

    For a brand I have done before, I know how it will turn out with 8 hours on low in my crock pot, and I know which brands I can just put in straight out of the freezer and just sprinkle with dry seasoning, and have the breasts come out juicy.

    For a brand I haven't done before, I'll hedge my bets a little bit, and still put the chicken breasts in frozen, but add a liquid marinade or pickle brine, and then 8 hours on low. I'll measure what I try first, write it down, and if that works to give me juicy breasts, great. If not, I'll add more or less marinade next time, with the goal of juicy chicken breasts without a lot of marinade waste.

    I hate that the answer is trial and error, to include different brands of chicken breasts, but that is the answer. :neutral: With some brands, I can even do 4 hours on high, and it works out well with a little extra liquid. But I found low for 8 works best.
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    Age: 39
    Height 5'10"
    SW Jan 7 2021: 271.1
    SW June 2022: 183.2
    GW this month: 180
    Goal for 2022: reach maintenance (160-170?)

    6/2/22 - 181.8 (-1.4lbs)
    6/9/22 - 181.4 (-0.4lbs)
    6/16/22 - 179.8 (-1.6lbs)
    6/23/22 - 182.4 (+2.6lbs)
    6/30/22 - 181.8 (-0.6)

    June Loss: 1.4bs
    LTD: 89.3 lbs

    Not quite where I wanted to get to this month but I will take any loss. For the month of July I am planning a full month diet break/reverse diet at maintenance.
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    Finishing up the month check in
    Age 45
    Height 5'4"
    SW 249 3/2020
    CW 223
    GW for June 220
    UGW 145

    6/1: 223.2 lbs
    6/8: 223.8
    6/15: ---VEGAS---
    6/22: 223.4
    6/30: 222
    Total month loss: 1.2

    Weekly goals:
    -At least 1 day at gym
    -64 oz of water each day