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    scammers around here are getting very tricky- the call shows Bank of America, Oakland Police, Kaiser(our medical) and others that look legit.
    Many are using cell phones with local numbers. Before, when I was full time daycare, I would have to answer because of the business. Now that I am not looking for more kids- I let the answering machine pick up most of the time.

    Slept in after going to sleep after dh went to work(he was home a couple hours, tried to nap but couldnt) at midnight.
    Got up and took care of the cats, including totally cleaning out kittens pen- changed out the blanket in the bottom of it, vacuumed under the whole thing(Kitaro HATES the vacuum-so do I). Litter box is getting changed out(have two I rotate so I can really clean them). He did use the other litter box on his own yesterday and started eating in the kitchen so soon he will be out of the pen which will be great. His pen is so big, it takes up a large area of the living room.

    Going to be 100 today- feels hotter already than yesterday but think that is from me actually working cleaning out his pen plus drinking my hot tea.

    Trying to get the garden watered- should have checked it a few days ago- a few things look pretty bad- hope I don't loose them

    Have a wonderful day ladies

    Napa ValleyCa
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    1948CWB wrote: »
    Karen ~ You are doing a great job getting your brother the help he needs to live independently. So glad he is agreeing to let you help him.

    Allie ~ Your new haircut is nice. Are you a natural redhead...love all the freckles.

    Debbie ~ The photo of the wetlands is beautiful. I can't imagine walking 1/2 a mile much less 6.

    Rosemarie ~ So glad you were able to walk by your favorite pond.

    Carla ~ I actually dreamed about pc monitors last night. Someone had replaced my large one with a tiny box one like the ones that first came out when the internet was just beginning. Made me really upset.

    My husband finally got to see an oral surgeon. He had a very infected tooth that was pulled and he was in a lot of pain but much better today. It is strange that all my adult life I had dental insurance for our family and he wouldn't go to the dentist ever. I think it was because when he was a young boy he had a bike accident and knocked out his front teeth and he had to have artificial replacements in the top front.

    My daughter-in-laws mother is leaving for her 4th missionary trip to Tanzania Africa. Her group was able to get a slew of Bibles written in Swahili. I just hope her trip is safe and successful.

    I have a bad problem with the left side of my left foot. It goes and comes and makes me wonder if I have a slight tear or crack in the bone or a torn ligament. Need to go to Walmart today and hope it gets better.

    Carol in GA

    Carol, walking with my friend, catching up beings we haven't walked in a few months it seems, the amazing scenery(she wasn't fond of the little garter snakes we kept finding, laying in the path way, getting the last bit of warmth from the day) and the weather was perfect with a wonderful breeze after such hot days.
    I walk the same area when I am waiting for my daycare girl but not as fun as with her or my other friend.
    The wildlife is amazing there. And I got to show her all the different ones- that hang out at the same spots all the time, like the different swan families and the egrets that hang out in one of the big trees in the evenings by one of the ponds.

    How long will your DIL be in Africa? Pray it is a safe and successful trip for her and her group.

    Hope your husband feels better soon- my dh just had an abcess under one of his- had to get a root canal. He went to his dentist, didn't do a thing but refer him to another dentist- didn't even give him antibiotics and had to wait almost a week to be seen. He was in so much pain that weekend.
    As for your husband knocking out his teeth- my former hubby, current dh and I all have knocked out one of our front teeth as kids.

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    Heather- my deepest condolences!! I know you weren't a fan or are a fan of the monarchy, but it is a fascination to me ,and just loved Princess Diana.
    Well at least the Queen is with her beloved Phillip.
    Tracy,Miles and I were home by 11:30 a.m. and she took Miles to see Daddy at lunchtime. And now he is passed out..
    I had to take a nap myself..I was beat..
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    Heather ~ I hate the idea that there will probably not be anything on tv except the remembrance of Queen Elizabeth for the next week, but, I also have to say that I enjoy looking at the photos of her from a young girl until now. She was a lovely lady.

    Carol in GA
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    Heather so sorry to hear about the Queen's passing 💞
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    It's interesting to me to think of all the events Queen Elizabeth was part of. Being Liz Truss would be interesting... to have been appointed by Queen Elizabeth as one of her last offical duties before passing...
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    Must say it has been very interesting listening to all the news commentaries.

    Carol in GA
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    Here I am at the Coronation.wqzlro31ylra.jpg
    1953 . I was three and a half. We had the only TV in the street, a 9 inch screen and the living room was full of people on folding chairs.
    It is very strange to think of an era passed. I really admire the fact that she was greeting our new Prime Minister on Tuesday and passed on Thursday. Full admiration for that, and hope to go in a similar fashion.
    Yes, all the tv is cancelled. I am upstairs watching Netflix.
    It is strange and , even as a dyed in the wool anti Royalist, I had an affection for the woman herself.
    Oh well. Next 10 days until the funeral will be weird.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxx

    The first thing my then 11 year old mother saw on television was Elizabeth's coronation. She watched it on a neighbor's television.

    The queen was a pretty amazing woman, whatever one thinks of the monarchy and some of her choices.

    Willamette Valley OR
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    Elizabeth has been Queen my entire life. I thought she might be immortal. I was fond of her.
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    Lisa, you are so right, Charles will need his armored underwear!
    I'm sad about the loss of our Queen, she truly was a perfect symbol of what a monarch should be. Charles, and then William, have very big shoes to fill.
    At school picking up grandson, have granddaughter also, just about get whiplash trying to keep an eye on both! Must keep this short because of that, now they're both in the sandbox. Yes, you read that right, the sandbox..... not a great idea in my opinion but nobody asked me.
    Hugs for those needing them, congrats to those celebrating and welcome to the newbies!
    Evelyn, Vancouver Island
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    I got a couple more donations, I’m up to $920!!! Almost there.

    I got a call from one of my docs assistants saying that he wanted me to stay on the blood thinners til the end of the year! I was f&$#&king beside myself! I told her they can’t flop around on me. I am going to have this cataract surgery on the 21st and there is NO WAY that I was going to miss that. She is going to have the doc call me on the 14th. I am still NOT going to take them.
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    sh0tzz99 wrote: »
    Clutter-I am a cricket. "Crickets tend to be “traditionally” organized and prefer minimal visual clutter in their homes and work spaces. Crickets also prefer detailed, Micro-Organizing systems and are often a bit of perfectionists when it comes to setting up and using these systems." Sadly, the mister is whatever the least organized, biggest clutterer is. His clutter gives me anxiety. I have had to work really hard to learn to "deal" with it. It's a constant struggle.

    Tina in CA
    Machka9 wrote: »
    Can't believe how much I got done in five minutes! Lots still to sort through. I am a Ladybug type, organised and tidy on the surface, but a bit messy in non public areas. I'm improving though, because we have moved so many times recently.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxx

    I'm a Cricket with borderline Bee tendencies.


    Machka in Oz

    I'm also mostly a Cricket.

    My husband (and maybe yours too) is a Butterfly. I did the quiz for him. :)

    She describes each style here along with organising tips and ideas.

    M in Oz

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    Knee/leg update-Well, I thought I pulled something in my calf, and likely did. I also think there is a problem with my knee. Still haven't been able to get in for an MRI. I worked a conference last week and had incredible swelling and pain on the last day after running all over the place working a corporate party. I have been trying to keep off it as much as possible since then, and it is better. I got it x-rayed yesterday to appease the insurance company. Have an ortho appointment today and hopefully will get an MRI soon, since the x-ray has been completed. What a waste of time that is. It really should be illegal for insurance companies to dictate healthcare. It's obvious I do not have a broken bone. It does swell around the knee if I am standing too long. Update: just got the x-ray results and of course, no broken bones and it didn't cover the knee, which is likely more of the problem.

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to some sort of diagnosis, so I can fix it.

    Tina in CA

    I hope you get a diagnosis.

    They are still trying to figure out what's with my numb feet and legs.

    M in Oz

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    The Queen has died.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx


    Feeling a bit sad about that. She was an amazing woman.

    And it doesn't bother me a bit that there will be lots about her on TV. It'll make a change from the usual programming.

    M in Oz
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    Tracey in Edmonton - Dana from a Slob comes clean, Cas from Clutterbug and Dawn the minimal mom joined forces for the Take Your House Back course. Can't remember the cost, but they have a ton of information/ideas on their website. Every few months they have an all day declutter which you can join in with, me being in the UK I usually do some of it the next day on catch up. I have learned a lot from the 3 of them. I still have a long way to go, but I'm slowly getting into the right mindset.

    Viv UK

    Tracey, the course is on sale right now for $94. The all day declutter is this coming Saturday. I signed up when it first launched with a 50% code from Dana. It does have some good stuff, but can be overwhelming. I don’t participate in the FB group and the all day declutters have always been at an inconvenient time for me. I did learn a lot from the paper clutter section, though.

    I am a bee, with a few cricket tendencies. My favorite of the three of them is definitely Dana. Her book, How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind, was life-changing for me.