Getting healthy after cancer.

Hi everyone, I just finished a two year battle with cancer and won! I am 6’3” and have weighed 210lbs for the last 10 years or so. Right now I’m 142lbs, lost nearly a third of my body weight. I couldn’t eat for three months, drinking Boost was all I could stomach. I’m on the way back now and this app is helping me eat and exercise the right way! Love it. Getting enough protein is my hardest thing at this point. Getting back in shape and loving life!


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    Congratulations on beating cancer: That's good news!

    I'm a cancer survivor, too, but from a type that doesn't as much cause weight loss even during treatment for most people (breast cancer). MFP can be a great tool for hitting calorie goals (for gain, loss or maintenance), and tuning up nutrition.

    I endorse that thread that mtaratoot linked: It's helpful. In addition, it helped me to think in terms of not just getting the "one big protein per meal" (a good start) but also getting little bits of protein from many different things I eat: Breads, grains, snacks, beverages, veggies, even some fruits. Those smaller bits add up through the day. (There are even some flavoring ingredients with a bit of protein: Peanut butter powder, miso, nutritional yeast are some examples. If you're trying to gain weight, nut butters could be good, too, assuming you're not allergic: Most of the calories are from healthy fats, but there's also a bit of protein.)

    It's also fine to use a protein powder or supplement, or protein bars, especially as a transitional aid while you're working on getting enough protein from regular food.

    Best wishes: Thrive on!