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    Here because it’s getting too dark too early for a walk (boo).

    Came home from Denise’s Tuesday. Got there Sat. On Sun he came to the hotel and went in the pool. On Sun Denise and Pete wanted to go to the store so we took PJ to a local park. He had a blast. I still can’t get over that it was only 2-3 miles from their home and they didn’t know anything about it. I’m glad I found it on the Internet. He finished his juice, we went home and got more, and the first thing he said was “go back to the park”. I do admit that it pulled at my heart when we got there and he pointed to me and said “who you”. Well, he only saw us one day in June. We gave him the trampoline, he seems to like it. I think they might keep it in the living room and he can jump while he’s watching TV. Uneventful ride home.

    Trash cans: they pick up the trash once/week and the recyclables every two weeks. I tell you, the weeks when they don’t pick up the recyclables, I don’t even bother putting out the trash, we have so little. By the time they pick up the recyclables, I have so much that the bin is overflowing. There have been times when I’ve had to use a neighbor’s, too. NC recycles so much. At least we do.

    PJ is going to get tubes put in his ears on the 21st.

    We had to get our own dinner on Sat and Sun. On Mon they picked up a pizza (wow!). I’m not a big pizza eater so I had a salad. A caeser salad but no dressing. Basically, romaine lettuce, croutons, cheese and grilled chicken. On the way up there Vince stopped at 5 Guys in VA, and for a hamburger and french fries it was $17!

    Jess called and one thing she wanted to know was when did I want the Tigger that she was going to draw the stripes on? It really doesn’t matter. Another time she wanted to know when we were going to have a “spa” day. I told her the last w/e in Sept. worked for me. I wonder if she’s planning it? I’m not.

    Sandr, martine – welcome

    Heather – love your pottery. Good for you signing up for another class

    Worked on the drain more today. Got most of it done, just have to order 2 more boxes of rocks. I’ll post a pic when it’s finished. Personally, I think it looks pretty good and would like it done on the other drain. Why Vince procrastinated on getting it done, I don’t know. I came home from work and mentioned that it was a nice day, not hot, cloudy, not humid. He said it was a 70% humidity. No way! Then he had to wait for his razor to charge because he hadn’t shaved in two days (who cares? The only person who will see him is me and I’m not about to care), then he had to put Rover (robotic cleaner) in the pool. Really! Finally, he started to work on it.

    Pip – love the table

    decluttering: As I come across something I won’t use, don’t use, or doesn’t fit me, into a box for the Salvation Army it goes. Then, when the box is full, I make a donation. There have been times when I’ve had to take something out of the box for use, like one time I had a colander that I didn’t use at home but realized that I needed one at the condo.

    Steve called and he’ll be here Thurs. He’s going to FL early, usually it isn’t until Oct. Wonder why he needs to be there early? I guess we’ll ask him when he gets here. He’s also going to stop to see Jess. I know she doesn’t have a bed yet for the guest room so he’ll stay here. The first night I’m thinking we’ll go out to dinner at this place we haven’t been to in a long time. The next night I’m thinking rib eye (since I know he likes it), corn on the cob that we got in July but I froze, and maybe waffle fries. I’m thinking an ice cream cake but I don’t want to spend a lot on it. After the soup kitchen tomorrow I’ll stop at this ice cream place that just opened in Newton to see if they can make one and I’ll pick it up next week after the soup kitchen

    I have to laugh at this one manager at BK. She asked me to put the date stamp on the corner of the block of cheese. Something about changing the date. I’ve NEVER seen them change the date. Anyway, after I went to DE it seems that the person doing the prep put it on top. So I asked Jerry who did the prep while I was gone. Seems it was that manager! I guess she likes the “power” of being a manager. So I’m just going back to putting the date on top. To me, it’s more efficient anyway.

    Karen – so good to read that your grandson’s are doing fine. You are one amazing woman. How horrible for your brother!

    Lost rings: I feel so bad. MIL gavae me this really nice diamond ring. I loaned it to Denise when she got married. I remember Pete giving it back to me but then I lost it!

    Debbie – Kitaro is so adorable!

    Carol – let’s hope your dh keeps his new resolve up. So sorry about his tooth Update: glad he’s getting it taken care of

    Allie – so sorry about your friend’s mom

    Took Jerry home today and it seems that he’s really being good about the “no open drinks in the car”. When we were about to leave, he asked me to wait a minute while he finished his soda and then he threw out the can.

    Lisa – good luck at the doc’s

    Scammers: Normally, I don’t answer a call when I don’t know who it is. However, the one time I did because I was in the car, Vince was going to meet me at bowling, I couldn’t see the screen so I answered (thinking it was Vince) “yes”. They suddenly hung up. That’s when I realized it was probably a scam of some sort. Fortunately, nothing came of this

    Vicki – good luck at your test

    Debie – what a great way to deal with telemarketers!!!

    Lanette – we have two WHY traps (wasp, hronet, and yellowjacket). Everything I read said that the attractant that comes with it is ineffective. So what I use is apple juice. To me, it works great

    pip – good news about the blood thinner. I like to take as few meds as possible.

    Karen – yea for your brother

    Heather – I am so sorry about the queen dying. To me, the worst part is that now Charles is prince! Wish he’d give it to William.

    Phew! Caught up.

    Picked up ceramic Plutojz4ihufx1abk.jpg

    Michele NC
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    M - that's great!

    One of the good things about being gone is that I got to exercise for two days!!!

    Michele NC
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    ❤️. ⭐️. ❤️. ⭐️
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    walked again- was a bit warm the first time around until the breeze started. Got back to the parking lot after the second time around and it was DARK. Surprised there were people just starting to walk- there are no lights at all out there, just the moon.
    14,000 steps/6.25 miles/ 1,921 cal.
    Friend wants to walk again tomorrow. Glad it is supposed to be starting to cool down. Trying to find a balance of not so hot but also finishing up before it is totally dark.
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    dlfk202000 wrote: »
    walked again- was a bit warm the first time around until the breeze started. Got back to the parking lot after the second time around and it was DARK. Surprised there were people just starting to walk- there are no lights at all out there, just the moon.
    14,000 steps/6.25 miles/ 1,921 cal.
    Friend wants to walk again tomorrow. Glad it is supposed to be starting to cool down. Trying to find a balance of not so hot but also finishing up before it is totally dark.

    We used to walk at night ... and brought head or hand torches.

    That's a decent calorie burn for the day.

    Machka in Oz
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    Morning ladies
    Im up and dressed.. getting ready to go over and watch Miles..
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    edited September 2022
    We changed the bed linen today and put the winter duvet back on. I could sleep with a summer duvet all year, in fact I'm mostly not under the duvet, unless it's really cold, but DH gets chilly.
    I decided I didn't like any more the throw cushions I bought, maybe 6 or 7 years ago. One is slightly discoloured, despite washing, and has faded. So I've ordered two French navy velvet covers for this room, and two turquoise velvet covers for the next room. I've thrown the front bedroom's cover away as the zip broke when I was removing it for washing. Plus I've ordered a couple of inserts as the front room only has one cushion at the moment.
    I haven't mentioned it to DH yet, as he can't see the point of cushions at all. :p To me, they can make a room.
    It's all cheap stuff from Amazon, but it will make me happy.

    I'm turning over the idea of buying a new duvet as a joint Christmas present to each other. We bought this lovely down one when we got married. 18 years ago. :o My half of the mattress is the same age and I would like to change it, but they are sooooo expensive!

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Debbie: Love the beautiful picture of the sunset over the water

    Terri: Enjoy the flowers

    Ginny: Hope MRI goes well

    Barbara: Wow some scary stuff. Hope the fires are gone soon.

    Heather: Handsome grandchildren and love the picture of you at age 3.5.

    Machka: Hope you enjoy your extended week end

    Carol: Hope your foot is okay and that it heals well.

    Walked a little bit again yesterday. My weight is up 5 pounds so I need to get back to exercise. I am staying within 1200 but eating fruit and carbohydrates. Need to get back to cabbage soup!

    Will watch King Charles speak this evening.

    Rosemarie from Georgia
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    I'm SORRY Carol!!! Didn't mean to upset your dreams with my everyday. But I still don't have my monitor and I'm really ready to quit! Glad hubby's tooth got pulled before the infection got ot his whole body! Hope your foot feels better.

    Tina, the problem is I DON'T HAVE A MONITOR! I have a teeny, tiny 13" laptop! I'm waiting on a monitor that they don't seem to think is a priority! I also don't have a manager. I work for a school district. My supervisor works in a different building and can't seem to remember what I do even though she hired me 15 years ago to do this job.

    I am so sorry to all our Brit friends for the loss of their beloved Queen. She was an awesome lady. I sincerely hope that King Charles III is even half the monarch that she was.

    Love and Blessings, Carla, in MN
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    Machka excellent job losing weight! Well done! And a beautiful picture of you too!

    Annie in Delaware
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    Today Class and Trash will take the rest of the furniture items we sold, and I will work on obtaining a certified birth certificate for my brother. Then more going through boxes and disposing of their contents. It's a lovely cool day here, the first hint of fall we've had. 74 degrees F at 10am.

    Karen in Virginia