Three years ago today I came home from Rehab.



  • musicboxes
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    Awesome! What an inspiration you are going through all your struggles, trials & recovery. Nothing can stop you now! Best wishes to you in your future.
  • bizgirl26
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    You are an inspiration to us all that we can do it !
  • kimmycupbb
    kimmycupbb Posts: 24 Member
    Wow you are seriously amazing!
  • angeliis02
    angeliis02 Posts: 103 Member
    Amazing and inspiring. Thank you for sharing your story.
  • savemama
    savemama Posts: 105 Member
    This is so beautiful! You could have given up and you didn't. You came back to life and THEN SOME! From not walking to running... wow! So beautiful!

    Thank you for sharing!

    I bet your kids are so excited to have a mommy who can run with them. They are too precious :)
  • yankeedownsouth
    yankeedownsouth Posts: 707 Member
    What a wonderful story! Good for you!!!
  • dramamime
    dramamime Posts: 10 Member
    Amazing! I have to confess I got a bit weepy reading this. Massive well done.
  • MysteriousMerlin
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    There are no excuses! None!

    You're amazing!
  • joybedford
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    So inspirational. It's people like you that keep me moving. I have fibromyalgia a condition that causes muscle and joint pain and chronic fatigue. I have pain most of the time in my neck, legs and hips. I have recently had a bad flare up and couldn't work out. I have gone back on meds and refuse to be a victim. I will not let my condition bring me down. I am now running again and lifting weights and will soon be back to my old self. Thanks for this it's what I needed. By the way I am called Joy too.
  • Ms_Natalie
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    Wow! Seriously impressed xx
  • meparker757
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    What an inspirational story! I would have never guessed what your goals were after your surgery. It goes to show, positive thoughts reap positive results. WOW
  • chinook44
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    Your story gave me chills ... well done! :flowerforyou:
  • Imataloss88
    Imataloss88 Posts: 5 Member
    Congrats!! What a great success story. Thanks for sharing your inspirational journey!
  • Kikilarue59
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    Wow What a great story.. and an even better happy ending.

    Thanks for the posting and the encouragement.

  • keshabbaker
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    I am in tears from this story what an amazing race you ran for the last three years(not only the marathons), slow and steady wins the race. I absolutely am soo inspired by this story I will start that c25k app asap to get going. You look great!
  • Allyvegan
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    Congratulations on your recovery and success! Best wishes.
  • towens00
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    Just awesome!!
  • moneil25
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    I was looking for inspiration today. You certainly have provided it. I congratulate you on your handwork and recovery.
  • myjourney16
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    SO INSPIRING! You are truly amazing!!! :smile:
  • 4mricandy
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    Wow! Shut the front door! Wow!