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    First day went okay. SO tired when I got home but no time for rest. A dear friend was home from Italy (I think that's where she's living now) and we were planning our dinner later this week. Then I had a card-making class last night. So, busy-busy.
    My principal came in to introduce herself and she's about "18". lol... seriously SO young, probably about 30ish, but dresses like she's 18. Which is fine for middle-schoolers, I supposed, but I was surprised. She's nice, pleasant, friendly.
    I still don't have a large monitor and I DO have a sore neck and can't see my full spreadsheet. VERY frustrating. We'll see how long I put up with that.
    Sorry for the rant.

    Love and Blessings, Carla, in MN

    Large monitors are cheap as. It shouldn't be a big thing to get you a monitor.

    M in Oz
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    Today brother Gary and I are visiting some senior apartments located in an old historic hotel near the museum district and bus line. Filling in application to be on the wait list. Then going to a nearby bank to find out what is entailed in opening joint account. If there is time, will see if our documentation is enough to apply for nondriver government ID at DMV. Busy day ahead.
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    PIP, Time flies! Glad it's time to discontinue the blood thinners!

    Karen in Virginia
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    Most (almost all?) students here wear uniforms. I find it different because I didn't grow up that way, and I think the girls' uniforms could be better, but it's what kids are used to here.

    M in Oz
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    Morning ladies
    Can someone post the clutter test again ,im afraid im the worst...
    Anyway im up and dressed and fed thr dog. Off to Tracys and to the aquarium.. we should have a lovely time.
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    auntiebk wrote: »
    Purged more papers yesterda, including all but last old paystub and my resignation/retirement letter. Kept to see progression from 25 cents per afternoon for papa, then youth wage, then minimum wage. Amazing that when I was making $3.25/hr I was able to save a down payment on my first new car, a $4500 Toyota Corolla Liftback SR 5 that I drove for 26 years ‘til my DH persuaded me to give it to my SIL. Don't know how young people manage today with wages so far behind prices.

    Welcome @MartineMtl Martine from Montreal, and congratulations on your retirement!
    Debbie 120 in Cloverdale?!? And pip 111 in Fresno?!? Handing phone scammers off to triplets, priceless!!!
    Ginny thanks for your insight on effective meditation ;) Brava for being your own advocate for the surgery.
    Katla sad you can’t have hummingbird feeders where you are. Glad your Oregon neighbors are looking out for your hummingbirds there. Is there a greenspace at the place where you are now where you could sit outside for awhile and watch whatever birds are local?
    Machka here scammers can spoof caller numbers so it appears to be from your home state or town. :rage: Brava for finding the apps to reduce the tintinitis.
    Heather. Bravissima for your promo activities, especially resourceful approach to local paper.
    Karen, sound idea to involve an attorney. SocSec card in brother’s possession, Bravissima!!!! Are there plans to move your brother out of that facility? I’d fear retaliation from the manager . . .
    KJ I just love your Mom’s approach to phone solicitors. She was a pistol!
    Margaret “…making myself less reactive””” is bound to have a good effect that will spread from you to DrewB. Bravissima!
    Annie like you I struggle toward the end of the day. The longer I sit at the TV, the more unhealthful choices I make. :sick:
    Rita that hydrotherapy chair sounds heavenly.
    Vicki praying your test goes well, and you do get to take that week off next month. The hours you work, under that stress, you certainly both need and deserve it at least a week’s break.
    Barbie hope Friday’s appointment finds the issue is easily and quickly fixed.
    Pip hooray for getting off blood thinners. What is the blood genetic test for?
    Rosemarie brava for getting out for a walk by your pond. Know it isn’t easy.
    Viv sorry you and DD got soaked to the skin and your pooch tried to hide from the thunder. Wet clothes not fun, indeed. Could you take the chance of letting calls go to voicemail, or is it too hard to get through to your mum’s medical folk?
    Lisa glad your home safe and were able to sleep so well.

    Heard this afternoon from dear friend who lives in Hemet. Not yet evacuated but can see the Fairview fire on the ridge across the flats from her home. While there is a hope of rain Saturday, the winds bringing it could whip up the fire even more. Scary memories of Chetco Bar fire here, Warm Springs Mesa fire in Boise (we evacuated thanks to my SIL seeing the fire on the ridge and calling, calling, calling my cell phone until we woke up), and the Oakland firestorm of 1991 that rained scorched roof shakes into our back yard down on the flats. Holding C, her dog and her home in prayer.

    Fasting labs tomorrow so no late night snacking for me. Maybe that’s what I should tell myself every day after dinner :wink:

    <edited later>
    Took the Clutterbug test – I’m a Bee. This really resonated: “Bees almost always come with a lot of stuff.” :laugh:

    9/7: Move: 2 sets pt, dogs to powerline, active mins:243 steps:6516
    Fuel: plants (running count for week) so far: 9+9+3 almonds, artichoke, beans-kidney, cacao 70%, cashews, cherries, chickpeas-hummus, cornmeal in Fritos, cucumber, ginger-crystallized, orange-marmalade, pecans, peppers-sweet-orange, peppers-sweet-red, peppers-sweet-yellow, radish, romaine, soy-breakfast sausage, tomato sauce, tea, walnuts, wheat-pizza+bread+samosas+scone+Eng muffin. CI<CO=683
    Live: Joe, readings, BP, 75 mins playing with plants, freezer purge TBB, pizza sauce & crust. Wt: 137.2 :}

    9/6: Move: 2 sets pt, dogs to powerline, active mins:254 steps:7854
    Fuel: plants (running count for week) so far: 9+9 almonds, artichoke, cacao 70%, cashews, cherries, chickpeas-hummus, cornmeal in Fritos, cucumber, ginger-crystallized, orange-marmalade, pecans, peppers-sweet-orange, peppers-sweet-red, peppers-sweet-yellow, soy-breakfast sausage, tomato sauce, tea, walnuts, wheat-pizza+bread+samosas+scone. CI<CO=489
    Live: Joe, readings, BP, called Thrivent for missing Part B EOB, adjusted dogfood autoship, homeowner’s insurance questions call and email, reserved room for Circles in the Sand, hymns, freezer purge ginger scone, packed up Dockers return, 148 mins declutter/paperwork purge. Wt: 139.8

    Lighter, lovelies!

    Barbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD
    2022: Be still and listen.
    September: Move more, fuel better, live NOW.

    I guess one of my doctors wanted it done cuz a brother and sister had colon cancer, a sister passed from Hodgkin lymphoma so they wanted to see what I might be predisposed to.

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    DH went out in the short gap between showers. Just after he got back the heavens opened. :)

    The Queen is not well.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Pip Yay for no blood thinners!

    Karen Yay for getting your brother's card!

    Machka Yay for less tinitis!

    Hugs for everyone!

    Annie in Delaware
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    Carol - hope your foot clears up soon. <3

    Finished watching my Mexican film. I realised I had seen it before, but couldn't remember much of it. Güeros.
    Set in 1999. Black and white.

    Also listened to one of my favourite podcasters. "Bewildered". Latest episode called 'Cave Early'. Something I'm a great believer in. It's all about listening to your feedback mentally and physically, when deciding when to quit a difficult situation, like a job, or marriage. My DDIL taught me a lot about quitting, a very important life skill. :D

    Now for a nap before Waitrose arrive.

    The guy came to take my platter. I left it, wrapped, on the outside doormat. Hooray! o:)

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    edited September 2022
    Stat for the day-

    outside ride- 1hr 45min 19sec, 76aw, 14.3amph, 335elev, 136ahr, 156mhr, 25.05mi= 937c
    Strava app = 535c
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    <3Vicki thinking good thoughts for you on your stress test
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    Karen-You may consider checking your brother's credit reports with all the credit bureaus. If it all looks OK, put a freeze on his reports (you have to do each individually) if he doesn't need to apply for credit any time soon (you can unfreeze if needed). Then, if something is going on with his SS card disappearing, they cannot open any credit lines.

    Terri-Good strategy for avoiding phishing and other cyber crimes! If you do accidentally answer a spam call, don't speak, just hang up.

    Clutter-I am a cricket. "Crickets tend to be “traditionally” organized and prefer minimal visual clutter in their homes and work spaces. Crickets also prefer detailed, Micro-Organizing systems and are often a bit of perfectionists when it comes to setting up and using these systems." Sadly, the mister is whatever the least organized, biggest clutterer is. His clutter gives me anxiety. I have had to work really hard to learn to "deal" with it. It's a constant struggle.

    Knee/leg update-Well, I thought I pulled something in my calf, and likely did. I also think there is a problem with my knee. Still haven't been able to get in for an MRI. I worked a conference last week and had incredible swelling and pain on the last day after running all over the place working a corporate party. I have been trying to keep off it as much as possible since then, and it is better. I got it x-rayed yesterday to appease the insurance company. Have an ortho appointment today and hopefully will get an MRI soon, since the x-ray has been completed. What a waste of time that is. It really should be illegal for insurance companies to dictate healthcare. It's obvious I do not have a broken bone. It does swell around the knee if I am standing too long. Update: just got the x-ray results and of course, no broken bones and it didn't cover the knee, which is likely more of the problem.

    Carla-You should not have to "get used" to straining your neck and back. Ask your manager to get one that fits you ergonomically. You will spend a lot of time looking at that monitor. Don't mess up your body accommodating it.

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to some sort of diagnosis, so I can fix it.

    Tina in CA

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    Clutter ~ I just took the test and I'm a Ladybug. I want things to look in place and kind of clean, but, I have rooms I avoid going in because they are full of clutter and I can't do anything about them.

    Carol in GA