Are you logging your calories on Christmas Day?



  • eldamiano
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    I might just log the fruit and veg I eat, so my diary at least looks good. So the strawberry tart, carrot cake, pear cider..... all going on.
  • lisaanne1369
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    Yesterday we had a huge Christmas party in my dental clinic-All kinds of goodies and covered dishes..How do you count that? I just didnt eat much of nothing for the rest of the day.This morning the scale was looking good. If the scale was bad,I would just shrug my shoulders and keep on going.Every day isn't a winner.Merry christmas everyone and have fun!
  • Mischievous_Rascal
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    My hubby and I are having Christmas alone this year, so we're in control of the food. I'll log what I'm sure of the day before, and do my best to remember the rest of it on Boxing Day. I have too many months of stats and the OCD part of me won't want a "0" throwing off my averages. My mainrainence calories are pretty sweet, so even if I go over my MFP goal, it'll still be just fine.

    Happy holidays to everyone!!
  • MrsK20141004
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    Yep, I log everything. The good, the bad and the ugly. Why not do it? If you're here for change then there is no point not logging. If you want to change then you gotta be consistent!
  • Juggernaut_D
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    I'll log it. I use my diary to keep track of what I'm eating. Not logging would leave out important information for that day. Will I over-eat? Probably, but there'll be no guilt attached to my diary. This journey is for me, and by logging, it keeps me in check of what I've scarfed away. I don't want to undo a year's worth of hard work in one day. If I go crazy and eat like the Tasmanian Devil, I want that in my diary, so next year, I can look back to see where the mistakes are, not look back to see a gaping hole in my diary.
    Each person uses their diary different, so some may not want to see the nastiness of the day, or maybe just don't want to be a slave to the diary for a day. Either way, I find this an interesting read!
    KANGOOJUMPS Posts: 6,472 Member
    of course
    why would u skip it?
  • BlackandWhitePhotoOp
    I will be laxed on WHAT I eat, but DEFINITELY log. That's the whole point of me being on here, to know exactly what I am eatting and how much of it. :happy:
  • Marymoe138
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    Yes ma'am. I still feel that I should have some accountability, even if on a holiday. I know that I will be working out heavily the few days before in order to earn calories.I still want to enjoy my meals, but I do not forget accountability just BECAUSE it is a holiday.This is a habit that I would like to continue.
  • JessyLovesJCS
    JessyLovesJCS Posts: 169 Member
    Probably not.

    The kids and I will be staying and celebrating with family. Computer access is limited...but I plan on making some healthier choices to off set the less healthy ones (I hope). I do plan on having dessert!
  • triskaidekaphile13
    Sadly my body doesn't understand the phrase 'write it off' and so yes I'll be logging just like every other day. I logged last Christmas Day and didn't feel that I deprived myself of anything. Still had new chocolates for breakfast, Christmas lunch etc. I was a binger and don't like the physical sensation of being so full I can't get off the sofa. My current plan is turkey in the oven and then an hour on the bike. I'm hoping for a running watch from Santa and so will run on Boxing Day morning instead.
  • catita1025
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    Options different that any other day!
  • cuinboston2014
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    We have our big family Christmas tomorrow. There is no way I'm going to log. It's my favorite day of the year. Everyone brings their special appetizers and desserts for a baking contest. We have tons of wine and honey bourbon. I will go over my calories. Probably by a lot. I do plan on doing about an hour worth of working out at home in the morning (including "fun" like Just Dance with my daughter to get her going too and other YouTube videos) followed by two hours at the gym to try to at least balance it out.

    The other Christmas celebration days - Christmas Eve and Christmas Day I will track. It will be much easier for me to do these days and I feel no guilt about being a complete pig tomorrow then!
  • enks07
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    Definitely because I don't plan on going over my calories.
  • caramelgyrlk
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    My accountability remains regardless of the date on the calendar, holiday, etc. I log everyday.
  • sfbaumgarten
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  • 19TaraLynn84
    19TaraLynn84 Posts: 739 Member
    Yes, but I am going to lie through my teeth.:bigsmile:

    This is probably the case with the majority of us. ????
  • ZeldaMarooner7
    You should be logging, you would feel guilty the next day. :3
  • MercenaryNoetic26
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    Knishmas is just another day.
  • tonidarlingx
    tonidarlingx Posts: 25 Member
    Not on Christmas day itself, no.

    Food is a big thing in my family on Christmas day and I cannot WAIT to pig out and enjoy myself without worrying about portions sizes or weighing out food.

    It's one day - I've got the rest of the year to be good :)
  • BeckyLF05
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    I will just Quick Add 105,000 calories! :bigsmile: