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We want to know your top health and fitness tips, especially when it comes to conquering your goals! What helps you stay consistent, see improvements, and/or reach new personal achievements?

Are you setting your clothes out the night before an early morning workout to make getting out the door a little bit easier?

Do you meal prep every week? What are your favorite, most preppable recipes?!

Trying a new, different workout or way to move your body to stay engaged and excited?

Whatever your ticket to success might be, we’d love to hear it! Share your tips for a chance to have them featured in our upcoming 2023 New Year’s plan!

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  • Mikeruns2021donotaddme
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    Progress is made when you focus on two things.
    1. Setting goals about actions you can take not a number on a scale or tape measure. If you focus on taking the correct action you’ll start motivated and keep working towards your goals.
    2. Change your habits is key. It’s all about finding things you can do everyday. Find things you can do based off time cues and creating routines. It’s all about making the healthy choices easy and the unhealthy choice difficult. In society, it’s naturally slanted the other way so a little work up front will keep you going the right way
  • Coach7Matt
    Coach7Matt Posts: 1 Member
    Get on a consistent meal schedule, your body will thank you. If you are sporadic when it comes to eating (skip breakfast, skip meals, eat late at night, eat a single large meal, etc.) you are not doing yourself any favors. If you really want to lose weight, you need to make your relationship with food a top priority. The human body functions optimally when it's on a consistent schedule in terms of eating, sleeping, exercise, and recovery.
  • surf723
    surf723 Posts: 238 Member
    Consistency tops all, just being consistent will get you to goal more than anything you can do. Focus on getting one habit at a time then trying to do a major overhaul. Find something that you are doing well and work on doing it a little better each day.
  • Romans826
    Romans826 Posts: 23 Member
    The largest tip is invite God to help you on this journey! Second tip is to remove sugar out of your diet completely. Drink lots of water to flush the sugar out.
    Meditate on
    Philippians 4:13
    I can do all things through Christ
    who strengthens me
    Joshua 10:25And Joshua said unto them, Fear not, nor be dismayed, be strong and of good courage: for thus shall the LORD do to all your enemies against whom ye fight.
    load your house with some healthy snacks (even before you start) gradually replace the normal ones you are used to. Same with meals. If you are choosing a specific day to start you could try this:
    For a week to a month out write everything you eat replace a meal until your start day with a healthier choice each day then go to two healthy meals so when you start
    it is not so much shock to your system.
    Continue your food journal and you can visually see the difference.
    When you feel like snacking
    roasted chickpeas or roasted fava beans have lots of protien.
    Dehydrated carrot and beet chips, are a healthier choice then potato chips
    My journey of weight problems started when I was 14 and saw my 15 year old sister almost die. She survived thanks to God and answered prayers! Through results of that as well as abuse I never recovered from eating wrong. I was 245 pounds at my heaviest. Last time I was weighed I was 129 pounds!
    Modify, moderation
    and you will look marvelous!
    May God Bless You All!
  • drtradecraft
    drtradecraft Posts: 22 Member
    I’ve been a member for roughly four weeks. My membership was 100% provoked by the upside I felt the food tracker offered me. My opinion is the exercise tracker is in need of upgrade. My activity is rules-based, and now I have a rules-based nutrition plan. My nutrition intake was front of my mind, but I was not tracking it. Tracking food has shown good results. My starting weight was 204 and now stands at 192.2.

    In the past four weeks, I have read several member BLOGs and I replied to a few. I notice that most of the inquiries are similar: What should I eat and how should I exercise? One of the problems we have in our society today is this: 50% of what we are taught is wrong. The problem lies that most of us don’t know which 50% it is.

    Facts of the average American diet: 60% of all calories come from 3 foods: wheat, corn, and rice. Whether lightly processed or ultra-processed, these three foods are calorically dense, not nutrient dense. They cause internal inflammation. They send levels of blood sugar up and this results in elevated insulin. Insulin is a chief fat-storage hormone AND is turns fat cells into a one-way flow of calories meaning they let calories in, but they do not let them out. Many MyFitnessPal bloggers want to burn fat for weight reduction but we all need to burn fat for fuel. In fact, several internal organs need us to burn fat for their survival. The brain is one of those organs that needs us to burn fat for it to reproduce new cells. Spoiler alert, we need new brain cells to inhibit the onset of dementia and/or Alzheimer’s.

    How to get in a low-insulin state? (1) Fasting. We are in a low insulin state when we sleep so why not book-end sleep time with a few hours of fasting. Try partial weekend fasting. (2) Eat nutrient-dense foods. Eat a high ratio of nutrients-to-calories and these include dark leafy greens, kale, and spinach. (3) Other foods to eat: eggs, some quality red meats, fatty fish such as salmon, wild salmon and sardines. Avocados and almonds - both of these are good fruits. Avoid modern, cultivated sweet fruit which has been bred to contain starch and sugar for taste.

    Finally, move your body as much as possible. Do as many activities as possible. Do movements from an athletic position, meaning not sitting or lying down. Do push and pull resistance movements from a standing position. Move during commercials by doing sit-ups, push-ups, high knee lifts while walking in place, straight arm body-weight squats. Do something. Move more. The Cooper Institute has documented research showing how much walking one needs to do to lose weight. Look it up.

    Fatigue is an emotion created by our brain. Recover, then enjoy it again. Find something you enjoy so that you will do it again tomorrow and the next day and the day after that.
  • CPStansbury22
    CPStansbury22 Posts: 2 Member
    Find yourself recipes online, change them to meet your taste and save them in MFP. That great chicken you once made can soon become a family favourite.

    Don't forget to walk around town to buy your ingredients, an easy few steps and you may find some food gems.
  • cameomag
    cameomag Posts: 7 Member
    I love the idea of changing my "day" to begin with dinner and then move to breakfast, lunch and snacks the next day. I wish there was a way for me to change my "view" but of course my food diary is tied to a 24 day that ends with dinner. Once I have dinner, which is often created and prepared by my partner, then I know how much I can have for lunch and breakfast - but that is of course the next day.
  • AM_Canadian
    AM_Canadian Posts: 3 Member
    I keep breakfast consistent, sugar-free, high-fibre and healthy so that I don't start the day with sugar making me crave more sugar and so that I don't use up too many calories in case I go out for a meal later. I make steel cut oats in large batches in my pressure cooker, adding some flax seeds for more nutrition and fibre. Then I heat it up in the microwave every morning with some frozen berries thrown in and top it off with pumpkin seeds, goji berries, and cinnamon. I'm vegan so this gives me some needed iron and C vitamins.
  • snpatt
    snpatt Posts: 5 Member
    Find a group of people who seem to incorporate physical activities into the majority of their social life. I am an avid bicyclist and started riding in group rides with a few other area bicyclist. These folks not only bike, they do all sorts of activities that will have you burning calories: Kangoo bounce, pickle ball, weight lifting, sprint triathlon (I'm actually going to try this), indoor name it. They have motivated me to try other activities and even drive to organized bike rides across the country. It's been a lot easier for me to get excited about an activity that burns calories, when I know that many of my friends will be doing it with me.
  • chaniluv
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    Start your day with three positive thoughts. One rule: You're not allowed to use the word "but" or "if" when thinking these thoughts! This might not sound like it's related specifically to weight loss, but I always find that it's easier to stay on track when I start the day in a good headspace. Be good to yourself.
  • cinapanina64
    cinapanina64 Posts: 2 Member
    I’m two weeks in on a second do-over with MFP.
    Starting out at 211 lb exercise is not coming easy. Realizing I’m using the car for everything, even the smallest distances, I bought a rolling utility bag for laundry and groceries. It is helping me to choose walking over car to get things done and simultaneously aid in my exercise, health and fat loss. 💫
  • AnnPT77
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    Instead of thinking about how to lose weight fast, focus on how to lose weight (relatively) easily.

    Losing any meaningful amount of weight is not a quick project with an end date, after which things "go back to normal". That's the recipe for yo-yo dieting. Losing substantial weight will take weeks to months, for some maybe even multiple years. That puts a premium on figuring out reasonably happy new eating and activity patterns that can continue almost on autopilot when life gets complicated . . . because it will.

    Then, beyond goal weight, there's the issue of staying at a healthy weight long term, ideally permanently. Figuring out those relatively easy, relatively happy habits during weight loss helps that go smoothly, too.

    Personalization is key: Things that work for an individual. We each have different preferences, strengths, limitations. That implies that different activity and eating patterns will work for different people.

    Find your personal formula, ways of:
    * moving more in daily life, or exercise, that are enjoyable, and let you have good overall life balance - enough time and energy for family, job, home chores, and any other things important to you.
    * eating that are enjoyable, practical, let you fit in a social life and the occasional celebration with special foods.

  • landshark2007
    landshark2007 Posts: 16 Member
    Don’t give up. You may have to start a number of times, but starting is the east bit. You need to make change a habit. Check out your “streak” for motivation. Keep at it, and you will find that as your streak gets longer, your changes and habits become easier to manage. Baby steps, but keep going. Weight loss is fickle, but don’t give up even if you plateau, keep going. You will do it, and you will progress through those plateaus and you will lose weight again. 3150 days and no resets, but I’m not giving up! If I can do it, so can you!