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    My very best wishes to you Katla . Winging love to you all the way from the UK. <3:flowerforyou:

    Feeling restless. Not sure why. I'm between projects and not sure exactly what is my next step. I've several ideas brewing. I've been using my energy up on cleaning, :p but I know I need to spread my wings on something new.

    Tracey - Max toyed with the idea of growing his hair last year, but it didn't happen. His best friends all had luscious, flowing locks. Really fabulous. :p I was jealous. I think now he is at a traditional school that won't happen, but I don't know what their hair policy is.
    My elder son followed 'grunge' when he was around 15, so he had beautiful blonde hair down to his chest! Now he is bald and shaven. :'(
    Hair is such an expression of our individuality. For me, my hair is soooo important. When it all fell out in chemo, I was devastated. It was by far the worst thing of my treatment.
    As you might imagine, I am a great believer in us all expressing ourselves and staying true to our real natures. Your grandchildren sound as if they are well on the way down that path. You are doing a great job, rooting for them and batting for them. We all need unconditional regard. <3<3<3 But it's also right to give our true opinions. It's OK to disagree. <3

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Heather - we are so blessed to be grandparents in this era. I think the young adults raising them are incredible, they listen to them and allow them to have opinions and encourage them to be who they are without apology.

    My Grandson is growing his hair long, I am not a fan. Last night I asked him if anyone besides me was bothered by it and he said just his Dad and I, even his great grandparents aren’t saying anything. 😂. My daughter says, it’s only hair it will grow back, get cut, get coloured and she is not willing to have battles over it.

    Your son and DDIL sure are wonderful, like you I would be beat. We never allowed our girls to be involved in something everyday because of our work schedules.

    Rosemarie- I hope your nurse works out.

    Lanette - 😂 Love the meme

    Carol - that looks great. I love your cabinet/hutch. DH should be prepared, it seems to me you are just getting started. Lol

    Lisa - he is getting his gift tomorrow night. I wanted DH to see him when he opened it too. So they are coming for supper.

    Karen - I don’t know how the lady at the group home doesn’t have to provide an accounting with receipts for your brothers money. We hold money in trust for some of our residents and we have to balance to the penny in our monthly audits.

    Thanks Debbie - the constant upgrading scares me. DH would always want the best and newest until he loses interest about 5 years in.

    Pip - that’s unnerving with all of the changes. Glad you are off them.

    Lanette- thank you he has that way about him. The ceramics shop I go to had a kids camp this summer. The Grands went. Every week since the owner tells me how much he impressed her and he just keeps telling everyone about him. He’s been leaving impressions since he started talking.

    Debbie - I hope something changes for you soon. I have been where you are, it’s not easy at all.

    Vicki - the Grands sure do grow fast. I’m noticing already that mine have social lives and aren’t as free to come here.

    Katla - I’m so sorry for you and your DH. Here we have busses for seniors that take you door to door. It might not hurt to ask someone.

    Michele - I have used mostly acrylics, so I just paint over again. I have only done one glaze project and for that I washed it with a damp corner of paper towel. I had caught it immediately though.

    I started a new piece tonight. I’m going to rush doing this piece so Lauryn can have it for Halloween.


    Tracey in Edmonton

    Tracey -

    It's because she isn't truthful. She will falsify records in a heartbeat. I am consulting an attorney but I don't want Gary kicked out of there before November when (hopefully) he will be able to move.

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    Katla, Thinking of you daily. I know how anxious you are to be at your husband's bedside. You have lots of helpers around you who can help you figure this out! We care so much about you, don't forget we are your pocket angels. Hang in there.

    Karen in Virginia
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    Katla49 wrote: »
    Machka — You are absolutely correct about DH. He does need care. He has evidently been transferred to a care facility. I hope to be there to see him soon, possibly tomorrow. Keeping my fingers crossed that he is doing well and hope that I can see him soon.
    (((Hugs))) dear girl. We all hope you can see him soon. Console yourself with the fact that he where he can be looked after. 💕💖💕
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    Thinking of you, just read your post, what a worry, sending love.

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    Just brief check-in. Have been reading daily.

    Katla-like others have said, check with your residence and see if they have transportation options, They should at least be able to help you arrange something. It is good he is receiving the care he needs. You need to take care of you to stay healthy for him.

    Karen-it is so good to hear about your efforts on your brother's behalf. Not everyone has someone to advocate for them. I understand you being cautious with current situation-but am glad you have a plan!

    Rebecca-thinking of you and sister.

    Busy day today. Morning meeting out of town (considering doing Zoom), PT in afternoon, food pantry tonight. Working half day tomorrow. Get latest Covid vaccine at 1. After that will go to grocery and get laundry and some other weekend stuff done Friday afternoon in case I get hit with reaction over weekend. Vaccines of all sorts tend to hit me a bit hard for a day or so. Therefore, whether it is flu, or tetanus or whatever, I try to get the shot on Friday and plan easy weekend. I will spend most of weekend continuing with the declutter and cleanup prep for surgery.

    Off to shower and head into the office.

    Take care all,

    Ginny in Ohio
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    Still plugging away at the Instagram thing. I think today's effort is an improvement. Still to venture into proper video reels, but taking baby steps. :o:p

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Carla - Great news!

    Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Betsy, welcome back to the lower 48! Was so pleased to see your post.

    Carla - so pleased your situation may get sorted for you!

    Hugs for Katla, and anyone else in need...

    Love y'all,
    Lisa in AR