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    Katla - Thinking of you. Sending love. <3

    We left the kids' house around 5.35 and walked to the lovely little micro brewery nearby. So nice to have a beer there. No music. Super beer. Great atmosphere. It's great to feel like we are having a date. <3
    While we were there I told DH I did not feel like cooking anything when we got back , so I ordered a mushroom pizza online, to pick up on the way home. It's just around the corner from us, and real pizza.
    Did that , and carried on the celebratory feel with opening a bottle of red wine. Oops! Just got carried away with the holiday feel of the day. :D<3
    The kids were so amazing. Such aliveness and energy. Zest for life.
    We have to be at Edie's triathlon by 7.30 on Sunday. :o The sea swim is the hardest part for her, in deep water. She is a bit scared of going out of her depth, but she has done it before, last Sunday, with her dad.
    Then my son has decided to do the Olympic distance triathlon. He is so not a runner! 1.5k sea swim. 40k bike and 10k run. The bike is easy for him. It will all take him over 3 hours.
    Oh well. He may be limping home.

    My curtain rail is being picked up tomorrow morning. Love Freecycle! :p

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Start for the day-

    Slow walk w/family in pismo beach- 2hrs 31min 3sec, 2.09ap, 6.29mi= 654c
    Strava app = 771c
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    Katla - Thank you for posting, you and your dear husband are in all our minds and hearts.

    Heather - I nearly did a spit take on Johnny's winning hat. You found a keeper there! Much luck to the athletes this weekend, too. Oh, and well done on the accomplishments in your domestic environment. o:)

    Pip - I'm so pleased that the MS ride, virtual and otherwise, was a great success.

    I did already get dinner accomplished for the both of us - shrimp cocktail ready in the fridge for me, and ribs in the crockpot for Corey (I won't eat ribs, and he's not fond of shrimp.) When he calls at lunch, we usually talk over what I can pull out of the freezer for dinner or get started in the oven or on the stove.

    We've created a routine that makes it easier on him. He's usually the cook, but now he doesn't have to start dinner the moment he comes in the door. He has plenty of time to walk the orchard with Egg, and come back in when he's decompressed.

    Boring health stuff:
    Me, I'm coming off a couple rough nights and mornings in a row, too many, actually. I'm stopping the fiber supplement. I have explained to every doctor I've ever met that fiber in any discernible amount feels like razor blades in my system, and puts my gut completely and painfully on tilt. They never, ever believe me. I always acquiesce and give it the old college try. It is always the same result. Mix it with ulcerative colitis, and you have a recipe for disaster. Last three days in a row. I'm done.

    I've genuinely tried every type of supplement I could get my hands on, over-the-counter, prescription, alternative, and even some proposed by folks here. Pretty sure this continuing action falls under the heading of insanity - doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Did I say I'm done now? >:)

    And on that cranky-licious note, I hope everyone has a quiet and peaceful day or evening, as the case may be. Thinking of you and your husband, Katla.

    Love y'all,
    Lisa in AR
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    Katla49 wrote: »
    Sitting with DH at the hospital. He looks better today than yesterday. I’m pleased with his progress.
    (((Hugs))) Thinking if you both.
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    Katla prayers and hugs and more prayers and more hugs held extra long. Thankful your DH is getting the care he needs and looks better.
    Lisa “… stink eye…” yah no, Corey, fuhgeddaboudid.
    Welcome @aimjolie . I plan a tiny treat, like a square of 70% bittersweet chocolate for just before bed, and tell myself that’s it. Sometimes it works… ;} Heard on the radio of a recent British study that concluded, it really doesn’t matter when you eat, just how much, but I’m not buying it. A calorie is not just a calorie to me. Carbs make me hungry for more carbs. Another bad habit I have is eating while watching TV. The only thing that works, when it does, is to stand up, turn off the TV, walk away and do something else, preferably interesting and not housework ;)
    Heather Wow for the oven door. Wonder if dishwashing powder would work as well as the tablet did. Still have some somewhere even though we only use the dishwasher for storage. Crossing fingers for your window repair. Best hat competition pic made me snort my water. Gotta love that grandpa.
    Karen “because I wake up and start thinking about everything there is to do, and decide to get up and get going.” I leave a few dishes unwashed after eating last meal. Then if I start thinking about all there is to do, I either toss and turn for hours, or get up and wash the couple dishes, crossing one thing off the list, and enabling me to get back to sleep. Pattern is 5hrs sleep, up to answer nature’s call, then either toss and turn for hours then get up and be tired all day, or do a few dishes and get another 2-3 hrs sleep.
    Kim your suggestion to Carol about the handbags, brilliant! Profitable connecting experience with the grands, and that way if the grands want any of the accessories, they can have them to enjoy now. I love that your god kids did and still do projects with you.
    Terri horrific you have to wait another 3 months for the gyne repair. You’ve been suffering too long already.
    Lanette, please, beat not thyself up!
    Carol, even though your grands are too young to sell on ebay by themselves, bet they can figure out the how, and you could open a paypal account to receive the $$. Y’all could make a good team and some good memories in the process.
    Pip, woo hoo HOO!

    Favorite sounds in nature
    Creek rushing through the ravine
    Wind through the trees

    9/12: Move: 2 sets pt, line dance class. active mins:272 steps:7913
    Fuel: plants (running count for week) so far:13+but way too many sweet things, beans-cannellini, corn-kettle corn, cucumber, lemon curd, maple syrup, mint apple jelly, peanut butter, radish, romaine, soy veggie sausage, tomato sauce, wheat-Eng muffin, tea. CI<CO=574
    Live: Joe, readings, BP, fire district meeting reminder, roster, $ Tree, Post Office, BiMart, telemed call=yay!
    Wt: 140.2

    Lighter, lovelies!

    Barbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD
    2022: Be still and listen.
    September: Move more, fuel better, live NOW.
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    walked 5 miles while waiting for daycare girl-weather was perfect. Walked a little extra because I didn't think I was walking tonight- supposed to go to dinner with former brother in law- he and my dh went to lunch at a buffet so both are too full and skipping dinner. Instead, I am on my own for dinner AND Tracy and I are walking the wetlands this evening. Will be just over 8 miles today and ?? for my dinner after I am done.
    Ate a small lunch(no breakfast), thinking we were going out for pho- 445cal for lunch and snack of sunchips.
    May make a BLT with one of my homegrown tomatoes beings I will plenty of calories to use.
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    Favorite sounds
    Ocean waves with sea gulls
    And loons calling to each other
    A good thunderstorm
    I have those sleep apps too and use them frequently.

    Lisa - if you sent me a note or message i didnt get it..
    Hopefully JanetR is ok,Penny too
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    Worked. For some reason, it seemed to go extra fast today. I don’t know…..

    Anyway, we need a retaining wall built around a drain. I like the way the one we did, but it’s hard for Vince and he said he’d be OK with someone else doing it (he’s OCD about certain things. I can definitely see him taking a level to each block...lol. When we had the fence for the pool installed, he took a level to each and every post and had them redo ones that we even a bit unlevel. That’s just him, I didn’t see it as a big deal). This man who did some grading work for a neighbor is going to come here to look at the drain to see if he can do it. The neighbor recommended him highly so I’m hoping…..

    Heather – great job. How did you get the spots between the glass on the outside and the glass on the inside? When I was looking for a watch, some of my criteria were that I didn’t want it big but small enough to look feminine, it had to have the numbers (not Roman numerals or just the 3,6 and 9), it had to have a second hand, the numbers had to be easily seen (like black numbers on a white background)

    One of the nice things about buying most of my clothes at the Salvation Army is when I get tired of it, I can just redonate it and not feel bad. On the downside, now I look in the stores and say “there’s no way I will pay $14.99 for that blouse”.

    Rosemarie – making yogurt in the IP is so very easy. You just bring milk up to about 170, then cool it to about 110, mix it with starter (sometimes I use some of a small container of yogurt that I buy), put it in the IP, press the “yogurt” button, and that’s IT. In 8 hours you open the IP and you have yogurt. I then drain mine (you don’t have to) to get the whey out to make greek yogurt. You let it drain overnight.

    Rebecca – I’m so impressed with what a caring, thoughtful sister you are

    Carol – I’ve seen things for sale on eBay that say “XXX plus postage”

    katla – prayers for you and your dh

    Woohoo! Just realized that since I’ll give them (BK) prep Sun. night that means that I’ll be able to exercise Mon. morning. Probably won’t be able to get to the gym but that’s OK. Then I just may be able to take my walk. Guess we shall see

    Went to ceramics. Still no definite word on when/where we’ll be.

    Michele NC
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    had a nice walk- very windy. Ending my day with
    20,050 steps/44 floors/9 miles/2188 cal/130 min
    ate only 830 cal so far. Will have a little snack to get me to my 1000. Full right now from the water I drank with dinner- BLT with a home grown tomato- so good!!
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    Tracey - Your ceramics are lovely, and so are you and your grandchildren. <3 Your grandkids remind me so much of mine. How did they get so clever and cute!
    Yes, everyone has to work so hard these days. My poor son yesterday, rushing home from an important meeting in London, train stuck, normally Edie to take to cello, then often girls to take to swimming, and cramming more work, up in his study, into the joins when we are there looking after them. He is also the cook, so kids meals to prepare and a dinner for him, DDIL, and Max. I feel exhausted just thinking about it! My DDIL is out in the shed, Zooming her patients and can't be interrupted, so that makes it a bit easier, but she is the social secretary and disciplinarian, so there are lists everywhere. My son is ADHD, so she has to keep a clear head with the complicated logistics of three children. She is also on a deadline for a new book, so not many decompression hours.
    I'm glad we can be of help now and again, but they only ask us in extremis.
    I can only imagine if you had money worries on top of all that. I well remember the nights when I tossed and turned in desperate worry about my financial state. I truly feared ending up in a cardboard box. Depression gripped me. So many families are entering this winter in fear about bills. Our gas and electric have just gone up by £100 a month, but I hope government help is coming our way. For some people this is a breaking point. Stress is not all 'just in our heads'. Money worries suck.

    Lisa - Sorry about the fibre issue. Grrr! Sending commiserations. I know how much you want to be well. <3

    You are all in my hearts.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx about to put her curtain rail out in the porch. :-)
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    This is Jonah’s finished dragon.

  • Machka9
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    Lunch walk ...

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    How nice is this! :D

    As Karen says, it's a good feeling. A quick look on Amazon shows that one like mine is around £25

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx