Three years ago today I came home from Rehab.



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    You have done amazing1!!! for lack of better words. Praise God, keep inspiring the world :)
  • HeidiCooksSupper
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    Wow. Just Wow.
  • RozayJones
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    Amazing story!!!
  • Jillish23
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    I think this is the first Success Story which I really want to print off and keep as a reminder when things are tough. :smile:
  • Hearts_2015
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    awesome job!! You've worked so hard and are a great inspiration for so many reasons! The Y is a good bunch of ppl:drinker:
  • bubbles1212
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    You are just amazing!! There are too many people who would have given up and decided that would just be there life. They would have let this control them!! YOU DIDN'T.... You took this as a challenge and got your life back!!! You are just amazing!! Thank you so much for sharing your story!!!!!
  • konerusp
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    So needed this on a friday!Today I was in the mood-"when will this ever get over,when will I lose and get the body I want!!Great inspiration!Keep up the good work!Do you weight train as well?
  • squeakybuttcheeks
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    So awesome! Congrats!

  • CarlaNB
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    I think I got something in my eye... too...
  • kguerriere
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    I can't find the proper words to express how inspiring you are, thank you for posting this! Bravo! Congrats! Woo hoo for Joy!
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    Awesome You!!
  • seltzermint555
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    Thanks for sharing your story! You are awesome!!
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    Amazing story, amazing results!!!
  • Kenazwa
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    Wow Joy, I'm so happy for you.
    Thanks for the shot of inspiration. I'm late for the gym!! (here I go)
  • brookielaw
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    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope it's ok but I'd like to show this to another friend who went through the same surgery and cauda equina syndrome to show him there is much hope for a super quality life of awesomeness. You are an amazing, strong inspiration. :)
  • dmpizza
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    Wow, truly inspiring. Totally awesome.
    There are so many whiners on this site(me included), its refreshing to see someone with the strength to overcome a genuine challenge.
  • caseyrh9
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    This is amazing. YOU are amazing! Congrats on all of your success and hard work - you definitely deserve to be where you are today!
  • Yanicka1
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    Amazing story
  • Wow! Very inspiring!
    Amazing life-changing story!
    Keep inspiring us and your students!
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