Three years ago today I came home from Rehab.



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    Great story, great accomplishments.
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    Very Inspiring! Congrats!
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    Truly amazing. Congrats!
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    God Bless You!!!! What am amazing journey you had! Congratulations on all that you have overcome and accomplished! So very inspiring!!!
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    So amazing and inspiring!!!! thanks so much for sharing your story!!!
  • I have goosebumps! Congratulations!
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    Amazing story. YOU are absolutely fantastic.
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    This has to be the most inspirational story I have seen on her to date. It literally brought tears to my eyes. I was running and training for a half marathon when a friend encouraged me and my husband to do a Spartan obstacle course run in April. I had gotten up to 4 miles and battled terrible shin splints but was beating them. At the Spartan, I had a freak accident where I fell and shattered my heel bone. I am 9 weeks out, had reconstructive surgrey (12 screws and a plate) and was told on Wednesday after 6 weeks of recovery that I have little bone growth. 6 more weeks in the cast non weight bearing. I was devastated. After a 9 week MFP hyatis, I hop on here and see your story. I have no reason for self pitty! Thank you so much for sharing! I'm putting on my big girl panties now!
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    What a great way to start a Friday.. I love this and appreciate you sharing your story.

    You are truly amazing. Not only have you overcome obstacles, you give back to your community, and you are raising your children to realize the only limitations we have are the ones we set ourselves.

    Congratulations love and keep up the great work. You are a blessing to many!
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    Wow - incredible story and transformation. Inspiring :flowerforyou:
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    What an amazing transformation! I can tell you are a beautiful person on the inside as well, filled with love :flowerforyou:
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    Holy crap that is wonderful! Very inspiring!
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    Wow what an inspiration!!!! Amazing job!!!! :flowerforyou:
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    Wow. What an amazing story. Congrats!

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    That's amazing!!!
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    What an inspiration! You are amazing, thank you for sharing your success! :drinker:
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    So full of win it's not true. Awesome, awesome post :smile:
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    Beautiful story, I am so inspired! congrats and I hope after reading this anyone knows never to give up...because anything is possible you proved it!
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    I just :heart: this story

    :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou:
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    Thank you so much for sharing your story. You are amazing.