Are you logging your calories on Christmas Day?



  • Ninkyou
    Ninkyou Posts: 6,666 Member
    I'll log the "foods" but it won't be accurate since I'm not making any of it. Also will be going way over my goal, probably, but it's one day, it's not going to undo everything.
  • jeroenvandijken
    I only be sure i get enough fibers for the micro-nutrients, the rest will be too much to log properly lol
  • welshpoppy
    welshpoppy Posts: 114 Member
    Yes I am going to log my food and exercise as I dont want to put weight on it is hard enough to lose as it is.I will have my dinner just a lot less than anyione else:-0
  • target_XX0
    target_XX0 Posts: 28 Member
    I'll log.

    I'll regret it, but I'll log.

    Also it will be the time to see if those believing in weekly averages are right. I should better not weight myself after the 24th and start again on Jan. 1st.

    But I'm sure hoping that this year Saint Nicholas will not again get befuddled on all the sherry and in his confusion swap my wishes of a lean body and a fat bank account 8p
  • CyberEd312
    CyberEd312 Posts: 3,536 Member
    Yes, but I planning on being way over for the Day. Things will be back to normal the next day and order will be restored. lol It is after all only 1 day in the grand scheme of things... 1 day never broke my weight loss journey, being honest and logging it no matter the outcome was always my motivation to hold myself accountable for my actions and also understanding those results was always my goal..... Best of Luck
  • Arbeidslyst
    I've already logged an estimate. Lucky me, I'm working night so the calories will be lower naturally.
  • mrsamanda86
    mrsamanda86 Posts: 869 Member
    I'll log it, but I'm not worried about staying under on Xmas day or the day after(we're going to see the in-laws for a second xmas the next day). I might try to get a decent deficit the couple days beforehand, not sure yet.
  • Mitzigan94
    Mitzigan94 Posts: 393 Member
    yep yep a big yezsss
  • KateK8LoseW8
    KateK8LoseW8 Posts: 824 Member
    I'm logging, but I don't really care how many I eat. I did the same thing on Thanksgiving - logged all 3400 calories.
  • Samstan101
    Samstan101 Posts: 699 Member
    No, because Mum cooks everything from scratch so I' have no idea what to log (she does low fat though - I'm the only fat one in the family) and also I intend being too sozzled by 3pm to be able to focus on the laptop screen! However, I am going for a run on Xmas morning and not be eating just because the food is there ie I'm not going to stuff myself!
  • Pearsquared
    Pearsquared Posts: 1,656 Member
    I'm logging just to see how much I eat, but with all the homemade things that I didn't make, it won't be all that accurate.
  • dxc92
    dxc92 Posts: 138 Member
    Yes i'll be logging - whether it will be accurate or not, I don't know :tongue:
  • tegalicious
    Yes. Yes. And yes. I will be logging it all. I log every day no matter what. I logged my 8000+ calories for my birthday and my 4000+ calories for my anniversary and my 3000+ calories for Thanksgiving. And I will log Christmas Eve and Christmas Day as well. I don't know how many calories will be consumed yet but my profile pic is a preview of some of the grand feast. I also want to add that I am at maintenance now and even with Thanksgiving, my birthday (12/06), and my anniversary (12/09), I have maintained my weight through it all!!!
  • ndj1979
    ndj1979 Posts: 29,136 Member
    oh hello again christmas logging thread….only about the thousandth one…

    but here we go …yes, logging for christmas day, and will probably get a run in too….but I will be eating whatever i want..
  • soldiergrl_101
    soldiergrl_101 Posts: 2,205 Member
    Yep but ill eat whatever I feel like eatting, atleast this way I will see the damage
  • TRD66
    TRD66 Posts: 310 Member
    Yep, it won't be pretty, but I'll log it anyway.

    And....I'm not going to worry about it either. One day does not turn you into Jabba the Hutt, so bring on the trifle :devil:
  • Morryarty
    I don't want to crash the site for all the good boys and girls :laugh: :wink:
  • W0rthless_Her0
    This is the only logging that shall be done on Christmas Day

  • MMulder68
    MMulder68 Posts: 139 Member
    NOPE! But will be right back on it on the 26th!
  • swaymyway
    swaymyway Posts: 428 Member
    Nope. Christmas day is a write off calorie wise but I don't mind - if i were trying to take it easy I'd log but it's cheat day as far as I'm concerned. In previous years it's never really done me any harm to have a day or two off completely over the holidays.