Does anyone else weigh themselves EVERY morning?



  • pita7317
    pita7317 Posts: 1,437 Member
    NO ! Once a month. Like to see an impressive number. As in 2 lbs, hopefully down.
  • ttcbelieve
    ttcbelieve Posts: 181 Member
    for the last 3 months after I gained some pounds I started weighing every morning....and also....:-) at night before I go to bed. I don't log..... I weigh at night only to prepare me for the numbers i'll see in the morning
  • dizzysmile
    dizzysmile Posts: 71 Member
    Yup! I keep track in a personal log but don't update MFP unless it's a 1-2+lb drop, though.

    Glad to see so many other "yes" answers here as opposed to the complaints about how horrible a habit they think it is.
  • bainsworth1a
    bainsworth1a Posts: 313 Member
    yes I weigh every morning unless I am not at home. I only track my losses though. I know there are fluctuations and I only want to see my downward progress. I do track my food every day though and keep a separate spread sheet showing how good I am at keeping to my calorie goal.
  • donmiddlebrook
    donmiddlebrook Posts: 3 Member
    I know that I shouldn't but I can't help but weigh myself every morning.
  • MKEgal
    MKEgal Posts: 3,252 Member
    Yep. I record it on the calendar every day, only input it here if I've lost weight.
    And once a week, usually on Saturday, I record it on my doctor's online graph so they can track my progress.
    (Sometimes I'll check in mid-week when I've lost, but usually once a week.)

    As long as I can look back a week, or two, or a month, and see that I'm losing weight I'm OK.
  • Kenda2427
    Kenda2427 Posts: 1,592 Member
    Yes I do. It's habit.
  • Yes, I do every night. I keep a 12 month calender by the scale.
  • Flookbird
    Flookbird Posts: 81 Member
    I weigh every morning first thing and at night before bed. And sometimes in between! I make a note of the reading on my ipad. I find that helps me not to worry as I can look back and see 'ah, I was a couple of pounds up on my official reading by Wednesday last week and had still lost by Saturday' etc.

    It does help to keep me on track - if I see a 'gain' during the week, I work hard to make sure it's a loss by Saturday. If it's going down, I keep going to get a bigger loss by Saturday. Saturday is my official tracking day, on here and on Weight Watchers. I love looking at my WW graph!
  • dwarfiegodsmack
    dwarfiegodsmack Posts: 317 Member
    every morning weigher here :smile:
  • CelestialFury
    CelestialFury Posts: 22 Member
    Once a week is enough for me as it helps to modify my cals intake becasue the less i weight the less calories i need. Unless you are seriously weight lifting then that is a whole other topic :smile:
  • HeyitsTay92
    HeyitsTay92 Posts: 14 Member
    I think of my weight loss journey as an experiment haha. I weigh in every morning and then take the average at the end of the week. I like seeing the trends. As long as the trend is downward I don't let the little fluctuations get to me. I also take body measurements every week because sometimes when I don't lose weight, I lose inches!
  • Mr_Knight
    Mr_Knight Posts: 9,533 Member
    I can't help it!! Lol.

    Why would you want to?

    I do it every morning, too.
  • myrtille87
    myrtille87 Posts: 122 Member
    I do, but I only log it when I have weighed in at below the next lb down.

    So a few days ago I weighed 10 stone 12. The last couple of days I've weighed 10 stone 11.6/2. I will log my weight on MFP when it's exactly 10 stone 11 or lower.

    I know the overall trend is downwards so I don't worry if one morning my weight is slightly up. I just keep going and wait for it to go down again.
  • healthygreek
    healthygreek Posts: 2,139 Member
    I do it everyday. I'm more or less in maintenance now except for a few vanity pounds. It keeps me on track but I just returned from a month long vaca with no scale and eating whatever I wanted (Greece). I had lots of fish and fava dip and eggplant and octopus and baklava! I swam everyday but that was about it except for some walking.
    Much to my delight-I weighed the same upon my return.
    It gave me a lot of confidence in myself going forward because I now feel I can trust my appetite and feelings of fullness to keep me in check!