Are you logging your calories on Christmas Day?



  • wardances
    I have plans to just spend a quiet day here with my husband and son without the fancy meal but I might just get sucked into dealing with my relatives all day. These people believe in the five basic food groups: caffeine, beans, meat, tortillas, and sweets. Yeah... if I wind up over there I will probably peck at my food and refuse to log it.
  • tlcarolinagirl
    tlcarolinagirl Posts: 1,700 Member
    Unsure. Probably will just to see how much damage I did.
  • ironanimal
    ironanimal Posts: 5,922 Member
    If I did, it would be for the hilarity of trying to reach 10k for the day.
  • mamma_nee
    mamma_nee Posts: 809 Member
    logging - very rarely go over so a few extra calories will be okay for me.
  • jadunn64
    jadunn64 Posts: 3 Member
    I will be logging my calories and doing my best to stay within my calorie goal.
  • Francl27
    Francl27 Posts: 26,371 Member
    Yes I'll log, why not? Even if I'm over.
  • mmm_drop
    mmm_drop Posts: 1,126 Member
  • topazora
    topazora Posts: 82 Member
    nope, I plan on pigging out. Besides, it'll take longer for me to log anything, because I'm not sure about the calories in homemade food- like bread. So, all I'm going to do is put in the quick calories: 1200 and leave it at that. I alway get back onto the diet right after, and I'm dieting before. I've been low carbing it on the days when I'm not holidaying eating, just to balance out. So far its just plateauing, but the fact that I'm not gaining during the holidays is a good sign.
  • loriq41
    loriq41 Posts: 479 Member
    I may..but I daresay it won't be pretty...LOL
  • loriq41
    loriq41 Posts: 479 Member
    I will just Quick Add 105,000 calories! :bigsmile:
    And eat again next :)
  • __Aid__
    __Aid__ Posts: 72 Member
    Logging everyday regardless of the calories, its only one day people ! :drinker:
  • crazybookworm
    crazybookworm Posts: 779 Member
    Yes. The think with Holidays is I treat it just like it is any other day. Sure, the meal may be fancier; But that doesn't mean I am going to load up my plate anymore than usual. Or stock up on sugar cookies and chocolate. I still remain mindful of my portion control, and always keep things in moderation.
  • MissSarahAllison315
    I will....even if I don't want to...just one day isn't going to kill me, but I need to keep the honesty up!!!
  • Ang108
    Ang108 Posts: 1,711 Member
    Well are you? Or are you just going to write it off?

    Part of being honest with myself in things concerning food intake is logging what I matter how much. I plan to go over my calories , but also plan to log them, just as I plan to brush my teeth.
    I can't really say that I have a new lifestyle/routine and then not log when I don't want to know how many calories I actually ate. I often wonder, if people who don't log when they eat more calories than their usual amount believe that it didn't happen if they don't log.
  • jfauci
    jfauci Posts: 531 Member
    Yes - doesn't matter if I am under or over. "Never stop logging"
  • Trissyboo
    Trissyboo Posts: 69 Member
    Absolutely I will be logging and I am going to do a workout DVD that morning as well. Like someone else said, whether I am over or under I will logg everything!
  • mcibty
    mcibty Posts: 1,252 Member
    nope! having christmas day and boxing day off logging while i eat EVERYTHING and then i will be straight back on it!

    As usual, I agree with this fine lady.
  • xilka
    xilka Posts: 308 Member
    Everything, always.

    I focus on my weekly balance more than my daily.
    I can usually make up for feasting days on the other days.

    And, I'm curious. I want to know how much it really is.
    Like the other day, I ate 1000 calories for hub's bday breakfast.
    It was good to know, I'd have never guessed.
  • gmthisfeller
    gmthisfeller Posts: 779 Member
    I will log. Over, under, rain or shine, I will log. With knowledge come power.
  • MzzFaith
    MzzFaith Posts: 337 Member
    Yes, why not I only don't log on cheat days.