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Hello! I’m 18 and am around 5’3 1/2. All my life i’ve been around 130 or lower. I recently started the depo-provera shot in June and stepped on a scale today and weighed in at 162. I want to go down to 120 lbs by April. I work out at my college gym and have limited supplies so if you have any ideas or tips please let me know!!


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    Talk to some women who you trust and talk about what changed in your life and look at why you gained the weight, beyond the obvious. Look at the biological, hormonal drive to eat more and the link to feeling tired and losing motivation. You are not alone in experiencing this when your body is not operating as it was designed, biologically.
    Fill up daily first on your vegetables with every meal, even breakfast! Even include a vegetable in every snack you eat (non-starch). Women generally do not eat enough fiber so go for high fiber carb options, and fuel up on lean proteins! You can do this, and it may be a healthier diet than what you were eating in your pre-Depo days!
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    I'm 5ft and weigh 121lbs now but at my biggest I was 158lbs, if you want you can always add me and we can have a chat about the weight gain and I can always help 😁.
    Unfortunately I'm not sure what that shot is about so not too sure what changes could of happened regarding it!