Are you logging your calories on Christmas Day?



  • tomwatso
    tomwatso Posts: 1,304 Member
    I log everyday.
  • sapphyreskye
    I log everyday, even on the days I go wildly off the rails. Reminds me how awful it feels to go wildly off the rails.....
  • LivingtheLeanDream
    LivingtheLeanDream Posts: 13,342 Member
    No, I didn't last year either and over the festive period maybe gained 1lb which was gone in a week :) we gotta cut ourselves some slack on that day I feel, I don't intend to overeat anyway just perhaps a mince pie and a few choccies extra along with a lovely dinner but that wont do any damage in the long run - I'm confident of that :-D
  • gringuitica
    gringuitica Posts: 168 Member
    I will probably log, but not accurately. (No way will I take the time to input every recipe into the database.) It's Christmas, when family and enjoying life take top priority.
  • 40andFindingFitness
    I'll be logging Christmas like I logged Thanksgiving.
  • michellekicks
    michellekicks Posts: 3,624 Member
    Dunno *shrug*... haven't decided yet. Maybe? Probably not.
  • kathymr23
    kathymr23 Posts: 2 Member
    Absolutely! And they will be healthy foods and not over my calorie limit. I have amazing willpower now and I am not going to mess it up, even for one day. I am so determined to make this work this time.
  • wanttolose40lbs
    wanttolose40lbs Posts: 239 Member
    Sometimes it's impossible to log. We had potluck at work yesterday and I tried a little bit of everything, you can't log that
  • ivikatasha
    ivikatasha Posts: 192 Member
    I won't be. It is just 1 day and holiday, so why not skip it? Plus everything will be homemade and there will be lots of different stuff, would be a real pain to try to figure it all out. Still going to work out though :)
  • BeccaBollons
    BeccaBollons Posts: 652 Member
    I will just Quick Add 105,000 calories! :bigsmile:

    If every day were like today, you'd weigh WHAT in 5 weeks!!!

    I log every day I can, even if I know I'm going to go over, because I love statistics, and I like to track my TDEE by seeing how many calories I've consumed and how much weight I've lost, doing all the maths etc etc. Can't do that if I lie in my diary!
  • KnM0107
    KnM0107 Posts: 355 Member
    Since I have started losing weight, I have never logged Christmas day or eve and I have always lost. I will continue with that tradition. I don't log all the time anyway so it won't be a big deal.
  • edryer123
    edryer123 Posts: 502 Member
    yup, I am logging, may not log everything, but I love my family this year for picking really healthy options (I am shocked but we've also had a lot of health scares in my extended family this year) So maybe won't skip anything. I am going to work out too.
  • Sonmi429
    Sonmi429 Posts: 27 Member
    I will log. Over, under, rain or shine, I will log. With knowledge come power.

    I also planned to eat normally that day: Salad. I will indulge myself only in Christmas Eve with a serving of panettone, one of nuts and one of pudding. No alcohol.
    Well, eating salad will not be difficult because here is summer. The rest I will be eating because of tradition, I don't want my mother mad at me :P
  • larsen626
    larsen626 Posts: 99 Member
    Nope is a special occasion and dietician said those are okay to take off
  • tarac98
    tarac98 Posts: 65 Member
    Yes, but I am going to lie through my teeth.:bigsmile:

  • happysherri
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  • sunsetzen
    sunsetzen Posts: 268 Member
    I'll try to log it as best I can. The wine, the dessert, the bread. The intricate dishes are another thing. I don't know the precise recipes my MIL uses. It's a sit down affair, though, so one meal won't be going over my daily calories (and I only ever eat dinner on Christmas).
  • pstaceyca
    pstaceyca Posts: 306 Member
    OMG NO!! I will be enjoying family and friends and won't be thinking about that on Christmas day!! :drinker:
  • I won't be. I'm not the one cooking, so to try and guess what's in all the food would take a really long time and probably be inaccurate anyway (my MIL makes intricate and sometimes unidentifiable dishes). I'm just going to try and not eat ALL THE SNACKS like most years, and be mindful of my sauces. Aim for plain veggies and meats if they are available. Then start over the next day :)
  • NoxDineen
    NoxDineen Posts: 497 Member
    Why wouldn't I? Whether I log it or not the calories have entered my body, I'm better off with an accurate record so I can plan my workouts over the holidays accordingly.

    I don't use the holidays as an excuse to eat a pile of food, though.