Workout ideas

Hello everyone,
Can anyone suggest where I can find some workout schedule to follow? I can't form one by myself, so it would be great to learn!
My amin is to gain strength and be more athletic. I am currently at 57kg with 152cm height.


  • AnnPT77
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    What does "be more athletic" mean to you? Are there particular activities (daily life stuff, hobbies, or exercise) that you want to get better at? Is it about appearance? (If so, what look are you going for?).

    For strength, there's a thread here about strength training programs others have liked:

    Even then, you still would want to think about whether what you want is more strength, a bodybuilder appearance, or . . . ?

    And (gasp!) fitness/athleticism isn't all about strength, important though it is. There's also cardiovascular fitness (endurance vs. sprint priority matters), mobility, flexibility, and more. Different activities prioritize those differently, which is why I ask about what activities you want to get better at.

    If you're not sure about all of that stuff, that's fine . . . there are general on-ramps. But it would help to know more about your goals, to the extent you know now.

    As a generality, you'd probably want a beginner strength training program, and a gradual cardiovascular fitness routine (something you enjoy) that starts with moderate steady state intensity, and gradually increases from there. The basic guidelines are usually working up to 150 minutes of moderate cardiovascular activity (or 75 minutes more intense) weekly, spread over 5 or more days; plus minimum 2 days of strength-promoting activity. That's for general basic healthy fitness. If you have more specific or more advanced goals, there would be other things; and working up to more is fine and healthy if you want to devote the time.

  • AiyanaBazinet
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    Depends on where you exercise and equipment, but I've been doing Caroline Girvan workouts on YouTube. She has 30 day programs and each video is 30 mins. It's worked pretty well.
  • BeachPinapple
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    Caroline Girvan is awesome :)
  • zankash23
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    Hi I’ve got a plan I can share with you if you use a gym. It involves a lot of weights
  • Sinisterbarbie1
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    Youtube is a great source for all sorts of videos. I use it for yoga, pilates, dance videos, tai chi reminders, and general fitness training. You can also find all sorts of exercise oriented playlists and podcasts to keep you motivated if you just want to get outside and do stuff like run/walk training. Look at a couch to 5k training routine and follow that if you want to start a running routine.
  • deqsmom
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    Have you considered hiring a personsl trainer? I spent years struggling with online programs and apps and not finding the right workout. They aren't as expensive as you might think and some gyms even provide free training. Even just a couple sessions to show you the right body mechanics and what will help you reach your goal may ne worth it.
  • 1cross
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    What about a circuit? For instance, planet fitness has one and so there isn't much thinking involved. You know exactly how every second of your workout will be spent :)
  • Sugartown2
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    Have you tried going to muscleandstrength? They have great free gym exercises, workouts, and programs. The site even has beginner programs to get you started right. If your gym has an onsite personal trainer, it would be a great idea to have a session or two just to make sure you are lifting with proper form.