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    Barbie--Bad news/good news from the eye doctor.
    Katla--Glad you got to spend time with DH. Prayers they get him moved soon and you can see him often until he is ready to come back home.
    Tracey--from the look on his face, I would think it really loves it.
    Carla--I agree it is a beautiful sight. Glad they finally got it done for you.
    We got some rain during the night and happy as we could it and more, which may come tonight. I am working long shift today and when I get off we are to ride with our motorcycle group to a town about 35 miles away for supper. A good way to relax and end the work week.
    Tomorrow have a funeral in the morning for a co-workers dad and then in the evening a surprise birthday party for one of our DDIL. Surprised DS and DGC have been able to keep it a secret. Then Sunday church and then a BBQ at the pastor's house.
    Blessings, Vicki GRAND ISLAND, NE <3
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    The Moussaka that DH made for dinner was beyond wonderful. :D And we have another day's portion to freeze.

    Plus another favourite TV series is back in TV tonight. Life is good.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    No de-cluttering done yesterday but freezer/pantry purge continues. Boy will I be glad to see the last of that organic vegan pizza crust :sick: I did do a hard thing, threw away five servings of crispy baked in garlic butter artichoke hearts that I labored over for hours. Really hate to throw food away but these were not worth the 214 calories/oz. Had real whole steamed artichoke instead (60 cals plus 90 cals Best Foods) a much better investment. ;)

    Barbie, as you’ve taught us, good enough really is good enough.
    Katla holding you, your DH and your family in my heart. Every time one of our new family of hummingbirds visits the feeder, it whooshes love to you.
    Debbie well done on the ex’s guitar.
    Mary would you tell us more about your nephew and Kick Cancer’s Butt day?
    Tracey Jonah’s expression says it all. :love: :heart: :love: As for the “…and I bought it back” meme, yes that is me too. As a child I’d buy back my treasures from the school raffle sale. Drove poor Mama nuts.
    Heather sounds like a win-win to me :wink: Both the date and the moussaka…
    Rosemarie 8pm sounds like a reasonable boundary to me. It took “New Coke” (anybody remember that fiasco?) to break my 2 a day CocaCola addiction. Now I probably have one a month. Still haven’t braved the sugar challenge.
    Carla YAY for techs, big monitors and the magic of donuts.
    Lisa so glad to hear you’re feeling rested. Enjoy your outdoor task but please don’t overdo.
    Machka small things onto the list, yes this. Feels good to put even one thing in the “Done” list.
    Karen moving shelving to where it will make things easier for you? Brilliant! I’d be miffed to and the mess maker. Extended families (DIL’s sisters DH) can be a real blessing. Go for it.
    Margaret rejoicing to hear of DrewB’s improvement. Your care and love are powerful. And your friend is so very very insightful ;) What do you put in your reward jar?
    Vicki hope all those fun activities planned help you blow off some of the accumulated stress/steam. When will you be able to stop working those darned long shifts?
    Rebecca your affection for Tucker shines through. Glad he’s there to support you as you support your sister.

    One thing I want to add to my done list: listen to De-cluttering at the Speed of Life while packing up the donation box stuff that’s been sitting on the office floor forever.

    9/15: Move: 2 sets pt, dogs to powerline. active mins:276 steps:7625
    Fuel: plants (running count for week) so far:13+1+7+4 almonds, apple, artichoke, beans-cannellini, beets, cacao 70%, carrots, celery, corn-kettle corn, cucumber, lemon curd, maple syrup, mint apple jelly, peanut butter, parsley, pecans, radish, romaine, soy veggie sausage, spinach, tomato sauce/juice, watercress, watermelon, wheat-Eng muffin/tortilla/pizza crust, tea. CI<CO=864
    Live: Joe, BP
    Lighter, lovelies!

    Barbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD
    2022: Be still and listen.
    September: Move more, fuel better, live NOW.

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    Happy Friday ladies!

    WOW, so impressive all the decluttering and purging going on in this group. Feels good, doesn't it? <3

    I'm getting a head start on the Shake the Sugar Challenge. I've copied and pasted parts of the email I got from Dr. Matt after signing up. One of the challenges is to eat 30 gm of protein at breakfast or first meal of the day if you don't eat breakfast (brunch or lunch). I managed to eat 30 gm and I am STUFFED.

    Main thing is get a lot of protein in your system first. I've calculated I should be getting between 70 and 80 gm/day and often come up short. Here's the info if anyone is interested:

    Shake The Sugar Challenge Checklist✨

    Say NO to added sugars
    Read ingredient label, if it states any amount of “added sugar” then pass on it.
    Say NO to added xylitol, erythritol, Splenda (Sucralose), Nutrasweet, Aspartame, etc.
    Say NO to added stevia
    Stevia or Xylitol used in supplements or toothpaste is fine.
    Say NO to grain-based flours
    If making a cookie for example, use a nut flour and dates or bananas or other fruit to sweeten.
    Say YES to whole fruit.
    Say YES to raw, local honey (in moderation)
    Say YES to pure maple syrup and molasses

    📍 Join the Shake the Sugar FB Group where you'll find support among a community of health accumulators.

    🎁 Every Monday we'll be kicking off a new mini-challenge to reinforce the Shake the Sugar Challenge. If you complete the mini challenge and post a pic on social or even in the Shake the Sugar FB group you will be put in the drawing for the weekly prize.

    Each week we'll also announce a special discount on a product that can help make the STS Challenge and mini-challenges a little easier.


    Week 1 - Use honey, molasses, or maple syrup instead of sugar or artificial sweeteners
    Week 2 - Eat 3 servings of fruit a day
    Week 3 - Eat 30 grams of protein for breakfast
    Week 4 - Drink 1/3 of body weight in oz of water
    Week 5 - Meal prep 1x/week
    Week 6 - Move for 30 min a day
    Week 7 - Use tools to support a healthy mind/body connection

    I already had questions and emailed Dr. Matt and he kindly responded back to me. It's not just about eliminating sugar... he says OK to honey and maple syrup for example. I think there's a method to his madness, lol. So I'm looking forward to it. If it keeps me from binging on sugary junk after supper, I will be happy.

    Also, I bought myself an el-cheapo $9.88 5 cup coffee maker at Walmart this morning. I'm retiring the Keurig, at least for now. Hard to clean, easy for me to drink too much coffee - just pop in another pod, right? and end up with a tummy ache. Hoping I can keep it to 2 big cups. We'll see. I already tried it out with some ground French Roast I got at the grocery, it tastes fine, just as good as a pod. I think it will be a money saver too.

    That's the latest. Make it a fabulous day! <3

    Lanette B)
    SW WA State

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    Happy Friday everyone. Got inspired when my daughter FaceTimed me and her home is all decorated for fall. It has been so hot kI I. hadn’t even thought of fall. I am hosting bridge club 0n Wednesday do I guess 6hat is a good reason.

    Barbie- I don’t understand your eye diagnosis but if it. Won’t get worse than that is a win.
    Katla- stay strong and take care of yourself. This is a difficult time but you need to be heathy for when your DH comes back to the apartment.
    Lanette- I took a screen shot of the sugar challenge and will start next week. Really I will
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    woke up early to go with dh to take former bil to Martinez to the Amtrak station- heading back to Ft.Wayne,IN.
    Dh took a long lunch break so we just dropped Tracy off then he dropped off and went back to work.

    I walked 70min around the wetlands while waiting for my daycare girl to get out of school. I should have changed into tank top and capri leggings instead of t-shirt and long warmer leggings- was great early this morning but got hot on the walk.

    Not sure if I am walking with a friend or not- either is fine beings I walked that much at lunch time- just about hit 10,000 steps and at 4 1/2 miles so will make sure to get my 5 miles in, even if it is walking by myself around the block.

    Need to figure out what to make for dinner for son and I, at least I think he will be home and see if his girlfriend will be here too.

    Need to remind dh to hook up his second CPAP- his is at his mom's but when he sleeps a few hours here, it would be nice to not have to lay in bed and listen to him snoring
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    Evening ladies
    Long day today..
    Watched Miles ,ordered a couple things from Target and after Tracy got home we hopped in the car and went to pick those up and went to Aldi. And got home around 3 or so.. i came home and fed Alfie.. ordered a couple new toys for him.. i feel guilty leaving him in the mornings.. but we have snuggle time when I get home.
    A friend of mine is recording a few new songs at a farm not far away tomorrow, if Im up to it. Will go watch. Then meeting a friend for lunch.
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    With daughter’s old dog here, 3 groups last week, and Latin this morning to organise I’ve been flat out.. At least I’m getting a day off on Monday. Admin all completed.

    Now to organise the ferry trip next week to England to drop off younger grandson at his new Uni. It’s all go. 😝

    Carla: Yay for the savvy tech guy!

    Hi Betsy! Welcome back

    Lisa: Thank you, dear girl. I enjoy your wry humour.

    Karen: 🥰 Small incremental victories

    Bed is calling me!

    eyelids slowly droop
    sandman sprinkles fairy dust
    as mind goes drifting off

    🥳🎉 Cheers to all those celebrating.

    Virtual (((hugs))) and 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 for those who need them.

    🙋‍♀️ Miele failte to the newbies.

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    Katla: I am so sorry you and DH are going through all this. I certainly hope he can be placed close to you and your daughter. How are you doing? Are you sleeping and eating okay? Is there a dining room where you can eat? Thinking about you.