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So some of us are highly active with partners or want to start being more active but you are so busy you dont have time to work out because that time goes to your partner or fwb lol! Well sex loses a lot of calories, its great for hair, skin, self esteem and is a reward its self for bow much of a work out it can be. Has anyone thought about making their sex life a work out one too?


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    Not sure how much of a workout I can get in 37 seconds :wink:
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    I will admit that I have searched for "sex" in MFP's database. :blushing:

    It didn't have any results listed.

    The rest of my cardio is step-based,so it is captured by my fitbit. I wish I knew how much I burn during bedroom activities.
  • evilstarburst
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    they should add in an adult section to see how many calories you burn from that lol.
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    My girlfriend refuses to let me wear my HRM during. I'm actually quite curious to know how many calories get burned.
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    This makes me laugh and cry at the same time, for a multitude of reasons.
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    My girlfriend refuses to let me wear my HRM during. I'm actually quite curious to know how many calories get burned.

    Ive been VERY tempted to wear mine :bigsmile:
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    Wouldn't know lol. :indifferent:
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    I'm waiting until marriage :)
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    I'm pretty much just waiting to be the last guy on Earth with the last girl on Earth so I actually have a chance to even consider this topic. :)
  • I mean unless you're jumping up and down for a significant amount of time it's not worth trying to record as an exercise.
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    It burns about 150 cals in 30 min, for vigorous activity. I wore my hrm.
    I was a little bummed it didn't burn more.

    Anyway, if its something you're doing on a regular basis, then it shouldn't count as a workout.
    It should be considered part of your day to day activity.
    That's why most people don't log it.
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    I'm waiting until marriage :)

    Saaame here!! :)
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    I remember reading about this in Men's Health a while back and they cited a study on the subject. The calorie burn was significantly less than what participants thought it was though.
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    I did find research on this matter. i concluded with (the little bit of research they had) its equivalent to about 4 calories a min. But that research also stated the average was somewhere around 30 min including foreplay so Im assuming that if you have longer foreplay (depends on what your are doing) it might be more.
  • ILiftHeavyAcrylics
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    My understanding is that sex doesn't burn that many calories.

    Personally I just assume it's already part of my daily activity level and don't worry about it.
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    I'm waiting until marriage :)

    I had to wait till I got divorced! :drinker:
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    Well I hate to burst y'alls bubble, cause believe you me I would like it to be the absolute truth. However it's not, the fact is it's a rather low calorie burner. It is my favorite way to burn, it just doesn't burn that many. I try to convince the misses that we should go three times a day, just because of that but she's not buying it.
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    I'm waiting until marriage :)

    You really shouldn't wait until marriage to workout....