Making a Change!

Hi. I've used MFP on and off for almost 15 years since my mid 40s. This past year and a half has been difficult with a knee injury (6 months post surgery now) and a persistent foot stress fracture, post knee recovery. These have severely impacted my walking which is my main source of exercise. Due to the lack of walking and tracking, and much overeating, my weight has taken a jump I've never seen before, so I've decided to make some major life changes. Happy to be back and on track!


  • TeenaMarina
    TeenaMarina Posts: 419 Member
    Hi! Welcome back. Feel free to add me if you’re in need of more/new friends. I log daily 🤗, always looking for people in the same age range.
  • JohnG2073
    JohnG2073 Posts: 16 Member
    I hope you have recovered well and are able to to walk and do things you enjoy.
  • carterbrent
    carterbrent Posts: 91 Member
    I have also been on this site off and on for the past 10 years and looking to have support and give support. Feel free to add me. I track every day
  • Rxman1971
    Rxman1971 Posts: 197 Member
    Knee recover as well. FR sent