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    4:49am PST and it’s 82 degrees. Gonna start the walk/jog w/yogi at 5. Supposed to be 111 today, at least a little cooler, yesterday it was 115
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    Good morning ladies!

    I am in a slump. I skipped yoga on Monday and only did half my dumbbells last night. I've been eating way too many cookies. I'm afraid to face the scale. Every morning I try to start over and then by dinnertime I give up. All part of the journey I guess.

    I miss out on a lot of scammers because I still have my Virginia area code. My doctors are all in Delaware, so I mostly answer those calls. If I don't want it, I say "No thank you" politely once, mostly for my own self-image, then I hang up while they rant on. But my phone labels a lot of the spam calls too. So I ignore those.

    It's raining here but I have to go buy groceries. Getting damp won't hurt me.

    Annie in Delaware
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    edited September 2022
    The Saga excursions leaflet arrived today! :D
    We had a very quick read through and then I booked them immediately. We make a good team for those kind of decisions. Most of the excursions are included in the overall price, and we wanted to make sure we got in the earliest departure ones, so that we have the rest of the day to explore independently. We decided to pay for a longer trip in Roses, which is an extended visit to two pretty mediaeval villages, and also in Cartegena, for a trip to Murcia. We will still have time for exploring Cartegena. It's a lot cheaper than our Iceland trips!!
    So, another task completed and we can just look forward to it. :):):) We are going to do Barcelona and Lisbon on our own as we are very familiar with them. There is always a free shuttle bus from the ship into town.

    Having Dim Sum tonight for dinner. With a big green salad.
    I had to pop out for the lettuce and cucumber to the Co-op. They collect extinct batteries, so I was able to declutter a whole cubbyhole full, that we've had for ages. I normally forget to take them, but my recent zeal reminded me. B) We still have a lot of corks, that we saved for art projects, but there are too many, even though Edie took a lot home with her, , so the local off licence has a box for recycling corks. Next job. :p I love reclaiming the space.
    Waitrose are coming with a delivery tomorrow and they take plastic bags for recycling. Lots of those can go, if I can remember. Bliss!

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Well, back on my original anxiety/depression meds and having the panic attacks any more. Just makes me drowsy but that will go away after a while.

    I have been walking ever day, some days 20 minutes some 40. Feels good to be out in the quiet of the wetlands walk or the dayside trail when nobody is there. So peaceful!

    I only lost a pound last month but dealing with panic attacks and med changes, I’m surprised I lost anything!

    Anyone ever hear of hydrotherapy? The one I did yesterday after my psychiatrist was a chair with water jets under the leather covering. So nice! Reminds me of pedicure massage chairs but better and 30 minutes long. Soooo nice. Going to do it again next appointment end of month.

    RvRita in Roswell
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    Karen-- Glad to see you have contacted a lawyer. Sounds fishy to me them opening his mail and taking the card to start with.
    Debbie--I hope you get a break from the heat. I am so looking forward to Fall. We have been having cooler nights and the days are starting to cool off with low 90's. I love Fall when it is 60-70.
    Viv--Any calls I get wanting donations I just tell them we give local and not interested and then hang up before they have a chance to say anything else.
    Weight is up from the first of last month and no one to blame but myself. It seems I just want to eat any and everything. I log it and realize it is way over, but next day start out good and then down hill. Not sure what is wrong, just tired. I have decided to take a week off in October and hope I can just relax. By then I should have my staff working well and be able to be gone. Will see.
    Tomorrow I go in at noon for the nuclear stress test to see if I have any heart blockage.
    Blessings, Vicki GRAND ISLAND, NE <3
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    KJLaMore wrote: »
    Spam/scammers/unwanted phone calls: I have a landline that I use for prospective clients, utilities, businesses, etc. I don't give out my cell phone to people I don't know. Once a childcare family has joined my childcare, I will give the parents my cell phone and we communicate that way. When my house phone rings, it is most likely a scammer or solicitor and I don't answer. The calls come in waves. There are times when we aren't getting any; then there are times when it is up to 5 or 6/day. Back in the day (before answering machines and being able to screen calls) my mother kept a bible by the phone. If she answered and it was a solicitor, she would just open the bible to any random page and begin reading. She would read without pause until the caller hung up. lol
    Cali girls My DYS just got back from a trip to LA. He bought tickets for a John Williams concert at the Hollywood Bowl; then made a week of it by visiting Yosemite, Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks. The temps while he was there were above 100 every day. Saturday he went to the Rose Bowl game and then to the Hollywood Bowl. I think he said it hit 105 while he was at the Rose Bowl. Too hot for me!

    What I have done many times is I let my little daycare kids talk to the solicitor- It was so fun. The triplets would all want turns. At 3 yrs old, they loved to chatter and chatter. Those call stopped for quite a while after I started doing that.
    I have picked up the phone and picked a kids name and said it was for them and let them talk.

    Zumba got canceled for tonight- it will be cooler this evening and the park is breezy but teacher didn't want to take a chance. High is only supposed to be 95, a lot better than the 112 we had yesterday while we all stood out in the sun waiting for the kids.
    Not sure which to believe- Alexa or my phone. about 5degrees different but when you are that hot, doesn't matter.

    Glad it is supposed to be cooler- On Wed. every kid at the school gets out at the same time and there isnt enough parking so it is crazy. I usually just go over early , get a spot and walk but not today.
    Went a little later than usual yesterday thinking it wouldn't be bad- only two classes getting out at that time(kindergarten) but barely found a spot at the end.

    Napa Valley,CA

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    Stat for the day-

    Walk/slow jog w /yogi- 1hr 38min 20sec, 3.67ap, 63elev, 102ahr, 148mhr, 6.08mi= 597c
    Strava app = 744c