Three years ago today I came home from Rehab.



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    very inspiring!

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    I think I got something in my eye... too...

    Me three!
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    Your story is one of great courage, the injury you suffered in fact life threatening and look at you now. Persistence and determination have given you a whole new world, proof that sometimes the best moments come from the horrifying ones. Congratulations to you for your own personal changes and thank you for sharing your story, motivation and determination to others. What an amazing life. :)

    I saw a man in a wheelchair at the gym over the winter and he had an assistant who helped him out of his wheelchair onto a seated elliptical where he worked his legs by force of his arms. What's odd about this is just 5 minutes before I was on the very same machine and was actually doing just this, using the force of my arms to propel my legs and thought now this is the perfect machine for those with leg mobility issues. He inpired me to add on running on the treadmill (treadmills bore me) to the cardio that night for the sheer joy that I could run not that I had to.
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    Your post gave me chills - best post I have read on MFP (and there are a lot of good ones on here!)

    You are amazing and a great motivator!
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    Thank you for sharing your story. You are a true inspiration and I am so happy for you!!
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    Wow just Wow, what a great story!!
  • Amazing progress!! Thank you!! I needed to hear this today:)
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    You. Are. Awesome. That is all. :flowerforyou:
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    Wow! Very inspiring! I will think of you when I am feeling lazy!
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    Absolutely fantastic! You look incredible and very happy, well done :smile:
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    I love these stories of overcoming obstacles and pushing through. Your obvious happiness in life is so inspiring! Thank you!
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    awesome job way to go :)
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    Amazing story, well done :smile:
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    SO amazing. You are gorgeous, lady.
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    Awesome post! Incredible recovery - you look fantastic! I needed to hear this today. Thank you!
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    You were beautiful before, but you look so incredibly happy now! (And amazing!)

    That's a wonderful story. Super inspiring. :happy:
  • Another Step toward Success
    Good morning everyone from sunny California. Thought I would just drop in and say hi and give you a little update on what is happening in my life. I planned out my meals on Fitness pal last night so it would be ready to go for me Iam more liable to stick with it if it is already planned out instead of being random. I have no weight to report as I did it yesterday. Later today I will go for my 2.6 mile walk hopefully to go further soon but right now it is one day at a time .I know people get discouraged at times for one reason or another ( I DO) But you have to take a step back look at where you were say a year ago and say to yourself I can do this look how far I have already come. Set small obtainable goals for yourself to build confident it might not be much but I told myself in the first week of exercise just walk a block and see what happens confidence went thru the roof. you and us together can do this but you need a good support system and you have one here. Enough of my babbling. You all have an awesome day and if you want to talk or be my friend I will gladly accept your request until next time keep your feet moving and your head toward the skies because a new you is a reach away.

    Peace- N- Love

  • I think I got something in my eye...

    Yeah, me, too. It's called SOBBING!! OMG this is beyond awesome! GO. YOU.
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    This brought tears to my eyes! You're absolutely amazing!
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    Hi Joy,

    Usually I don't post, but read the success stories when I want to eat something I shouldn't. I just have to reply here. Your story is exactly what I needed today. Your story is truly inspiring; and has touched me more than any I've read. (not that I am knocking anyone's accomplishments. Any victory is worth celebrating!)

    You should be so proud of yourself! You look amazing, and it's obvious you feel much better too. Great job :)