Friends Welcome!

Hello! My name is Demitrius and I want to say Thank You to anyone and everyone who is reading this :)!

I want to tell y'all a little about myself so we can become a little better acquainted! I am a 29 year old Army veteran and I'm currently in school to become an Airframe & Powerplant Maintenance Technician (A&P MT); I love video games and anything space related, I dabble a little in the anime realm and things of that nature so I can be found being a couch potato a good majority of the time lol. I also love the outdoors though and don't mind getting down and dirty, going for hikes or camping trips with some good friends is always something I'm down for. I try to be a well rounded individual and strive to learn more all the time, but I am only human and sometimes I just want to be a lazy sack of meat and chill at home :D. I think that's a pretty good baseline for me as a person, and if you've made it this far then feel free to ask me more about myself if you want, or tell me some things about yourself!

Now that you know a little about my life I'll talk briefly on my fitness journey and what I'm trying to achieve at this point in my life. I am just getting back into fitness due to an ankle injury I sustained while bouldering at a gym I used to frequent. I still have pain in this ankle and I am trying my best to rehabilitate the injury with mobility training and that's a main focus of what I want to achieve with my entire body. As I get older I want to retain and even better my mobility with proper training so that I will also be able to lift better and see what my body is capable of. With me getting back into the swing of things and downloading MFP, I have also started tracking my nutrition and I am trying to refrain from eating fast food and cooking my meals so I can know all of the Macros I am consuming. I'm just over a week into the start of my new journey and I am holding strong (for the most part) and really dialing in on how my body feels when I am taking in the proper nutrition and hitting my daily goals, so that makes me feel good about going through all this extra effort. But it is nice to have like minded people that you can discuss things with so if you feel the same way or if any of this hit home with you than drop a comment and say hello!